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  1. So you hate the Yankees' players?
  2. Don't recall him or anything he's written
  3. Please, oh please, sweet little 8 pound 6 ounce baby Jesus let this happen. See above re Rubio. Florida voters are all over his behind re his complicity with Trump. Rubio may need to run for President in 2024. His term ends in 2023 and he'll need the work. Cornyn is more secure, but he deserves to be relegated to private law practice for the same ridiculous offenses. He'll be in the resistance between now and his re-election in 2026. So, the enablers and dipshits that did the head-dipshits bidding, just walk away. Sorry, but there must be a price for bending the knee, capitulating your constitution oversight duties, and going all-in on whackadoodle. I foresee those Republican Senator's that consider themselves vulnerable will spend the time between now and their re-election backtracking and covering up complicity with Trump. Lisa Murkowski has looked around, seen what is happening to Susan Collins, and just broke ranks today by endorsing Mattis' op-ed.
  4. I had to fight my way out the stadium after the game. We exited to the field and a friend of mine had a beer tossed on him from the stands as we were walking behind the hedges. He went up into the stands after the asshat that tossed it. I wound up getting immediately dog piled by what seemed to be half of the section. I was getting the crap beat out of me, but had one arm free and a clean shot, so I just kept pounding skulls with my cowbell. Some older Texas fan was trying to pull me out from under the pile as he was desperately screaming in a high pitch, "Come on Texas, we're outnumbered!" God bless him because he left and returned with an Auburn police officer. They escorted us to the edge of campus and gave us about a 30-second head start. We outran the mob to our car. Good times.
  5. I was there in '83 to watch Texas whip Auburn on the road. They had such high expectations coming into the season and i can still remember how stunned they were when we whipped them. That was their only loss that season and they wound up jumping us in the final AP Poll.
  6. This is the same asshole that still gripes about the "Central Park Five" being guilty as hell despite their having been fully exonerated
  7. I was forced back to the TexasBBS and a cold chill just ran up my spine
  8. Philmont announced that the June treks were cancelled, but July treks are still a go. It has left us scrambling to get prepared while still observing safe social distancing. None of the kids on this trek have been to Philmont before so I am setting up Zoom meetings about water treatment and packing. My guess is that it will all be for naught as soon someone out there thinks it through.
  9. Nebraska yes. They spent a ton of bucks fitting and retrofitting their facilities for broadcasting. Don't know about the aggies. I do know that Bill Byrne told DeLoss that it would never be profitable.
  10. This. Not only has Missouri never been called out, but they have spent the period since they left blaming Texas for the whole shit-show. I could maybe scrounge up a scintilla of respect had they just called their shot, pulled it off, and taken the credit or blame for it. Instead, they have hidden and thrown Texas under the bus at every opportunity. Missouri spent decades lifting their skirts for the the blue-bloods in the Big-Ten and jumped on the first viable offer to come along after reality set-in that the Big 10 never saw them as an option. I derive great satisfaction every time I think of Rutgers and Maryland being in the Big 10 because I know it gnaws on Missouri that those two schools were asked to a dance that Missouri planned and was stood up for. Nebraska is in the same boat. Planned and prepared for their own athletic network, quashed the idea of a conference network for the sake of those plans, and then hid behind and blamed Texas for killing said network. Though at least Nebraska wound up where they wanted to be because it was believed (mistakenly) their pedigree would lend prestige to the Big 10 and make it more competitive.
  11. Get rid of the collar patch. Get rid of "Texas" across the front. But, if I had one wish it would reconcile the font on the jerseys with the font for the numbers on the back of the helmet. Our jersey numbers would look something similar to the Chicago Bears. I hate that block script. Particularly the over sized font on the front of the jersey.
  12. My parents took me to Hobby Airport to watch the Dolphins arrive for Super Bowl VII. I was struggling to get autographs in the crowds and found myself at the foot of the stairs to a team bus. I took a pic of Don Shula sitting in the first row behind the bus driver. He let me come onto the bus and get the players autographs as they got on the bus.
  13. Late to the party, but it's no coincidence that MLB dropped the Red Sox findings and "punishment" on the day it was announced that a group is trying to certify a class action lawsuit against MLB. Fuck Rob Manfred.
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