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  1. Yeah but for the Republican Party today the existential threat is every American who doesn't believe 100% like they do.
  2. Can't say I play a lot of Omaha, or understand it much, but there's nothing like holding the nut straight and middle set, 7-8-5-5 on a Q-5-4-6 board, on the button, with a pot sized bet and a call.
  3. Yeah he was receptive. He responded “that sounds really bad.”
  4. ArmyBrat's great-grandson was born?
  5. Going to put this here. I had a conversation with an older, successful, intelligent Trump voter and we started talking about the impeachment hearings. Long story short, he was very misinformed, and he was shocked when I told him what was actually going on. He gets all his news from Fox. Talk to people. Tell them what's going on.
  6. I'd like to thank the American people for putting Democrats in charge of the House. Otherwise, we wouldn't be seeing the extent of Trump's corruption.
  7. He probably eats bags and bags of chips.
  8. I think there'll be a new thread. Probably called TRUMP IMPEACHMENT or something like that.
  9. If I bet that turn, what's in my range of raising preflop, checking that flop, and betting the turn? Am I ever slowplaying AA, AK, AQ, QQ, 10-10, or KJ on that flop? I felt like if I bet then my cards were face-up.
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