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  1. Ryan's sister went to TCU. My son is in the same Troop with Ryan and is likely next in line to be Eagle Scout (humble brag).We attended Philmont and Sea Base with Ryan and his Dad. I kept my mouth shut as this process played out and it broke the right way. Ryan is a really good guy and he's a great fit at Baylor. He's not "Team Jesus" by any means. He's got a "take no shit" from no one edge about him. I think Baylor's a better fit for Ryan because he'll do well there as the bigger fish in a smaller pond.
  2. I just started skipping the posts. Nonsensical. Uninformed. A waste of my time.
  3. Do yourself a favor and listen to this episode of "Intelligence Matters". Russian Interference Past, Present, and Future "what Putin's after here, is chaos, is dysfunction, is corrupting democracies. Trump is a means to that end. But there are other ways of achieving it, one of which is just making Americans wonder whether their election was fair at all."
  4. Reading skills too? Shit. You're the whole package. You should just skip law school and go sit for the Bar Exam.
  5. I'm not certain that banging on a trash can rises to the level of more efficient when the Yankees and Red Sox were using Apple watches and real-time electronic relays.
  6. That's some skilled reasoning on your part and deft maneuvering to avoid the argument. You should give law school a try.
  7. You're right. They were just doing it for the hell of it and none of the information gathered was passed along or utilized in real time. That's a real leap to an inane depths of rationalization it would take to justify your assessment that no one was doing this at the Astros' level. The Dodgers' had approximately 20-employees in a video room set up for the expressed purpose of "stealing signs and deciphering “tells” from pitchers" but they didn't utilize it for the intended purpose. Of course you didn't hear it. Just like you don't hear anything about the Dodgers' video room, or that the Brewers were neck deep in this shit, or why MLB hid and is now fighting to keep the Yankees' transgressions under seal. MLB and Manfred have fought tooth and nail to make this an Astros issue because it has to stay an Astros issue or everything is at risk.
  8. What, like this level? Dodgers' Glass House
  9. And where is that microgram relative to losing two home games? Or, winning on the road to take back home field advantage? Where do those fall on the invisible scale that was apparently tipped in Houston's favor? I understand why Dodger fans' need to hyper-focus on something that no one is certain did play a role or can show played a role in their Series loss. It's easier than the non-issue standing like the elephant in the middle of the room. Their team lost 2-home games in the Series and despite beating those "cheating bitches" in Houston, lost the World Series. It's exactly why Cody Bellinger wants to bellyache about being cheated rather than talking about going 4 for 28 and striking out 17 times. 17 fucking times! Where does a crucial hit by Bellinger at a key moment fall on your microgram scale?
  10. Name a team that isn't. The Astros are just the only team in MLB to get a speeding ticket at the Indy 500. So far.
  11. For the record, Joe Kelly was on the Cardinals when they were hacking into the Astros' computers and on the Red Sox when they cheated with a much more sophisticated method than banging on a trash can. However, he's aggrieved and hellbent on justice. I wonder if he threw at Mookie Betts' head during batting practice.
  12. Fuck that. During the fucking off-season you're more fucking lucid than that fucking pussy.
  13. I was sent to a gun show to interview Ted Nugent in the early 90s. He clearly had a few screws loose, even back then. The entire interview was completely worthless because he didn't utter a single sentence without saying "fuck", "pussy" or "fucking pussy" at least twice.
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