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  1. As with all things, the problem isn’t with the SC, it’s with the senate. The senate no longer functions as intended. The only laws it passes are largely for the majority. They usually approve appointments on party lines. Simple majority and our partisan divide has broken that part of congress.
  2. Abortion is a scrong issue for that chunk of voters. They will support whatever the R's roll out because they are scared they will go to hell if they don't. Pastor out front should have told ya.
  3. Fair enough, some farms will fail even with subsidies. Not everyone is cut out for it. It wont be because Biden will come in and let the support expire though. They are going to blame Biden for everything, just like Trump currently gets blamed for everything. Its part of the job, and the bulk of the electorate doesn't understand the leading and lagging nature of shifts in the economy, employment, etc.
  4. There's zero chance that either administration would let US farmers fail.
  5. I doubt countries will accept a stamp in your passport as proof. They will probably require an antibody test upon entry, or some kind of registration number that can be looked up in a shared medical database to prove which vaccine you got, how long ago, etc.
  6. Is it too much to ask that anyone remotely involved in the enforcement of laws be completely insulated from the political shit in this country? No talking at party conferences, no talks to special interest groups, no support from parties or PACs, just completely isolate them from the political bullshit. Put substantial sunrise/sunsets on involvement with it too. If you took money from any of the above within 5 years of serving, you're disqualified or penalized. Put the service back in public service. We put substantial restrictions on the military about their political participation, those should increase as the levers of power people hold increase. Want to be a partisan hack? Stick to congress.
  7. Atlas said that they would have 700 million doses of vaccine delivered by the end of Q1, assuming its started in January. When questioned about some of the tougher logistics on some of the vaccines (-80F storage), he said everything will be in place and you'll be able to get a shot at your doctors office.
  8. Trump is taking a victory lap for the B10 in his PC. "I told the B10 to open up and they did, so now I'm telling the PAC-12, open up." This motherfucker really sniffs his own farts.
  9. Yea, that's why the town hall forum is his kryptonite. Hes not remotely worried about running over journalists or Biden. He cant do his normal shit with regular people without looking like an even bigger asshole and risk losing more suburban women. While the same topics can be reused by Biden in the debate, don't expect the same weak responses. He will lie much more forcefully and/or attack the messenger.
  10. TXSG8R

    Its happening

    I'm surprised they didn't do some kind of LED uplights along that inner edge that would make that thing pop during a night game.
  11. Yes, the people that are largely self sufficient and able to live off the earth in natural camo versus the rubes that couldn't go 2 months without a fucking haircut are comparable. Can some guys with guns harass the government? Sure. Can it prevent the government forces from occupying a building, town, city, etc? Not a chance in hell. We prevent government tyranny more by having a volunteer army than by guys being able to walk into a sandwich shop in his call of duty cosplay. The government is more scared of organized labor than any militia, because that is the more immediate threat. Its also very funny the people that are so pro-2A back legislation that will give the government back doors into encryption, and allow the use of stuff like Stingrays. Those are much quicker paths to tyranny than having to register for a gun will ever be. Blue lives matter more I guess.
  12. Agreed, its a good varmint or range gun, there are much better alternatives for most other activities. The fantasy that a well regulated militia could keep the government's army in check is laughable. I don't think we are ever putting the genie back in the bottle wrt guns being available to the public, but as capabilities for the weapon go up, the level of scrutiny on the buyer should as well. Bird gun, bolt action, or revolver? Standard background check. Semi-auto, magazine fed weapon? Dig a little deeper, have a longer standoff period, require stronger weapon storage to be sold/proven with the weapon so kids cant access them and go shoot up a fucking school. Anything that gets closer to the military capability (suppressed, automatic, high-capacity magazines, belt-fed, etc) has a serious background check, registration, storage requirements, etc. Personal sales and gun shows should have the same requirements, close all the loopholes. We make everyone that drives get a license, and anyone driving bigger vehicles get licenses with additional requirements. This shouldn't be controversial, but muh 2A. I also think that parents need to carry more responsibility for weapon access to kids. If your kid takes a weapon and shoots someone, you carry the same penalty as the kid.
  13. Not that, he said if he wins next term he will make the payroll tax cut permanent, ergo it would gut SS and medicare. I know he doesn't have the ability to make the tax cut permanent on his own, but the fact that hes running that platform and the olds aren't fleeing in droves is fucking maddening.
  14. JFC his memorial speech sounds like a 5th grader reading a book report.
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