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  1. Man Oct. 16 can't get here soon enough...
  2. Ha... yeah it took me most of the episode... it was driving me crazy the whole time because he seemed so familiar but I couldn't place it.... but then there is a point when he's the bar and he does a little sideways glance and it hit me... THAT'S MARK FUCKING HAMILL!!!
  3. I recently tried to watch Crash again.... I had to turn it off... it's so cringe-worthy on re-watch. Why did people think it was good? Chicago is good for what it is. It's a very well-done musical. Should it have been best picture? No way... but it's a fine film. I haven't seen The Shape of Water but I literally don't know a single person who liked it... and I'm friends with several film nerds... they were all like... "Yeah... it's..... fine." LOL
  4. Hahaha awesome. It's an amazing episode. Did you recognize Mark Hamill before the credits? Some of my favorite bits: "I'm just a regular human bartender." The fucking toothpick and old timey blue jeans "disguise." Jackie beating the shit out of the "bikers." "Go Bucks" SIMPLY IRRESISTIBLE Jackie getting all pumped up at the volleyball game. Everything Mark Hamill does.
  5. "I wish I'd made more of my leadership skills.... instead of dying at the bottom of a well with two perverts..." OSUJesk...Jesh...Yesh....
  6. That's awesome man. I was also late but jumped on the bandwagon about 2-3 episodes into season 2. I think I watched the whole first season over a weekend and then got to where I was caught up to "live." It's the funniest show on TV. Let us know when you get to the "Jackie Daytona" episode.
  7. I've always wondered about this.... football is the only sport of the "big 4" major sports in the U.S. that has *not* traditionally worn white at home... Basketball, baseball, and hockey all traditionally wear white at home and then the darker primary color on the road... (which a few exceptions of course)..... I wonder why football went the other direction?
  8. Gotdamn these are sweet. I wish we would just go back to our mid/late 80s look full time. They are the best OSU uniforms ever.
  9. One thing I failed to mention on my post above about our uniforms last Saturday.... Tulsa has some freaking sweet uniforms.... definitely top five G5 uniforms. They always have just a nice, clean look and the blue and gold with red accents looks great together. And I always loved the script "Tulsa" on the helmet. Great job, Tulsa!
  10. Oh yeah. Agreed 100%. On a related note, we're wearing these this week because we are starting a "Ring of Honor" thing at BPS and Thurman Thomas is the first recepient. (We're actually wearing these white versions at home because we wore them in the 1987 Sun Bowl against West Virginia (this week's opponent) and Thurman was the MVP of that game:
  11. Mostly because they never got over 2014 when we were awful for about 6 games in a row before Gundy finally pulled Mason Rudolph's redshirt. Of course, none of that was his fault. We lost our starting QB to injury in game 2 and then proceeded to play a guy who had no business being a Big 12 backup QB, let alone starter. Not to mention that the offensive line was awful. Of course he proceeded to pump out elite offenses every year after that, but every time we lost a game 52-49 or some shit, it was always Yurcich's fault.
  12. While I was not fond of finding out on Saturday that we suck again, I was quite fond of our classic white/orange/white home look with the Pistol Pete/Stripes helmet.
  13. I think it's a dead heat between her and Stevie Nicks.
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