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  1. Not sure it was reasonable to believe Fox News in the first place.
  2. Kind of makes you wonder what the numbers would be if we had enough tests for everyone.
  3. I'm down four pounds in two weeks. Funny how that happens when I eat right and exercise.
  4. Played a cash game on the Pokerrrr2 app. We're seven handed. Blinds are 25/50 (which equates to $0.50/$1.00). Four players at the table, including the villain in this hand, are completely unknown to me. I have everyone covered. On hand no. 11, the player to my left had just entered and she paid the SB and BB. The effective stack is 3,798, I'm UTG +1 and the villain is in the BB. I open with A-A and raise to 150. Button calls, SB calls, and the BB calls. Pot is 675. Flop is 4 of spades, 7 of hearts, 8 of diamonds. SB and BB check and I bet 350 into the 675 pot. Fold, fold, but the BB-villain check-raises me to 1,050 total. I had played two previous hands with him. On the hand immediately before, I three-bet him preflop and he folded to a flop c-bet, and a few hands before he was the preflop raiser but folded on the flop to my bet in position. In my mind he's repping a straight or a set, but given the two previous hands I think he might be on tilt. He also has 9-10 and 6-9 as bluffs. I call. Turn is A of spades, so I now have top set. Villain bets 1,387 into a 2,775 pot and I call. The pot is now 5,549 and the villain only has 1,211 left. I'm expecting him to shove all rivers. River is the K of spades, so no full house but a backdoor flush got there. The villain checks! That really threw me off. Anyway, I convince myself he flopped a straight and is scared of the flush so I check. He had 8-9 of hearts. Should this always be a value bet given the stacks? He would've called with 8-8, 7-7, and 4-4, which is 9 combinations. He has 16 combinations of 5-6. Possible flush with 9-10 of spades. Thoughts? I really don't like checking the river but it made sense in the heat of the moment.
  5. I was a pretty solid Republican until Sarah Palin came along. It was the reason I didn't vote for McCain.
  6. Some friends and I played a tournament using the Pokerrrr2 app on Saturday. Buy-ins and payouts were handled by Apple Pay. We did a test run on Saturday afternoon and there were no problems. We played the tournament Saturday night and there were some connectivity issues, but once you got in as long as you stayed in the app -- i.e., don't switch between apps when using your phone or tablet -- there didn't seem to be any problems. Cash games are possible but may be more difficult to control the number of chips on the table to make sure they equal the cash paid.
  7. I’m not sure I buy the story about why he took the test. Either he had a reason for concern, such as a fever, or perhaps he likes the feeling of a q-tip hitting his brain.
  8. Trump didn't originate the disease. He just stuck his head in the sand instead of doing something to prepare. It's what weak, incompetent, morons do. And 63,000,000 Americans think he's great.
  9. He's such a whiny little fucking crybaby. Reporters should ask "Mr. President, what is your message to Americans who think you're an incompetent, corrupt, failed businessman?"
  10. I'd go to a local cardhouse and shove $1,000 preflop with pocket threes.
  11. He'd have to host a reality television show first.
  12. What's the over/under on the number of people who are going to die from coronavirus?
  13. No, we should call it the Trump Virus. Seriously, it's 2020, there's a pandemic shutting down the United States, and we have a fucking moron as President.
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