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  1. Didn't want you to think this had gone unnoticed. Holy crap. That's a mf'er.
  2. In training for Philmont this summer that's what I've been telling the Scouts that haven't been before. This may seem like a breeze, particularly for the athletes, but the altitude is going to be a butt-whip. We did a shakeout hike this weekend along the southside of Lake Texoma. Girls got up yesterday, packed their gear in the rain, and did the 5-miles back to cars in a steady downpour and through awful trail conditions. Nary a complaint. Amazing how far they've come this Spring, but (again) the altitude is going to be a a real eye-opener for them. Particularly with Baldy coming on Day 4.
  3. about tree-fiddy.
  4. ... and that it was Bin Laden and al qaeda that stormed the Capitol on January 6th.
  5. I’d put the Seinfeld finale right there in that category. The culmination of the tailspin that began when Larry David checked out. I was relieved to see the Larry Sanders Show in the Top 10. “Hey Now!”
  6. Bullshit. He's done all he can do here. It's time to move on and cash in. I hope he has a long and prosperous NBA career.
  7. Today's New York Times' podcast discusses some of the difficulties in prosecuting the rioters. Prosecuting the Capitol Rioters "Perhaps the most difficult part of the prosecution has been deciding which charges accurately describe an underlying crime that has no real precedent. While many of the 400 people charged are certain to plead guilty, others plan to fight. And without a legal guidepost, prosecutors have sometimes seemed to reach." Interesting comparison to those protesters being prosecuted in Portland too...
  8. "The final 16 predetermined sites will be revealed at 8:30 p.m. Eastern time Sunday, May 30."
  9. It shouldn't be like that, but it is. Some state governments are trying to hold big pharmaceuticals accountable, but via the state's chief legal officer and their court system, not by any meaningful form of regulation. But, even that's an uphill battle in the face of arguments against lost tax revenue and for less government oversight.
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