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  1. There are definitely several story lines when you look at the death statistics. The overarching storyline being that most of the deaths were largely preventable. And Texas should absolutely be embarrassed about passing NY in deaths, regardless of other states being worse at mitigating the pandemic. Texas and New York deaths timelines:
  2. So you have a group of states connected to the NYC metro area where the virus was spreading unmitigated for several months at the start of the pandemic and 6 states where the deaths were mostly preventable.
  3. The most recent time I thought I was going to break 80 for the first time I started out even thru 6. Bogey the last 3 holes to clear the front at 39. Was feeling good tho making the turn. 3-putt the 10th hole from 8 feet for triple bogey and proceeded to card a 49 on the back.
  4. I’ve seen this gif posted here hundreds of times but I still have no idea what is happening. Why the fuck are they grabbing their nuts?
  5. I had no idea so many schools had a dedicated baseball logo. Seems stupid. Get 1 good logo and run with it.
  6. One of the things that I love about this board that drives me crazy on other boards, and texags seems to be the absolute worst about is keeping topics to a single thread. Almost every thread on their front page should all be in a single topic. But they are all such self important cunts that they think every thought they have merits it’s own thread instead of just posting it into a single thread.
  7. No, but when you’re in the sec games against tenn, sc, and the Mississippis get billed as top tier matchups.
  8. Plus you guys will be able to move the games against UTSA to November for a late season breather as per sec tradition.
  9. This move solidifies the SEC as the top conference after Saban is gone. After Urban left Florida and Cam Newton left Auburn, the sec has largely made its name on 1 team. As we’ve seen with Texas, Michigan, USC, etc. It’s more likely than not that they dip for a spell. Outside of Bama’s run under Saban they really have been just another conference that kept its reputation by what 1 team was doing. Remember in like 2014 when people were trying to say that when the first playoff rankings came out the top 4 should be bama, ole miss, miss st, and auburn? And then all 4 went on to lose their bowl games. Having Texas and OU there all but guarantees that after bamas dynasty fades, that collection of schools is still always the best conference, rather than comparable to the B1G or the old B12 or anyone else.
  10. WVU already trying to remind western PA that they still exist in their OOC. In 2023 their nonconference games are Pitt, psu, Duquesne. They also have a game against Robert Morris scheduled. One step away from adding slippery rock. To their credit, at the opposite end of the spectrum they have a home and home with bama scheduled.
  11. No one here will do it on the board. But we all know that the first time Texas wins a bowl game as an sec team there will be thousands in the stands chanting sec-sec-sec. 20 years from now, the younger set of Texas fans will be full-on “sec über alles”.
  12. I haven’t followed the ramifications of NIL closely so that was a really interesting conversation to hear about how things could be approached from a perspective of making sure everyone one the team gets taken care of as well as the NFT component.
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