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  1. Governor said they are 20 days out from the peak ventilator needs this morning.
  2. Dr Birx 2 or 3 weeks ago at one of the White House press briefings said that as testing was ramping up in the US results were coming back at a 1-2% positive rate as opposed to the 3-4% positive other countries were seeing at the time and that those results were indicative of the spread in the US being pretty minor. Meanwhile we hear story after story after story of people that meet every symptom being denied testing because they didn’t fit some very specific travel criteria. As testing has ramped up, the positive rate has soared. We now see that this has been spreading in New York for more than 2 months. South Korea was the first hot spot outside of china. They contained it with aggressive early measures, widespread testing, extensive contact tracing. Last Sunday our daily cases surpassed their total cases. By this Sunday our daily cases will be more than double their total cases. Tomorrow Italy’s DEAD will surpass SKs total cases. At some point our dead will pass that number too. there is no such thing as over testing.
  3. My guess would be the drastic measures everyone is taking to avoid the covid are causing typical cold and flu infections to plummet. That’s regularly 50-100 million potential fevers annually that aren’t being spread around right now.
  4. Well guys my step brother’s wife and her antivax mom group determined that the stock market is going to bottom out at zero. I didn’t bother asking if that was for the Dow or all public companies. I couldn’t handle any more stupidity. whatever it is, give me all of it. All of everything.
  5. I’m prepared for the long haul in these trying times in PA.
  6. Because you’re not seeing the actual spread of the virus in those numbers. You’re seeing testing being scaled up and people developing severe symptoms pushing them to hospitals and then being confirmed as positive. You know the virus is spreading. You don’t believe the total numbers reported are reflective of actual spread. You can still see the spread of the virus by looking at the numbers being reported and understanding that those numbers are a small subset of total infections.
  7. Never has my strategic reserves of Blantons seemed more important.
  8. Precipitously! Jesus that has to be the biggest word I’ve ever heard him use.
  9. I think it was the first guy trying to ask a second question.
  10. Don’t shake that mother fucker’s hand. He’s spreading covid everywhere.
  11. Of course he does. He probably caught the covid from the pres of Brazil.
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