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  1. First time smoking beef ribs yesterday. There was a little extra fat I would have liked to see rendered but I was hitting 203* almost everywhere and it probed perfectly. Definitely a fan of beef rib over brisket for smoking at home. My kids devoured it with no sauce.
  2. those jerseys need to be relegated though.
  3. Ederson caught 5 miles out of his box https://streamable.com/qv6poq
  4. That’s a penalty for sterling/vardy/kane Egyptian gets Jack shit.
  5. Egyptian player: no penalty english player: penalty and a yellow card
  6. Happy 4th everybody. We’ll get through this in less than 4 months.
  7. United and Chelsea look like they have the attacking talent to challenge for the title next season but they are too weak at the back right now. Remind me of 13-14 version of us. City and Liverpool can’t be complacent because there is a lot of young, hungry talent on both of those teams.
  8. 21 hours at 250+ degrees, surprised it wasn’t charcoal by the end.
  9. Firemans4Horn

    Dallas | BBQ

    damn, that’s close to perfect brisket.
  10. Greenwood is a stud. English national team amount of u-21 talent is impressive.
  11. This is 🔥 🔥 🔥 trump has given the Democrats a lot to work with. Time to put it to work.
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