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  1. While technically true, lets not pretend they put those stats up against decent teams
  2. Indeed. That helmet is the tits.
  3. fucking Wisconsin... https://www.jsonline.com/story/news/politics/2019/12/13/judge-orders-wisconsin-purge-more-than-200-000-voters-list/4412776002/
  4. Blotto

    Oregon Scandal?

    Read a lengthy story on it this morning. It was one dude (Tristan wallace?) that transferred to Prarie View. Nowhere near the magnitude of the Baylor scandal, although it certainly ain't great. Here's the article I read https://sports.yahoo.com/football-star-expelled-rape-twice-100019737.html
  5. Pretty savvy move. Now the lawyers can sue the hospital/doctors for not taking the obvious precautionary steps to prevent this from happening in the first place. These patients didnt have to die!
  6. Back to the topic in the OP, I dont see a lot of details, but isn't this idea essentially what.... checks notes.....Al Gore proposed about 15 years ago (carbon tariffs/credits). The GOP was a big, big fan of that idea I seem to recall.
  7. I take it we'll finally get resolution on the Clinton body count, Obama's birth certificate, and Omar's brother-husband.
  8. Sterling Archer: Oh, my God. Are we out of Bloody Marys? I probably put the double deuce in my top 3 episodes.
  9. No shit. The bigger offense here is Parliament's continued assault on intelligence. Negged for being a mouth breathing retard.
  10. I suspect Young may get a few votes from people trying to make a point about defensive players, but I can't see too many people voting for Hurts or Fields over the corn dog. Should be a route, and deservedly so. Dude has been lights out this year.
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