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  1. Tonight is 5/6/89 from the Frost Amphitheater in Palo Alto, California. The graphic says New Haven, but it was Palo Alto. Anyway, It's nothing groundbreaking, but it's a solid Spring 89 show. The sound is pretty good too. The Wharf Rat is pretty damn good. You could tell that they were really about to get into a great groove going into the summer.
  2. Why is it so difficult for some of you to understand that there are some people hesitant to give their children a vaccine that is one year away from the first human trials and only six months from the first child trials? Everyone my son interacts with on a daily basis is either wearing a mask like him, outside, or already vaccinated. Who is he potentially spreading this to? For whatever reason, kids don’t seem to spread this particular disease that much and it hardly impacts them if they do get it. And if he has already gotten it then he has natural immunity. And for the record I have not s
  3. It took five years from the first human trials to approval for the polio vaccine.
  4. He doesn’t agree with it...and I couldn’t possibly care less.
  5. The original The Office should be top ten.
  6. My 100 year old Grandpa caught Covid and died from it. After my Grandma passed away three years ago, my Grandpa had to go into LTC. My mom, aunts and uncles would visit him often as they all lived close by. He begged my uncle every time he came by to shoot and kill him. He didn't want to be here anymore after Grandma passed away. Two weeks after his 100th birthday, he caught Covid and died. I'm sure he was pretty relieved when he finally passed as he hadn't wanted to wake up for the last 3 years anyway.
  7. Sid Vicious and Johnny Cash? Who is the shirtless dude behind Cobaine?
  8. Hate

    Kidney Stones

    Username does not check out.
  9. Yeah, he just voiced his thoughts. We aren’t basing what we decide to do on that, but I think listening to your kid and getting their input is part of parenting too especially in regards to their body. My son has ADHD/ADD. He is on meds for it. Is there any data available for that particular subset of children on the side effects from the vaccine? Does it interact poorly with his particular meds? Probably not and I trust that these vaccines are the absolutely most technologically advanced vaccines ever created. But my son is extremely low risk from having any impacts even if he does catch Covi
  10. Other vaccines that have been around for many many years. Vaccines that went through at least 5 years of trials and data on how kids react to the vaccine before they were allowed to be given to the general public. This particular vaccine has 6 months worth of data.
  11. I have a 12 year old that doesn't want the shot either. He's been at school all year and has hung out with his friends during this entire pandemic. I won't make him get the shot. Damn near every one else that he interacts with has had the vaccine, so I'm not sure we will make him get the shot. His normal vaccinations including the HPV vaccine, of course he will get those. I'm on the fence about this one and I don't really have that great of a reason other than he isn't really at any risk of getting sick or getting anyone around him really sick.
  12. I can report a great meteor show at 10:22 PM in The Woodlands. There was one that took a full two seconds to burn up. I’m sitting in the spa on this beautiful May night and I hope to see at least one more.
  13. Here is a cool image from the recent storms with an article explaining how they formed along a "dry line".
  14. Yeah, models are picking up on possible system similar to last week’s in the May 12-16 timeframe.
  15. Absolutely. The Grateful Dead played a legendary show there on 5/8/77!
  16. Did your alien leaders forget to install a sense of humor when they dropped you off? It’s just a funny meme for May the 4th (be with you).
  17. Usually those don't amuse me, but this one did for some reason.
  18. Probably because it was a conference game. The ou game was purely bragging rights. That said, fuck ou.
  19. Just replace your system with an Eero. It does everything you want and you don't have to hire a nerd. It will take about 30 minutes to set it up from start to finish. It will be a mesh network so you will stay connected no matter where you are. It allows different profiles to be set up including kids profiles for content filtering. It will probably cost about as much as hiring a nerd anyway.
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