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  1. Just finished the Fight Songs show. Fucking great. Related - yesterday Rhett posted something about the show on Instagram and I made a comment that I hoped we would get Fight Songs on vinyl at some point and he replied to me and said "working on it!" Super fucking pumped about that.
  2. I know actors can often play younger, but he's 40. Ezra (I think) would be in his late 20s during the time of the Mandalorian.
  3. Yeah that guy could totally play Thrawn. So who would eventually play Ezra? IIRC, I think Ezra was supposed to be *roughly* the same age as Luke and Leia right? I know they were both supposed to be 19 at the time of ANH.... seems like Ezra would have been in that same ballpark, or perhaps even maybe a year or two younger. So during the time of the Mandalorian, he should be..what... late 20s/early 30s, give or take a few years?
  4. Frank Costanza doesn't appear in The Handicap Spot? I beg to differ. The whole story line is about George borrowing Frank's car to take the group to the mall (or wherever) to get the Drakes a wedding present. Kramer talks George into parking in the handicap spot and then they come out and people are surrounding the car looking for who did it. Yada yada yada... later Frank is in the middle of receiving an award from a local non-profit for his work helping handicapped people and the police show up at the door because it was his car. Here's a side-by-side of Frank giving George a head slap - the original "as-aired" with John Randolph playing Frank Costanza on the left and the re-shot version with Jerry Stiller on the right. Here's another shot of John Randolph from the original episode -- you might recognize him as Clark's dad in Christmas Vacation.
  5. That's exactly right. Most of us who have been watching Seinfeld obsessively for the past 20 years have been doing so on the syndicated versions on TBS. Most of those episodes have some editing on them to make their run times identical for the syndication window, as the original "as-aired" versions were allowed some variations in run time by a minute or two. If anything gets chopped off, it's typically the last 10-20 seconds of a scene or something where there's just one more joke before going to break or the next scene. It's the same thing on the Simpsons. If you listen to the commentary tracks on the DVDs or online, they will often talk about the jokes here and there that got cut for syndication. One of the more interesting Seinfeld things regarding syndication is that in the original "The Handicap Spot" episode, a different actor played Frank Costanza (it was his first appearance in the series). After the episode they brought in Jerry Stiller to play him and they actually re-shot the scenes for "The Handicapped Spot" for syndication. So if you saw they syndicated version of that episode for years, you saw Jerry Stiller playing Frank. But since the show on Hulu is the original "as-aired" versions, you see the original actor playing Frank Constanza in that episode. (It's season 4, episode 22 if you want to check it out)
  6. Well they were... not now... Rhett is home in upstate NY, Murray is in Pasadena and Phillip and Ken are in Dallas. (Per Rhett the other night) It was funny for the show the other night, Rhett was getting ready to play "West TX Teardrops" and he was looking at his phone and he was like, "well I've sung backup on this song a million times, but never done it solo so I texted Murray to make sure he's Ok...... and...... just in the nick of time! Murray says OK!"
  7. Has anyone else been tuning in to Rhett Miller's Stageit.com concerts? He's been streaming them from the basement of his home. He did the first one last Wednesday and now he's set up a regular schedule.... on Monday nights, he's playing an album in full (he did "Too Far to Care" the other night) then he does "Wednesday weirdness" which is like a bunch of deep cuts and cover and then on Friday it's like a mix of Old 97's and his solo favorites. The shows last about 40 minutes and it's a "pay what you want" deal with the minimum being $5. I watched the first show and the Too Far to Care show on Monday. The video quality isn't super because he's just streaming it from his home wifi, but the shows are a lot of fun. I've been playing them on my phone and then streaming them to my AppleTV no problem. If you're a fan of Rhett or the Old 97's I highly recommend tuning in. It's almost like one of those "storyteller" shows because as he went through the set the other night he talked about how/where/why he wrote most of the songs. One of the most interesting ones I thought was "Curtain Calls." He wrote that when he spent the weekend with his brother in Colorado... they had gone out to the bars and he wrote it while sitting on his brother's back porch looking at the mountains while sort of daydreaming about moving there. Another interesting one was "Just Like California" which he wrote imagining a relationship with a record company A&R girl he had a crush on, lol.
  8. Ohhhhhhhh.... why'd I drink all of that Crab Juice....?
  9. Great finale to a great season. The various "Spite stores" was outstanding.
  10. That'll be pretty easy. The Mandalorian takes place ~5 years after the Battle of Endor. I imagine the appearance of the dark saber means Sabine will come into play in some form or fashion. If I were to offer my best guess, it would be that Sabine and Asohka got separated at some point, Sabine is missing and Asohka hooks up with Mando to try and find her as part of the dark saber storyline. Could be that season 2 ends with them finding Sabine and then maybe sets up season 3 to introduce Ezra and Thrawn.
  11. IIRC, Rebels ended with Ashoka and Sabine looking for Ezra right? Could we also be getting live action Sabine.... maybe eventually Ezra and Thrawn? God bless Dave Filoni.
  12. I'd say one caveat to this is that Jimmy actually *doesn't* seem to be soft hearted/big hearted to the Albuquerque underworld types, especially the low-level guys. He tends to treat most of them with a healthy dose of disdain, even in BCS. Also, we never would have got to hear about Badger's amazing Star Trek fan fic:
  13. ^^^ I prefer the Citizen Dick version "Touch me, I'm Dick."
  14. Waaave to the people! Blow them kisses! LOL love the "Pulp Fiction" episode.
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