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  1. Ha... So Brad Pitt and Leo were just on the WTF podcast and Leo talked about how Pitt ad libbed that "Rick Fucking Dalton" line. Pitt then talked about how he came up with that because at some point in the mid 90s he was bummed out feeling sorry for himself for one reason or another and one his drivers or "hangers on" or whatever said that him.
  2. Yeah seems like Fincher just got too busy with other projects, so they let the cast out of their deals while he works on other shit. Hopefully he'll come back to it at some point.
  3. Yeah this. They talked about it quite a bit in the old EU. IIRC, one of the most "draining" moves was the "force blast", which is why they would always use that as a last resort/escape maneuver.
  4. Came to post this. Chubba/Wallace/Sanders back, plus 21/22 on defensive 2-deep. This upcoming season might be fun.
  5. Yep. The funny thing is that, if you think about it, McTiernan perfected the "big popcorn 80s action movie" with Predator, then broke the mold and changed the way action movies are made, cast, etc., with "Die Hard." Then he turned around and made a top 5 all time Cold War movie. Impressive run for sure.
  6. Ha! That's so funny you brought that up. I pointed that out to the wife (no pics) the other night when we were watching. Everyone kind of looked uncomfortable, there's our man Ray, just laughing his ass off. Loved it.
  7. I've brought this up before, but it's worth mentioning again here. From 1987-1990, John McTiernan made these three movies consecutively: 1. Predator 2. Die Hard 3. The Hunt for Red October That's a HOF run if I've ever seen one.
  8. Russians don't take a dump with a plan...
  9. Yeah... like me. I don't react well to bullets....
  10. Yeah it made me an instant fan. The other guy who was the same was was former OSU b-ball player Desmond Mason. I think he was still playing for the Bucks at the time. He's just about the most friendly, outgoing person you'll ever meet.
  11. Oh... I know this book... your conclusions were all wrong... Halsey acted stupidly.
  12. I actually got to hang around Gerald McCoy years ago at a some charity gala in OKC. I think it was during his rookie year... there were tons of former OU and OSU football players and coaches there... he was, WITHOUT QUESTION one of the friendliest, coolest dudes there... he was talking and taking pictures with every person who came up to him with a huge smile on his face the whole time. Most of the players and coaches all left after the "formal" part of the program. He stayed the whole time... was on the dance floor mixing it up with everyone.... I instantly became a fan of his after that night. Just a real cool, solid dude.
  13. I would like to have seen Montana...
  14. The problem is that most people have a really hard time understanding how probability works, and I imagine knuckle-dragging football coaches even more so. The game theory stuff works if you ALWAYS follow it.... the problem is I imagine these guys selectively follow it, thus negating the statistical advantage of using it. Because you just know that the first time the analyst guy tells them to go for it on 4th and 3 and it doesn't work, they aren't going to listen to him for AT LEAST the rest of the present game, and probably not much in the future.
  15. Yeah I never got the uber douche vibe from Kyler like that douche-sicle Baker. Kyler seems pretty low key, actually. As much as hating OUsux players is a given -- the vast majority of star players from the Stoops/Riley era aren't that bad. With a few exceptions like Kenny Stills, most are just good players who go about their business. Baker's level of douche dwarfs even guys like Stills. He's like a throw-back to Switzer-era douchebaggery.
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