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  1. Saw it in theaters tonight. Very fun movie. It managed to keep the spirit and fun of the first movie with completely new characters in a much different setting, so it doesn't feel like you're just watching an identical clone of the first flick. I could watch several of these if they kept going.
  2. I thought I’d do better on a regular keyboard at my office today, but I still can’t seem to break 130. 157 is insane.
  3. You don't even know what socialism is, but keep on fucking that boogeyman.
  4. For a three-tender combo? Yes. Unless prices in Austin or wherever y'all are is double that of DFW. $20 for fast food is unreal. I can go to most sit-down restaurants and pay less than that. I feel ripped off paying $10 for fast food at most places. Shooter, are you sure you didn't actually get charged the wrong amount and legitimately ripped off?
  5. We be better be up 60 points at half time next weekend if we want to beat TCU. They make comebacks against teams who don’t disappear and collapse every single week in the second half.
  6. Popeye's is overrated on this board. If I'm eating fast food chicken, I'm probably not going to either place, but original recipe > anything Popeye's does.
  7. We somehow have more than one person in the same regional office who have the image icons for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. at the bottom of their signature as if to link to our company's social media pages. Except you can't even click on them. They're just images. And they send this out to customers daily.
  8. I mean most of that as well as Chase being hard to work with was already pretty well known. Him saying the n word is news to me, though. Regardless, the show was still better with his character on it.
  9. I'm confused. Maybe you can clarify. Your first paragraph sounds like you're dismissing Jon Stewart, but your last sentence sounds like you are still rallying around him.
  10. It’s The Office reruns just about every time I flip by it. I think they just switch between huge blocks of that and South Park. I remember reading Tosh either ended recently or is ending, so other than South Park and TDS I’m hard pressed to think of any new originals they still create.
  11. Really? We’ve literally been in a new golden age of standup the past decade or so.
  12. I don't get the Chevy hate at all. He was funny on this show. Even if he didn't exactly get the show when he was on it or get along with Harmon, Pierce's character was great and the show suffered after he left. I'll definitely watch this, but I hope they're doing it because they actually have a good, funny idea that adds to the overall experience of the show and aren't just doing it to fulfill some 10-year-old meme. You could trim the last three seasons down to 1 season's worth of episodes that are actually worth watching.
  13. Damn, I forgot the most obvious one here. Having to come back to the office at all. Our company’s upper mgmt was going on about how we need to come back to make sure we’re all functioning better as a team. Besides my direct boss, everyone I interact with is via email and is spread out in our regional offices around the country as well as on other continents. It’s complete bullshit. Then they go on about how they are going to bring us in food more and have more fun things go on around the office as if that’s going to make us happy to come back. They are upgrading the office space to make it more relaxing and comfortable. Hey, you where it’s relaxing and comfortable to do my job? That place I don’t have to dress up and drive 45 minutes to every day — my office bedroom.
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