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  1. Let's not pretend shall we that numbers of recruits is not a significant element of the recruiting process. KK was criticized widely for nor not signing full classes. Also, KU's football program has long been synonymous at this point with football ineptitude. As such, tough recruiting sell. The fact they're recruiting better football players than Texas Tech currently is not lost on many.
  2. No, because they're better recruiters apparently.
  3. Yeah, he would have never considered a place like Tech coming from the big time football factory that he did. Your inferiority complex is showing. TT pays top 5 money to the AD, basketball coach and baseball coach and we couldn't get a better football coach. You're delusional.
  4. We had a number of starters returning as well. Did Wells a lot of good.
  5. Wells' believers and Kirby both should have been very proud of that one. It was one of three wins for KU.--and they're still beating the hell out of Wells recruiting-wise.
  6. I understand completely a single initial season is not the sole indicator of a coach's ability and a transitional phase is not uncommon. Compare Well's season with that of KSU's new coach as an example. There is no comparison. There was just very little impressive about Well's first season IMO. Hard for me to imagine how your view is that Hocutt"s pattern of football hires doesn't constitute a pattern. This, when he's never made a good football hire.
  7. What makes you think Wells can coach? Lots of losing the last 5 years He just needs time. "Recruiting has picked up significantly". What make believe world are you living in? Rivals has them ranked 8th in the conference currently. Makes a good story though. And yeah, TT could have been 8-4. Except they weren't . They were 4-8. This unlike KSU's new coach.
  8. Tech"s attendance base is fine. Averaged 58000 or so the last few years. Even after a decade of ineptitude. If you're a fan of close games, I'm happy for you. You got them last year. Personally, I subscribe to the old Bill Parcell's adage, you are what your record says you are. And we're 8 game losers. You think Wells is a good coach? 4 losing seasons in the last 5 tells you that? 4 wins this season tells you that? "It remains to be seen whether Matt can get better players". Early returns are not encouraging. Article today on the Rivals site had Tech ranked 8th in the conference.
  9. Exactly. Hocutt came to Tech prior to the 2012 season as an asst. He hired Tadlock as the head coach prior to the 2013 season. You make my point, hardly a genius hire. Tech grad who was already on staff right there under Kirby's nose.j
  10. "Anyone, without their head up their ass would have seen a lot of improvement? ". You are aware Wells won a grand total of 4 games are you not? And that counts powerhouses Montana State and UTEP. No bigger feather in a coach's hat than this, right? And it takes time after 3 years? Hate to mention it again, but Wells has had losing seasons 4 of the last 5 years. Time is not what he needs, he needs an ability to coach. His current recruiting class is ranked 45th in the country by Rivals. Very impressive.. Sounds to me like you suffer from a university inferiority complex. Woe is me, we just couldn't hire anybody who wanted the job--waaa, waaa. How did that work out for Kansas State?
  11. Head scratching moments to be sure. In what was termed up front a nationwide search, we get a coach who now has four losing seasons in the last 5. He barely makes the top 50 paid football coaches in the country. This at a school where the baseball and basketball coaches are among the top tier paid coaches in the country.
  12. Oh, if only we could all be as smart as you. Call everybody some more names. It's indicative of quite an intellect. Fwiw, i have no buyers remorse. It's hardly unreasonable to expect to get one's money worth for an employee who's paid 1.6 million. The quality of his football hires speak for themselves. Apparently you're not aware, it's the sport that pays the bills.
  13. You might really want to look into cures for memory loss issues. As others in this thread have attested, Beard was the chosen one by virtually everyone who had ever even seen a TTU basketball game. No brainer. He had even coached at Tech long term. As far as Hocutt's football hires. He hired the whiz that was kliff Kingsbury who, of course, sucked big time. At the University of Miami his claim to fame was firing Randy Shannon only to hire Al Golden as his replacement. Hocutt handled it so well, they both ended up suing the university. What a guy. So, by virtue of your question, I guess your defense is he hasn't hired many football coaches. Yep, no experience, that's what you want in a top 5 paid AD. And you liked the Tubby hire? Hocutt slightly preceded the fiasco that was the Billy Clyde hire. He's gold is what he is.
  14. Not necessarily suggesting Dana was the answer. Everything about this year tells us to this point it's damn sure not Wells though. Shake your head all you please, but when I allude to what Tech fans deserve. I just think it far from unrealistiic if you're paying you're AD in the top 5 in the country that you have somebody who can hire a damn football coach.
  15. Not being Aggie at all. Football pays the bills. Baseball and basketball do not. Hocutt is a joke. We needed a new coach and he goes out and hires, what was after his raise, the 51st highest paid coach in the country. Hocutt didn't even try to make a good hire. You like a football coach that's had losing seasons 4 of the last 5 seasons? A true mark of distinction. He should be very proud.
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