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  1. This might change with the current Texas Legislature, but right now there's nothing illegal about two 16 year olds consensually getting it on.
  2. I suspect she buried the evidence not for the Alec Baldwin case but for the armorer case that's on appeal.
  3. I've had a few bad days as a lawyer, but I've never had my case dismissed with prejudice in the middle of a jury trial.
  4. This never gets old. Still can't believe it's real.
  5. I don't think it's anywhere close to sad.
  6. I never know how to get the money in out of position. It worked out for me in this double-board PLO bomb pot hand from last night, but was it a good play? It's a 15 bb pot going into the turn. Villain 1 has 133 bb stack, and Villain 2 has 115. After a checked-through flop, I bet 1/2 pot from the small blind into five people with: Kh-Kc-Tc-4c, on boards of: Top: 8c-Jc-9c-4h and Bottom: 7d-Ks-Td-Th, giving me the second nuts on the top and the nuts on the bottom. Fold, fold, fold, Villain 1 min raises, Villain 2 cold calls. Call or raise? I called. The rivers are a brick on the top and 8d on the bottom. I'm losing to A-x of clubs on the top board and the two straight flush combinations on the bottom. My goal is to get all the money in. What would you do? I block bet 7.5 bb, expecting a raise/never-fold. It went raise, call, I potted for 108 bb more, snap call, reluctant call, and I scoop. Villain 1 shows a straight and full house, Villain 2 mucks.
  7. I don’t understand how anyone can read the Bible and think God had anything to do with it.
  8. So it's turtles all the way down?
  9. So why do you think the Bible is the Word of God?
  10. The last time I went to church was in 2019. When I sat down, I made sure I had a plan in case someone started shooting up the place.
  11. That's ridiculous. Hunter Biden needs at least five bankruptcies first.
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