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  1. oSuJeff97


    Yeah agreed with this. I have what I would consider "decent" gear, but certainly not high-end, audiophile stuff. I have a nice Yamaha receiver, a Pro-Ject Debut III (with upgraded cartridge to Ortofon red) and decent Infinity tower speakers.... and I feel like I can tell the difference in high-quality pressings using the original analog source material vs., say cheap-o pressings using the digital master from CDs or whatever, but certainly probably not subtle differences between first pressing and fifth pressing or whatever. As it were, my focus is just getting stuff on vinyl that I want to hear and not being super fussy about whether or not it's the "best" pressing. I do tend to check Steve Hoffman to make sure certain catalog titles that are re-released from the 90s-early 00s aren't just cheap presses of the digital CD master, because that seems to be the era of music where that is pretty widespread. I think my biggest splurge on vinyl so far was to buy a factory sealed Anodyne by Uncle Tupelo for $100 or so. But that was just because I wanted to listen to that record on vinyl.
  2. oSuJeff97


    I mean, it really depends on your equipment. If you have a $50 turntable and a $100 receiver then, yeah.... more than likely you won't be able to tell much difference. That's not to say there is a direct 1:1 correlation on price to quality, but just pointing out that the more quality components you have the more likely a high-quality pressing will be noticeable, even to non-audiophiles.
  3. Never rub another man's rhubarb!
  4. Ha nice... I came here to bump this with new album info. LOVE the cover art. Here's the first single - "Turn off the TV" EDIT - also just ordered the "Texas edition" vinyl from Waterloo. Thanks for the link!
  5. Did you see BlacKkKlansman? I thought that was excellent.
  6. Disagree slightly. Thamel is good buddies with Thayer Fucking Evans if that tells you anything. He's a complete piece of shit. Tramel, on the other hand, is quite credible, IMO. That said, I absolutely do not expect Gundy to go anywhere. EDIT - and yes, Gundy is a good football coach, but kind of a moron in pretty much every other aspect of life.
  7. If you haven't been watching the "Behind the Scenes" series on The Mandalorian on D+, you should check it out. The take deep dives into every aspect of the production, including one on this topic -- the massive virtual set they created called "The Void." The get into all of stuff they talk about in this video in terms of using a combination of VR and gaming engines to make it work. It's really amazing.
  8. I think it would have been ridiculous to say early on, but BCS has reached the point where it is much more layered and nuanced than BB was, particularly in the later years when it was basically Walt vs. the world. But certainly it's not really a fair comparison because the *existence* of BB makes BCS better because of the world-building that it did.
  9. I've never walked out of a movie theater. I have turned off movies at home from time to time. Most recently I couldn't make it through the first half hour of Uncut Gems. It was just 30 minutes of dudes talking and shouting over each other... it was stressing me the fuck out so had to turn it off.
  10. Nice review from Alan Sepinwall in RS: https://www.rollingstone.com/tv/tv-features/what-we-do-in-the-shadows-season-2-recap-finale-1011799/
  11. Yeah great finale. I need to watch it another 10 times to catch all of the lines, lol. The opening bit with the house disgusting and in shambles without Guillermo was hysterical.... and Nandor bringing back his Jordan Dream Team jersey was fantastic, lol.
  12. Kind of late on this thread, but yeah for sure. OSU hoops really had two eras of greatness: Iba and Sutton. Outside of that we've really been pretty meh. The Sutton years were especially sweet because it pretty much coincided with my college/post-college years and we were mostly terrible at football that entire time, so having a borderline elite basketball program was a nice consolation. Old/smaller GIA was absolutely bonkers when I was in school. The 1995 Final Four run happened my sophomore year at OSU and it was by far the most awesome sports thing that happened when I was in school. It was just so unexpected. We knew were were a good team, having finished second to Kansas in the Big 8 regular season and then winning the Big 8 tournament, but I don't think any of us expected that team to run to the Final Four. It was just so goddamn awesome. My favorite Eddie team was definitely that 2003-04 team. It was really Eddie's one team that could have/should have won the national title. (That '95 team was really good, but the UCLA team that beat us in the Final Four and won the title was just better.) Losing to Georgia Tech on the last-second Will Bynum layup in the '04 Final Four still stings, because (a) we were a better team than GT - we just picked the absolute worst time to basically play our one of our worst games of the year and (b) we were a much better matchup for the Okafor UConn team and I think we would have beaten them in the finals. Oh well. Eddie's accomplishments at OSU were pretty damn impressive. Two Final Fours, another 4 Sweet Sixteen appearances, 2 conference championships, plus 3 conference tournament championships; 14 NCAA tournament appearances in 16 seasons.
  13. In honor of a fellow Jess...Yesh...Jesk.... I have changed my profile image to Jesk...Jess...
  14. I think that might be the case. Needs to have a "Wayne's World 2" kind of vibe. It's hard to capture that vibe in a trailer sometimes.
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