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  1. I recently put new trucks and wheels on my ~20 year old sector 9 kicktail (43 inch or so). My kids and wife are complete mortified when I skate on our walks. But then yesterday I brought a pink jump rope and skipped the whole way. Now they prefer the longboard. Been thinking of getting a dual kingpin carver, but can't really justify the cost.
  2. Storm doesn't scare me. Name sounds like the Jerry Falwell Jr of storms.
  3. the blind looks like it was built like a brick shithouse.
  4. No more kids quesadilla. Which is odd to me: it is cheese and a tortillas, pico optional. Efficiency I guess?
  5. Titchy thing, but I reckon the wildlife ag nearly demands axis be taken when possible.
  6. Mullin. In general it's a pretty scrappy area without much high fence. But they've been there all year.
  7. Low fence ranch in Mills Co. FIL and BIL are up there this weekend looking for the herd of axis seen on camera.
  8. 101. Ugh. A little drywall; deck around tree. Strap holding rope ladder.
  9. I'm guessing its a coin flip this scenario plays out. But you know what the B12 did that the B1G did not? Gave itself time to see what actually happens this next month.
  10. What is Space City Weather's business model? Website revenue? Reliant $? Is it a project for visibility to get industry consulting gigs?
  11. intensity forecast now touches cat 4, so that's not great.
  12. I would pay $3 for a port of toobin' for my phone.
  13. I dont understand why I10 from Houston to SA isn't just six lanes each way. The ROW is there and its straight as an arrow.
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