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  1. I think average temps are mid 80s this time of year, so no complaints from me.
  2. I completely exited that trade yesterday morning for a cost average of $1.25. The price has been all over since then, but currently its right around $1.60 (they expire today). I took about 25% of those profits and bought some SPY $400p that expire Friday. Those are up about 70%. Basically managed to keep my overall gamble portfolio even for the week, so no complaints.
  3. How does someone this fucking stupid even survive on this planet?
  4. Crazy that people watch that shit going on overhead.
  5. buying an exotic big cat is a big commitment, so you'll want to make sure that you source your new pet from a breeder that maintains the highest standards and unquestionable ethics. That's why I wholeheartedly recommend my friends at https://exoticwildcats.com/ . But a new tiger cub can be a handful, so make sure you also pick up some weed to take the edge off. apparently you cant rely on the tiger cub to be holding. and these guys make the entire process so easy
  6. I'd love to get that chance. I'd give him the first swing. You know that fat pussy is soft as Charmin. He can't hide in Gym Jordan's skirt every time. And I haven't been in a scrap since 6th grade, so its not like I'm some bad ass. Probably my least favorite GOP twat, including the entire Trump clan.
  7. Crossover campout sounds like a weekend where boy scouts can be girl scouts and vice versa. Like a scouting Rumspringa. Get yer freak on kids.
  8. Obviously not gonna replace real cooked bacon strips, but I find myself adding this stuff to salads and all kinds of misc shit like nachos, breakfast scrambles, etc if I'm in a big hurry. Sold in bags of pics or bits. Pieces are bigger. Get the pieces.
  9. doesnt seem possible that he would be 37. time f'n flies.
  10. Sold half at $1.5 and the other half at $1, so out of the trade for 400% profit. I may regret selling that 2nd half rather than holding in case the bottom drops out, but profit is profit. OK... Not even 30 minutes later I have the sellers remorse
  11. had no idea who this dude was(CEO of Enron Energy Services from March 1997 until January 2001 and CEO of Enron Xcelerator, a venture capital division of Enron, from February 2001 until June 2001), but that's not important. The bolded decision is questionable, but thats gotta be the most fortuitous interaction in the history of scrip clubs.
  12. To be fair, they are the gold standard when it comes to US teacher/student sex scandal reporting. US sites just post 1 or 2 photos (mug shot, usually). Daily Mail always combs the internet for the hard to find social media pics. Only way you can really tell if the teacher has big tits, etc... I give them lot of leeway for this fact alone. They are like my #3 trusted news source now.
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