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  1. I think most Fox News viewers are very easily swayed.
  2. $1/$2 game, had been aggressive but the aggressive players left. At this point it was loose/passive. Four limpers to me in the cutoff, I have A-A. Raise to $16. Five callers, but button folds. Flop is 9-K-K. Checks to me, I check. Turn is A. Checks to me, I bet $55, and everyone folds. Should I have raised preflop more? Should I have bet $30 on the turn? I was hoping someone had a K.
  3. Bernie supporters who are still mad from 2016.
  4. Dude we’re all nihilists. I read that once.
  5. Look I’m Gen X so I don’t really give a shit about who the president is, as long as it’s anyone other than Donald Trump. If Bernie can bring out supporters I think that’s great. Hell in 2016 12% of his supporters voted for Trump. That alone might make the difference.
  6. $1,000 haircut John Kerry? I thought he was a cockalorum. And no I don’t think any of the Democratic candidates are good.
  7. Yes that was totally the point of my post. if Warren or Sanders is the nominee, then Trump has a very good chance of winning. If they were against anyone other than Trump then they’d have little chance.
  8. This is a great point. If a normal Republican had been elected in 2016 and hadn't been so fucking immoral, incompetent and divisive, Republicans really could have come away stronger, and would be a lock to win reelection this year with the Democrats trotting out crazies like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren and the candidates trying to appeal to the far left. Trump may win this year since it appears the Democrats are too busy stepping on their own cocks, but Donald Trump is shifting this country to the left. Even things I agree with Trump about, such as reconsideration of administrative regulations and trade agreements, are lost to the fact that Trump is such a bumbling idiot. And now practically the entire party appears to be without a shred of decency or honor. The Boomers are dying out and Trump, along with Republicans' refusal to reasonably govern for all Americans, has alienated entire generations.There are reasons Republicans have lost the suburbs in Texas, and it's only a matter of time until Texas turns blue. Republicans will blame demographics as if that makes any fucking sense, but hey, why look in the mirror? This didn't have to happen, but I don't think there's any stopping it now. I'll never understand why Republicans put their faith in a corrupt, immoral, failed businessman. The Republican Party is only going to get weaker and weaker, and in 2015 I would have said that's not good for this country.
  9. At SA Card House, I saw 8-9 of spades call A-A in a preflop all-in because "that's my favorite hand."
  10. I really don't give a fuck who the Democrats nominate. I'm voting for whomever the nominee is, and I have substantial disagreements with all of them. I'm worried about the Bernie supporters. In 2016 12% of them voted for Trump. If they had only stayed home Trump would not be President .
  11. I know at least 63,000,000 who are willing to vote for a failed-businessman for President. They don’t care about things like intelligence, character, or competence.
  12. Yes, and they love his corruption and lies. It's who they are. Many call themselves "Christians."
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