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  1. Roach should really try and introduce some carbs into his diet.
  2. Just spent two weeks there for work....quite possibly one of the biggest shitholes I have ever been in.
  3. Damn, I was hoping we wouldn’t have to punt this season.
  4. The coach at Texas dates volleyball PLAYERS, not coaches.
  5. Maybe Beard should facetime him in black face.
  6. Wtf is that ring...archery championship? Most likely meat gazing..or whatever tf it's called. The date says 1876, so it’s clearly from their last football championship .
  7. when he does, I hope he spells it just the same.
  8. Yes, he has only played handball and cricket up to this point.
  9. We’ll, ours guys are not near as good as Bama’s, so I doubt we see similar numbers.
  10. Anna Maria is great, Siesta Key is beautiful, but our go to is Lido Key and St Armands circle. Shopping, food, and the beach is top notch with lots of parking. This area is geared more towards family, whereas Clearwater will be crawling with Spring Breakers
  11. Kobe? I thought that was Lamar Odom???
  12. My brother is in the DFW area, without power since Sunday night....He, and his family, made it to a friends house, but the 8 mile drive took almost an hour due to icy roadways. You guys all be safe out there, and if you can make it to Florida, we are sitting at 70 degrees with two extra beds.
  13. 4 star or 5 star, doesn’t matter. What matters is that this guy has elite arm talent. Sarkisian and Milwee will work on the release and footwork, but you can’t coach arm talent like his.
  14. I can’t confirm a name yet because I have no idea who it is. Lol
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