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  1. Most of the guys on this site can’t run a 100 fucking meters, unless you put the beer on a stick and make them chase it, much like a greyhound.
  2. I have been unable to post since hearing this news yesterday, as emotions kept getting in the way of my words. My kids are the same ages as Jake and Sam. One of them has always been the star whose shadow the other had to walk in. I always told them both, be the best version of you, and you will find your greatness. Last night, I hugged them both a little tighter than normal, and I probably said I love you more than I should have. Life is short, memories are precious and family is forever....cherish Every moment. RIP Jake.
  3. Devon is a grown ass man. He married his mother’s sister, and is now his own uncle.
  4. Roach should really try and introduce some carbs into his diet.
  5. Just spent two weeks there for work....quite possibly one of the biggest shitholes I have ever been in.
  6. Damn, I was hoping we wouldn’t have to punt this season.
  7. The coach at Texas dates volleyball PLAYERS, not coaches.
  8. Maybe Beard should facetime him in black face.
  9. Wtf is that ring...archery championship? Most likely meat gazing..or whatever tf it's called. The date says 1876, so it’s clearly from their last football championship .
  10. when he does, I hope he spells it just the same.
  11. Yes, he has only played handball and cricket up to this point.
  12. We’ll, ours guys are not near as good as Bama’s, so I doubt we see similar numbers.
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