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  1. Blotto

    2020 MLB thread

    Cards series vs the Cubs cancelled due to another positive test for a Cards player. Will be interesting to see how the league squares up the records. Cards will have played 5 games through this weekend, other teams will have played 17.
  2. We can stick on HowTheMarketWorks for this run. If we run another contest in the future we can switch to a platform that offers options. As for payouts, I'd probably lean towards winner take all, but if we want to give 2nd place their buyin back, I'm OK with that as well.
  3. This was a $3 stock in March. I applaud anybody that jumped in on OSTK at that time. After the 30X runup, my risk/reward analysis precludes me from investing at this time.
  4. Black licorice? Is anybody choosing that as their go-to donut? Was bloody asshole not a possibility?
  5. We should have made this like a decathalon. 2 weeks stocks only, 2 weeks Forex only, 2 weeks options only, 2 weeks crypto only, 2 weeks futures...... and so on. Of course its likely most would be out of funds by the second "rotation"
  6. Been years since I lived in SF, but we used to play Harding a fair amount (before they redid the course). Will be curious how much of the course I still recognize.
  7. I'm just confused. I use the #1 clipper on my dome now, so shampoo never enters the picture. But even when I had longer hair, it never occurred to me not to wash it every time I stepped in the shower. Are some of you guys wearing shower caps and shit?
  8. BTW I still don't think options are available on this platform. I have yet to see mention of options in any of the settings, nor do I see instructions for accessing options chains. We may be limited to buying/selling stocks like they did in the olden days.
  9. Speaking of scammy shit that makes no sense.....OSTK enters the chat.
  10. Yeah, thats where his argument loses steam.
  11. Thats the amusing thing. Its not like they are cooking the books showing false revenues or grossly exaggerating their progress. Their earnings call was basically we didnt make anything, we didnt sell anything, we don't know really who our partners will be, and we promise to make something at some point a few years down the road. And yet people keep piling money into the stock, because TSLA.
  12. Blotto

    Arm Penises

    once you go black, you never go back
  13. Seems like such a bulletproof plan, hard to see where things went awry.
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