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  1. Last year we did Moab area national parks. I drove my stock 2x4 gmc midsized down Long Canyon from 313 through Pucker Pass. What I learned: off-roading maybe ain't for me. Didn't take enough pictures as my hands were gripping wheel white knuckles. Maybe in a cheap mahindra knock off jeep beater or SxS. Was it exhilarating? Yes. Was I afraid of doing tens of thousands of dollars in damage? Yes. Would I do it again... maybe. And that was a "green" trail.
  2. My wife was approached by 3 of my coworkers. $4500/mo ($1500 ea) to teach 6 elementary age kiddos. Plus I guess my 2. Somewhat tempting, but no way to tell if that would be for the entire year, if she would get job back, no insurance, not paying into pension for a year, etc.
  3. Good. Let the folks in Fort Bend and Tarrant be the test cases.
  4. Bought a six pack of tie downs for my Canyon. $30. The kind that I gotta pop off the the little plastic blanks. Feeling pretty fancy.
  5. FWIW they did hit me up the cabin in this years appraisal. .. from like 18k to 42k. We showed em pictures of the inside and got it down to 24k. I think I could buy a barndominium shell for like $7k so still seems a little much to me. But they are very cool on our wildlife ag exemption so I won't rock the boat. I am sure they use google sat photos to check for improvements. Not sure how visible this will be once a new one gets taken. The trees cover it well, the roof is shiny new galvanized panels.
  6. My wife teaches in AISD, and we live in RRISD (tangent: I'm glad she pays into social security). Likely will keep kids home first 9 weeks and see how it goes. Planning now on how to prepare house and kids for the prospect of my wife effectively living in a self quarantine on the master bedroom away from the rest of us. I'm betting the school district, or at least that general area, is all virtual to start the year and we can kick the can a little more.
  7. (1) coat of paint and window ac (2) view from cabin to treehouse
  8. In the late 90s all the Dell folks had this great analogy about their JIT systems etc and how their competitive advantage was that they could stand in the deep end of the pool while competitors drowned. P5, but especially the true deep pocketed blue bloods, will use this as an opportunity to flush out the pretenders. No need to create a Super Div I to pool TV deals because all the scrub teams will have to cancel their teams anyway.
  9. Going on 10 years the drywall still is not taped and floated and the shower is just a curtain tacked to the cement panel. If it was too nice then the womenfolk would come up more. There is talk of building a shed to move out the tools and crap that we store in the tiny bedroom. Kinda getting tired of the bare concrete, but really with the scorpions I dont like to walk barefoot anyway. The last couple of years I have taken gallons of Monterey oak acorns from my front yard and planted them Jonny Appleseed style all over the land. This year I actually found a couple that came up and put up a cage before a deer ate em. Still probably will be annihilated in the July/August dry spell.
  10. RRISD told teachers pick 1 of: (1) teach in-person; (2) show a valid medical excuse; or (3) resign. https://mobile.twitter.com/bstockus/status/1281365421292126208
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