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  1. Pure West Virginia...
  2. My favorite to re-watch is probably still Thor: Ragnarok, but then I'm huge Taika Watiki fan.
  3. Totally agree. It's extraordinarily rare that non-traditional/elite programs get a realistic shot at the national title in football. This was probably OSU's best and only shot to actually win a national title in football in my lifetime. I mean, sure I guess it *could* happen again, but I kind of doubt it. That team legit was probably the best team in the country that year and I think we would have curb-stomped LSU in the title game. We couldn't have asked for a better matchup. Honestly, Andrew Luck and Stanford was a much worse matchup for us in the Fiesta Bowl because they had
  4. As an OSU fan, I probably have too many to count, but this one was definitely the worst. I will never not believe that we wouldn't have beaten LSU in the national title game that year.
  5. Tl;dr: if you're sure you're going to hate something and then you watch with with confirmation bias running wild, you'll definitely hate it.
  6. oSuJeff97


    Well like everything A/V related, it really depends on your budget. I started with the Pro-Ject Debut III, which was a great entry-level to nice gear because it was/is very upgradable. (I've since upgraded the platter, cartridge and stylus). Looks like they don't make that any more, and now they have the Debut Carbon, which is very solid. I'm sure others will have other recommendations. Then you're talking receiver and/or pre-amp and speakers, of which there are like a million options. I'd start with a really solid turntable and then work up from there.
  7. oSuJeff97


    Yeah I think they pressed way fewer of the mono remasters vs. stereo, and of course all of the vinyl nerds want mono, so hence the inflated value. And yeah I'm with you... like I said I buy because I want to listen, not for "collectable" value. But it's still just kind of fun to see. In other news, my Ortofon Blue just arrived... got it hooked up and am currently listening to some of my favorites. I know it needs some run-in time, but one thing that's immediately evident is the Blue's superior handling of the high end. Everything on the upper end seems a lot more "crisp" if tha
  8. oSuJeff97


    Man I *ALMOST* splurged on that Beck - Sea Change MoFI album SO MANY TIMES when I first got into vinyl. It was one of the first albums I thought of when I started to build my collection but it was already out of print and crazy expensive when I got started. Thankfully they finally re-issued it and I snagged that version. Did you get it for retail when it was originally released or get it later?
  9. oSuJeff97


    Great list. And yeah it's funny how I lucked into a lot of "most valuable" ones. Like those Beatles mono remasters from 2014. That was basically right when I started my vinyl collection and I literally bought those (along with Rubber Soul and Revolver) straight off Amazon for like $25 or whatever to help kick-start my collection. And it was a buddy of mine who brow-beat me into getting the mono versions. I was just going to nab the stereo versions and he was like, "DON'T YOU DARE! GET THE MONO VERSIONS YOU PHILISTINE!" LOL. Now mint versions of those go for well over $100. Sgt. Pe
  10. Yeah this shit is getting kind of Cloak Roomy. Let's not.
  11. Nothing to add except fuck OUsux and fuck Baylor.
  12. oSuJeff97


    So I've seen these videos on YouTube where dudes show their top 10 most valuable albums (according to Discogs) and thought that might be fun. The point obviously isn't to be braggy, because I don't collect vinyl for value... I collect them because I love these albums and want to listen to them... so obviously these aren't worth the max value as none of them are mint because I've listened to them a ton... and it's not like I have any that are crazy valuable, but it's fun to see regardless. I sorted these based on median value according to Discogs. 1. Wilco - Summerteeth (2020 del
  13. oSuJeff97


    If you haven't yet, I'd recommend setting up a profile on www.discogs.com. It's like an online database/marketplace for vinyl. You can catalog your collection, make a wantlist, search for new and used vinyl, etc. Individuals buy and sell there and also pretty much every major record store across the country.
  14. Yeah how hard is it to realize how fucking lucky you are to have a prominent role in the most popular show of (arguably) the most popular franchise of all time, and so maybe you just have to bite your fucking tongue on social media as a "trade off?" I don't particularly like the idea that this stuff happens unless you're actively causing harm to others or something, but it is what it is and if she was too fucking stupid to read the room and realize how lucky she is and just STFU about politics (especially after being warned) then that's on her.
  15. I mean, we've kind of been over this. It's about whether or not someone who is actively employed by a company (LucasFilm) is violating that company's social media policy while being employed by them.
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