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  1. It's Fairy Tale or similar redux
  2. MoJames

    Mo Bamba

    This would require me to watch the NBA.
  3. Good story - https://saturdaytradition.com/minnesota-football/activist-academic-and-athlete-the-odyssey-of-minnesotas-seth-green/
  4. I wonder if he regrets it more or less than his haircut.
  5. Is there an argument going on right now about how many people make an income off of energy as though it should be considered when discussing those who died from not having power? Granted I don't think you get rid of private energy in the state of Texas, but I don't think that is a good talking point.
  6. Both white, Both QBs. Only one is related to NFL QBs, only one was once committed to Texas.
  7. Man, adding defensive players from LSU, ND and now Alabama.
  8. Don't disagree on this. You must realize I wasn't suggesting only people in the medical field should speak on treatment for addiction and behavioral health concerns. I was simply suggesting you no longer use absolutes such as "No, it really isn't" and "And this isn't the result of drug addiction." It's lazy.
  9. Right, your first comment is poor one. This person is trash and counseling, CBT, Neurofeedback, prozac, zyprexa or whatever you think could've helped him are exceedingly unlikely to move the needle away from that. Stating his killing of a 4 year old is on the shoulders of the lack of treatment is laughable.
  10. And I now know you don't work in the medical field. Plenty of absolutes in your statement in world where absolutes don't exist.
  11. They all sound like awful charges, wonder why enticement carries the worst potential sentence.
  12. South Fork. Hit up the golf course it's nice for such a small town. The hotels will be a bit run down but it's right in the middle of the mountains on the Rio Grande headwaters.
  13. This recruiting... this staff... trying to hold back positive vibes.
  14. Holy shit an away win vs Atletico
  15. https://streamvi.com/watch/1614110502 Played by Atletico to Giroud
  16. https://streamvi.com/watch/1614110502
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