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  1. lol no. I was lol’ing in that whole sequence. Also when he shot his flamethrower at them later. Jawas are assholes, lol.
  2. Yep! That's exactly the one I was thinking. I'd watch the highlighted episodes there, then you can watch Rebels and you'll fully appreciate the tie-ins. Then if you want go back and watch the filler episodes. And just FWIW, Clone Wars is definitely good, and worth watching.... but Rebels is EXCELLENT... especially the last few seasons. If you grew up with the original Star Wars trilogy, you will LOVE Rebels.
  3. Hmmmm.... Rebels is easier to digest and is directly tied to the original series, but there are a few story points in Rebels that you would appreciate more if you've seen Clone Wars. The problem with Clone Wars is that there's A LOT to digest. Tons of episodes including a lot of "filler" episodes that don't have any bearing on the main arc of the story. I think several years ago someone on Reddit put together a Clone Wars guide that shows which episodes to watch to get the main story if you want to skip the "filler" episodes. If you just google "Clone Wars episode guide" it should be easy to find. I'd maybe do that first, then watch Rebels, then go back and watch the filler episodes of Clone Wars if you have time.
  4. Sure. But the difference is that Klatt actually knows how to use logic and reason in his arguments. Finebaum and Herbstreit's arguments often come down to, "because SEC...." I literally heard Herbstreit say on College Game Day last week that Alabama would "still be one of the four best teams in the country even if they lost every game." His reasoning was "because of the NFL talent", which is a patently absurd argument. Obviously he was taking it to the extreme, but that mentality is rampant at ESPN. Klatt calling out the CFP's ridiculously subjective process for ranking the teams each week deserves to be called out for the ridiculousness that it is. Outside of when there is a painfully obvious #1 team, it's just 10 old guys in a room picking teams based on brands and "eye test." The fact that you have two undefeated power 5 teams ranked behind multiple 1-loss power five teams is fucking absurd, especially when one of those two (Minnesota) has the second-best win in the entire field. And you can't tell me for one fucking second that Baylor would be ranked as low as they are if either OU or Texas had their exact record and exact results. Good for Klatt for pointing out the absurdity of it all.
  5. Yeah IIRC, Ugnaughts were in both Clone Wars and Rebels off and on.
  6. No argument here. Joel Klatt has been the best analyst in college football for a while now.
  7. Yeah in all of the Mandalorian content in Rebels, I don't recall if they talked about what happened there during the Clone Wars.... did the Separatists attack Mandalore? Seems like I remember that Mandalore was neutural or something?
  8. These have been answered, but to further clarify point #2 for you.... this show is taking place following the events of Return of the Jedi, so Boba is currently chillin' inside the Sarlac pit.
  9. I may have mentioned this earlier, but I think the idea of Stormtrooper armor is the same as body armor in the "real world." It's good for protecting against blunt force (to a point), shrapnel and small arms, but it isn't going to stop a blaster shot, which would be akin to any kind of high muzzle velocity assault rifle, which would easily penetrate body armor.
  10. Yeah the idea is that the Mandalorian armor can deflect blasters and also lightsabers. IIRC, it's the only material in the galaxy that a lightsaber can't cut through.
  11. Agreed with this. We've typically used spoiler tags in the series that get released all at once (Stranger Things, Narcos, etc.), because not everyone can be expected to binge through 8-10 episodes in one sitting... but if they are releasing one at a time, it shouldn't be any different than any other series... just wait until you watch the episode to view the thread.
  12. LOL yeah. The wife and I (no pics) were laughing about how the alien Nick Nolte looks better than actual Nick Nolte. And agree about all of the initial impressions. Fucking fantastic and perfect. Dave Filoni is truely "gets" what Star Wars should be, from Clone Wars to Rebels to the Mandalorian. Put that man in charge of the next Star Wars film trilogy, stat.
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