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  1. Almunia is an amazingly bad goalie
  2. NBCSN is airing 20 minute highlights of classic EPL games. 2008 NLD on now.
  3. Lol these dumb fuck senators sitting 2 feet from each other and using the same dumbbells when joe public has been social distancing and on lockdown for at least a week. Enjoy your paid sick leave asshole.
  4. This thread brought the lulz https://twitter.com/lauralexx/status/1238601779773952005
  5. Get rid of the fucking Nations League bullshit and 95% of friendlies. UEFA needs to fix their qualifiers anyway so teams aren’t playing year round perpetually to get into those two tournaments.
  6. Went to Hillside Tavern today for the first time. Patty melt was probably a 6/10 but my friends fried chicken sandwich looked incredible. Fries were great but you can pass on the onion rings. They had multiple other things that looked good and I’ll be back. Happy hour from 12-6 on Fridays so the 2 drinks made this crazy ass week a little more tolerable.
  7. Back at it again next year. Let’s wrap up the league ASAP.
  8. Pretty standard goalkeeping performance from him. He’s been the best in the world over the last 5 years.
  9. The first 95 minutes were the best we’ve played since January. Spanish Karius hurt us.
  10. Finding a shitty backup on a playground has cost us at least £25m
  11. No wonder we found him playing with a spanish junior high team Adrian is fucking terrible.
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