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  1. If Kevin Durant weighed 240 instead of 220 at the combine, he might still be playing for Portland as the #1 pick instead of Oden. Some people just don't get it. You can be skinny and still be an incredibly good basketball player.
  2. My ears were ringing after that KU game. But generally, for most games the FEC sucked. What we are building is going to be a different kind of place.
  3. I guess the later. I mean, if I call someone a shit-head, I'm not really visualizing them with a piece of shit for a head. I just mean that they are a pain to deal with. Once I called something "stupid" and my kids (young at the time) freaked out because I used "THE S WORD!". Words can have different meaning to different people I supposed. Over the course of my life I've used words like retarded or gay and gradually retired them as I have come to realize that they carry extra meaning to some people and can be especially hurtful. Cocksucker, while offensive, has never been a gay slur
  4. If you call a male a bitch, you are saying he is acting like a woman. Men who act like women or do female sex acts like sucking cock are gay. So I believe calling a man a bitch or a pussy would be homophobic in today’s environment. Is that how it works? Trying to keep up.
  5. In 47 years, I never realized cocksucker was a gay slur. Thanks surly!
  6. There is a psychological term for those who view other human beings as mere tools for their own gratification and aggrandizement. The term is sociopath. Whether or not the Tech fanbase fits the clinical definition of a sociopath, I cannot say. But what I can say with complete certainty is that their behavior in using Chris Beard for their personal gratification was sociopathic.
  7. I wonder if Ogden will help get the UT NBA alumni back involved. He was on staff when most of them rolled through. It seemed like he was pretty popular with the players.
  8. I’m not sure I can root for McClung. Just sayin.
  9. Ummm. Hocutt played for K-State and has a masters from OU. Don’t see any relationship to UT. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Brock Cunning is the perfect Chris Beard player. He is going to be the most hated player in the conference by the time Beard is through with him. Andrew Jones should also look at Beard's success with getting some of his forwards drafted into the NBA. Liddell, Hamm and Williams would all also be wise to consider sticking around. Beard will help them take that chip on their shoulder and leverage it into a good finish to their college careers.
  11. I don't think this is actually true. I think there are only 3-4 schools he would have actually left Tech for.
  12. My only fear is that his hard-ass, lunch pail, underdog approach may actually work better with the guys he was recruiting to Tech. At Texas he will get much higher quality recruits who will need a different style of coaching. I think he will be up for it though. My dream would be for us to have a Michigan-State level of success here - and I think Tom Izzo could be a reasonable comp for Beard's ceiling here. He is also known for his defensive wizardry and ability to coach up his players. And to some degree he prefers to take 3-4 year players instead of the one and dones.
  13. My Tech alumni dad: I guess loyalty means nothing to Chris Beard Me: Are you loyal to Tech? Tech dad: Of course Me: Why? Tech dad: Because I graduated from Tech Me:
  14. Let's not forget that Beard signed with UNLV and then left to coach for Tech just days later. (just kidding, no way that happens here)
  15. Can we go ahead and change the title of this thread?
  16. I'm not too worried about Beard to UNC. I don't think that is the style they are looking for. Plus they seem to like keeping it in the UNC family. Wes Miller to UNC? Probably a stretch, but he is an alumni, only 38, and has won the Southern Conference 3 of the last 5 years, going 105-42 (71.4%). Mark Turgeon is from the Roy Williams coaching tree and could be a candidate. Yesterday he said he's not interested in the OU job, so maybe he had forewarning about Roy retiring. He has only done "ok" though at Maryland, going 105-79 in the Big 10 and winning the conference once in 7 years
  17. That is crazy to me, but I understand it.
  18. This is generous to Tech. That said, I do think college sports are different - especially basketball. It is possible to build a powerhouse at a location that isn't exactly desirable. Is Lubbock so much worse than East Lansing, Bloomington, Louisville, or Memphis. The airport is easy to get to and makes all of Texas accessible. They have really good facilities and are kings of the campus. The "talent" on campus is better than anything you will find in the mid-west. Beard has already shown he can recruit 4 and 5-star talent to Lubbock. The main thing he has at Tech that he won't
  19. Roy Williams left Kansas to go to UNC. Being an alum matters a lot to some people. We will see with Beard.
  20. Ramey will be an excellent player when he gets a little better coaching. The tools are there. If we hire Ivey it wouldn’t surprise me for a couple of our seniors to stick around. I can see Durant and some of the NBA alumni making a call and putting some pressure on them to help make him successful.
  21. Don't discount the advantage of taking Beard away from Tech. That alone will likely get us 2-3 more wins per year. They aren't going to upgrade from him. If we get Ivey and Beard stays at Tech, I'm not confident we will dominate them.
  22. I would say Beard has a top-5 resume at this point when you factor in his age. The fact that he is a Texas-Ex is a bonus.
  23. The thing about Chris Beard... his favorite place on earth is his place in Castell, between Llano and Mason. It is where he spends his down time. On the positive side for UT, it is a good bit closer to Austin. On the downside, it shows what he values in life. His ideal day is fishing on the Llano river in a fairly remote location, not taking advantage of big city life and all his money. So in my view, it will come down to whether being a UT alumni is at all part of his identity, and whether he thinks it will be easier to leverage the UT resources and brand to get recruits and win games.
  24. If we get Beard, Tech should seriously consider ACU’s coach.
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