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  1. Me likey. Would love it if it said "we drink your tears" beneath
  2. I received a notice from Philmont that our Summer 2020 trek would not be in jeopardy because of the bankruptcy. The funny thing is that the email arrived before they announced they had filed for bankruptcy protection. I did Philmont with my son last summer and had the time of my life. Going back there with my daughter this summer and I'm raring to go, right now. I can't wait to get out of base-camp and on the trail.
  3. The parties could always stipulate it being admissible. It would need to have probative value for both.
  4. If I had nothing to do in this world but fuck with Mike Fiers, I would. I'd start by training rats to run to the center of a baseball diamond to the pitcher's mound upon their release. Just keep repeating their training over and over again so that they run to the mound every time looking for a treat. Purchase a seat on the rail down either foul line and surreptitiously release them during Fiers' warm ups. Kick back with a cold one. Enjoy.
  5. I was expecting Adam to break out an autograph book
  6. I heard in an interview with Sandra on Monday that they didn't ask her about being on Season 40 until there were about 10-days left on Season 39. She said "yes" immediately. Rob said "no thanks." He said he changed his mind later when Jeff Probst called him at home and asked for both he and Amber to be in the cast. Sandra's totally bullshitting about being mad at Rob for "not telling her." She said she had not spoken to Rob since they went their own way at LAX after Season 39 and was happy to see him when they brought the cast for 40 together and she found out he had changed his mind (but she wasn't happy to see Amber). That's exactly what happened with several of the more well-know winners
  7. I remember Spiro having a bad-ass motorcycle that he parked out front of GM and would tie his Yorkshire Terrier to it. Going thru the line during that era was running a gauntlet of verbal abuse, but it was in fun and part of the experience. After Spiro sold GM his successor tried the same shtick and wound up getting his ass kicked because he was so bad at it. Anyone remember going to 2J's on Sunday for 2 for 1 chicken fried steak?
  8. He hasn't played since 2017 but Lamarr Houston signs a one-day contract with the Raiders and officially retires. Lamarr Houston Retires
  9. When I was a pup we went down to the Rio Grande Valley every year or so to watch the Confederate Air Force. One year they had an autograph session with the real Pappy Boyington. I showed up not expecting Robert Conrad, but at least someone with Robert Conrad's demeanor and charisma. I was stoked. Instead I was shoved in front of a surly, crotchety, asshole that clearly didn't want to be there. I don't even know where the autograph is or whether I kept it at all. I preferred the Robert Conrad version.
  10. Two of the greatest performances in film history.
  11. I ditched mine. I've grown bored with Austin and Texas game day. I'd rather spend that money on a road-trip every year. Airfare, nice hotel, different city, different venue. There are great opportunities coming up to experience some of the best destinations in college football, and Baton Rouge too.
  12. Maybe when they get to Houston they can get Kelly Leak's dad to take over the team.
  13. Because she, more than anyone else, is simply parroting the ramblings of the POTUS and following his instructions. It's her source material that is the train-wreck.
  14. Has anyone bothered to assert that MLB was complicit in what little success sign stealing has (if any) by virtue of limiting the number of trips a catcher can take to the mound? God forbid we allow a 20 or 30-second mound visit or trim a minute or so off of the six-minutes of mind-numbing commercials between innings. Limiting the ability of a battery to change signs frequently enough to make it more difficult to decipher signs is absurdly hypocritical.
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