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  1. Had A-A in the big blind in a six-handed loose passive home game, $0.50/$1.00. Guy in the small blind is a bit of a call station, who is known to bluff from time to time. I play with him often. Folds to him in the SB, he calls with 6-6, I raise to $4.00, he calls. Flop is 10-7-2 rainbow. He checks, I bet $5, he calls. I figure he's calling with a pair or 8-9, maybe even K-Q or K-J. I don't think he has an ace, but maybe. Turn is 4 of diamonds, bringing two diamonds. I bet $10, he calls. River is 6 of diamonds, he bets into me $20.00. I don't have a diamond, if that's worth anything. At this point I know he has a big hand. Straight got there, backdoor flush, maybe he flopped a set. I've played with him enough to know that he's not doing to that to me with a single pair. But I can't just fold a good hand when he donks into me on the river. I could have pocket 10s here or pocket 7s. I'm definitely calling with those. I have to call with 25% of my hands to avoid being exploited here. Is A-A in that range? Maybe A-A with the A of diamonds? Should I have bet more on the flop? More on the turn? And in a somewhat related question, when I'm up against a single player with an overpair, I sometimes check the turn for pot control and just to disguise the strength of my hand, but only when I'm out of position. I don't think I've ever done that in position. Is that a good strategy? Am I ever checking this turn? Anyway, I called. Is that donkey?
  2. Just checked out his bio. Having people like him in our federal government gives me some hope.
  3. 5 way all-in preflop in PLO? What kind of hands were they stacking off with?
  4. Hey dude you can choose who you support by voting for who reflects your values all you want. I’m not saying that’s wrong. I’m just saying that’s not the “point” of the nomination process.
  5. Choosing a candidate and voting for the candidate who best reflects your values are two different things.
  6. The point of the primary is to choose a candidate -- preferably one with the best chance to win the general election.
  7. Man I don't see how y'all play PLO. Unless I have the nuts I never know where I'm at in the hand. And if I have the nuts on the turn the board always pairs on the river. Seriously, the worst thing in the world is flopping the nut straight in PLO.
  8. Turn on tha radio, nah fuck it turn it off Fear is your only god on the radio Nah fuck it, turn it off
  9. Wow, Trump Ice was actually a thing. Another failed business of his. How much more would Donald Trump be worth if he had simply taken all his daddy's money and invested it?
  10. What are you supposed to do with the water after you mop it up?
  11. Maybe they can do a spinoff on Lube Man.
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