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    Yeah, that .7 differential would make driving around Austin intolerable. If I was buying a Tesla, I'd stick with the S or 3 as no way in hell would I want those gullwing doors. They have had plenty of problems, and I gotta imagine those heavy ass doors with two hinges will really hold up well over the lifetime of the car. The number one feature I'm looking for in a door is reliability. The first time I couldn't open a door on my $100K car because Musk had to show the world how smart he was, my head would explode.
  2. https://www.secrant.com/rant/sec-football/since-2010-every-secw-school-played-in-a-bcs-ny6-bowl-game/88114248/
  3. Michigan Iowa on FS1 is a damn entertaining game. Nonstop up and down the court. 47-43 at the half.
  4. Blotto

    Larry Flynt

    Would have also accepted "swallowing distance".
  5. I hope this unfortunate misunderstanding doesn't prevent any of these braniacs from getting into grad school.
  6. How dare that author. Trump would never use the justice department for political purposes. That's crazy talk. That would be like Trump withholding foreign aid for political purposes.
  7. We've had some good teams go up to Stillwater and lose, so I'll take a win by a shitty UT squad anyday.
  8. Well fuck me, I can't find a stream. Anyway to watch this without forking over money to ESPN?
  9. That 1 PC minimum seems doable. Wonder if she offers a layaway plan.
  10. The former Steelers, Patriots and Raiders wide receiver was in a bizarre police incident on Monday that ended with him throwing a bag of penis-shaped gummies at the mother of his children while telling her to have a “bag of d---s," according to TMZ Sports.
  11. Not sure Ive ever seen a line on next weeks game when one of the teams is still playing:
  12. Pics of her tires Darla getting mounted?
  13. Even Tevin Elliot was uncomfortable watching that.
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