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  1. I’m going to tell myself that I will have a vaccine in my veins by the 2021 masters until it doesn’t happen.
  2. And we don’t have to hear assholes yell dumb shit on every tee shot.
  3. The most important part of that press release, for me at least:
  4. As I’m sure we all expected, Masters to be held without patrons. https://www.masters.com/en_US/news/articles/2020-08-12/2020-08-12_2020_masters_to_be_conducted_without_patrons_or_guests.html?promo=hero_articles_2020MasterstobeConductedWithoutPatronsorGuests
  5. You knew we were fucked the day after the election. I’m constantly baffled at how anyone expected anything other than exactly what we got when we all knew exactly what trump was. I remember laughing in my old boss’s face when he was excited over trump announcing he was going to run. “He’s an outsider and a businessman. He knows how to run things.” wat? I insisted that there was no fucking way the republicans were stupid enough to nominate that phony.
  6. Anti-mask anecdote from earlier today: Driving across PA today in the trumpiest of areas, a county trump won 72-23. I stop for gas and a piss. Inside I’m pleasantly surprised to see almost complete mask usage. This is a county with 95 total cases. One guy not wearing a mask inside. Not only that, but he’s eyeballing me like I’m the fucking weirdo. Classic little man, 5’6” at best in boots, looks like a typical bad apple cop, early 40s. Ends up in front of me in the checkout line. He’s buying two 16 oz cans of natural ice and a slim jim. “holy shit people actually drink that”. He leaves the store and gets into a beat up old minivan. As he pulls away, I already know what’s there before I see it. Trump 2020. No doubt Trump has that man’s interest top of mind. Truly the best people.
  7. I don’t have the exact source handy but I’ve read this on several local news sites. If you really need a source I’m sure some googling would turn it up. Allegheny county has like 1.3 million people. Around the time we moved to PA’s “green phase” (a terrible name considering what it would signal to the dumbs) we had a day with zero new cases. Today we had over 300. Contact tracing put the overwhelming majority of the new outbreak into bars and restaurants. That and out of state travel.
  8. Millennials trying to kill off the boomers to save the country.
  9. Here’s to stinking of hickory smoke, bourbon, and freedom before 10am.
  10. Just so we all know how ridiculous a 2x bench is for everyone outside of surly.
  11. Well, I had a damn near perfect range session today so it’s a guarantee that I won’t have a single thing I can hit on the course tomorrow.
  12. Curious how much of that is due to increased testing. Looking at NYC likely having it rip through the city before anyone knew it was there and testing not coming in until only the worst cases were leaving their houses to get tested vs the current outbreaks being tested in real time.
  13. The big difference being that 65% of the California cases are all in LA and surrounding counties. The Texas outbreaks are spread all over the map
  14. I mean, if you’ve got some kind of lung or breathing condition where wearing a mask is unbearable, what the fuck are you doing going to the grocery store in the midst of a pandemic that will likely kill you if you catch it? None of my family has been inside a grocery store since mid March. How is this hard?
  15. One of the more disappointing things I’ve read recently was about how the big grocery store chain up here currently has 30 lawsuits filed against it by people who were forced to leave after refusing to wear a mask due to some health condition that makes wearing a mask difficult or “impossible”. Despite the chain offering curb side pickup. All 30 are represented by the same attorney. The masks clearly work. How has our populace become so stupid as to refuse to wear them “because muh freedoms”.
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