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  1. Patty recruits well every year, but they won't all be hits. Her recruits are always highly ranked, but part of that is due to perception once they commit to OU. Even if 3-4 turn out to be all americans during their careers, they will still be freshmen this year, and the learning curve and workload of college softball can be tough.
  2. Only Hodge received meaningful playing time this year, but with OU losing 10 seniors, plus these 3 portal entrants, Patty will be churning more than 1/2 her roster.
  3. Atwood had a great year, but disappeared in the WCWS...Hope she comes back better next year. Two many wasted ABs and too many dropped pitches. I think Martinez and Scott lead this team offensively next year and I expect big jumps from Stewart and Henry as well. If we get anything close to the same production from Atwood, we will be fine offensively.
  4. He had to have been promised the HC job when Karen finally dies...I mean retires. Any news on potential Texas players going into the portal? Exit interviews have been done by now, and players should know exactly where they stand moving into next season.
  5. See yall for game two. The pussification in this thread is too much for me. We didn’t show up tonight, but tomorrow is a new day.
  6. If Maxwell came out and looked like shit today, would that have been Patty’s fault?
  7. It’s not coaching. Patty rolled the dice with Maxwell and she is performing like a senior. Mike rolled out our ace and she performed like a freshman
  8. Texas is playing a little tight. Just need to settle in and we will be fine
  9. Now we need to play a little small ball and make Maxwell field her position, and to put a little pressure on their D
  10. Terrible walk there. That’s the one hitter you can go right at.
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