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  1. There's some sentiment that his next try will be UTEP.
  2. Mike didn't play with spares at TT as much is the general belief While he had his share, the 2004 class as an example contained 4 four stars and a 5 star. The 06 class had 4 four stars and so on. Nothing spectacular, just not quite the rag tag bunch so many seem to recollect
  3. True or not, don't know, but I've read Tulane has acceptance rate of 17%. Read a post by a guy says his buddy was accepted by a number of Stanford, types, but denied by Tulane. That said, former TT RB, Cory Dauphine, transferred there and I'm pretty sure he was quite a ways away from being a Rhodes Scholar. So who knows?
  4. Yeah, lets pretend Lubbock, Pullman and Starkville are all the same and forget about the fact Lubbock is literally 10 times bigger than the other two.
  5. Guy from The Athletic who, preseason, picked Tech 9th in Big 12 race this year. As conference play begins, he reassesses. He starts out: Dear Chris Beard and Texas Tech fans, This is mostly for you. I overreacted. https://theathletic.com/1505138/2020/01/03/reassessing-the-big-12-race-with-conference-play-looming/?source=shared-article
  6. The kicker is there's a chance Bowman might transfer as well. Hello Maverick and Donavan Smith. And there's a better than decent chance TT loses a commitment this week end. Pretty good player too. All in all, things are going pretty well.
  7. Let's not pretend shall we that numbers of recruits is not a significant element of the recruiting process. KK was criticized widely for nor not signing full classes. Also, KU's football program has long been synonymous at this point with football ineptitude. As such, tough recruiting sell. The fact they're recruiting better football players than Texas Tech currently is not lost on many.
  8. No, because they're better recruiters apparently.
  9. Yeah, he would have never considered a place like Tech coming from the big time football factory that he did. Your inferiority complex is showing. TT pays top 5 money to the AD, basketball coach and baseball coach and we couldn't get a better football coach. You're delusional.
  10. We had a number of starters returning as well. Did Wells a lot of good.
  11. Wells' believers and Kirby both should have been very proud of that one. It was one of three wins for KU.--and they're still beating the hell out of Wells recruiting-wise.
  12. I understand completely a single initial season is not the sole indicator of a coach's ability and a transitional phase is not uncommon. Compare Well's season with that of KSU's new coach as an example. There is no comparison. There was just very little impressive about Well's first season IMO. Hard for me to imagine how your view is that Hocutt"s pattern of football hires doesn't constitute a pattern. This, when he's never made a good football hire.
  13. What makes you think Wells can coach? Lots of losing the last 5 years He just needs time. "Recruiting has picked up significantly". What make believe world are you living in? Rivals has them ranked 8th in the conference currently. Makes a good story though. And yeah, TT could have been 8-4. Except they weren't . They were 4-8. This unlike KSU's new coach.
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