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  1. I just looked at an unlabeled map, i had already read the line about the Black Sea. I think if I had not read that I might have pointed to Belarus. Although if I had taken a minute to think about the fact that Crimea was on the water I would have picked correctly.
  2. 4 toss ups: mcsally - AZ, Gardner - CO, Collins - ME, Tillis - NC. Most of those states are bluing slowly, Maine the fastest. The two states that are registering dems the fastest that have GOP senators up for re-election are Texas and South Carolina. But they are both safe. Cornyn in Texas slightly less so.
  3. Lot of work being done with that land they bought behind the 13th tee.
  4. You mean the range isn’t supposed to look like the surface of the moon when you’re done?
  5. If we’ve learned anything in the last 4 years it’s that nothing matters, especially not recordings of things Trump says.
  6. There are only 11 states that are registering more Republicans than Democrats. TN, OK, UT, AR, KS, NE, ID, WV, SD, AK, WY Population rank: 16, 28, 30, 34, 36, 38, 39, 40, 47, 49, 50 Other than Tennessee, low population states with low growth, in some cases negative growth. And in the case of Texas and South Carolina you have Dems being registered at a better than 2:1 rate. From the last election there isn’t a single blue state that is increasing its Reputation ratio but at least 10 red states that are increasingly dem. And almost all 10 of those (MT, ND) are in the top 1/3 for population. collectively, those 10 states represent 154 EC votes.
  7. Voting on the motion to table the amendment to subpoena the White House for documents. straight party line vote.
  8. And I think this ties into my post right after yours. Could Mitch coming out and proclaiming that it’s a sham trial with a foregone conclusion of acquittal have actually cost him some initial republican votes on things like witnesses and documents?
  9. And don’t quite get Mitch being so outspoken about coordinating with the White House. what is he gaining by so publicly claiming that he’s creating a sham trial? The White House already knew this would be the case, so why announce it to the world?
  10. Yea that’s what I assumed. The only talking point I heard was that if the dems wanted witnesses they should have called them during the house investigation. Ignoring the fact that they did call them they just didn’t comply with the subpoena.
  11. Is there any legitimate reason to not allow witnesses like Bolton other than to protect Trump? From my point of view it’s that they know the witnesses and documents they’re trying to block would hurt Trump and they’re just saying “we have the votes to protect him and we don’t give a fuck about truth or justice”. But is there any real argument for not having witnesses or producing documents?
  12. He will absolutely be following it. Up until the wee hours of the morning sniffing adderall to get the early Fox News feedback. im sure he floated the idea of not going to Davos so he could be in Washington for the start of this.
  13. His defense is that if what he did isn’t impeachable, there’s no need for a trial and the senate can just vote to dismiss it outright and then Hannity and Trump can proclaim to the masses that there was no crime and it was all a political ploy. If it is impeachable, there at least has to be a trial and a discussion of evidence. Everything that trump has ever been alleged to have done, the Giuliani defense is always “he didn’t do it. but if he did do it it doesn’t matter because it’s not a crime.”
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