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  1. Yeah I'd like to see the details of this very scientific sounding "study." Obviously OU and Aggy are going to list Texas as their biggest rival. Beyond that, maybe a handful of Texas-based FBS schools... maybe Tech, TCU, Baylor, Houston... maybe SMU... who are the other four? UTSA? SFA? Rice? Texas A&M-CC?
  2. Has the SEC announced theirs? Better buckle up because now that we have the stupid unwieldy large conferences with no divisions and unbalanced schedules everyone is going to be subject to the same tie-breaker chaos that the Big 12 went through last year.
  3. Yeah we hear this literally every year. Gundy just keeps "lucking" his way into 10-win seasons over and over again. We basically have our entire team back this coming year plus we get our best WR back (Stribling) who missed basically the entire year. Unless we have an injury wipeout year like we did in 2022 we'll be around the top of the league again.
  4. Someone mentioned it earlier but I think the "desirability" of jobs is more about fan support and organizational commitment to football. Obviously more fans makes a job more desirable, which is literally all the last 10 years of realignment has been about. If you have lots of fans and eyeballs on your team you'll have a seat at the table no matter your on-field results. Then in terms of organizational commitment, it used to be purely about investing in facilities. Now it's about investing in facilities and NIL. And really NIL is probably more important at this point. The Arizona schools may be in a desirable location with population growth, but I'm not certain that they are fully committed on the second part yet so I question their overall desirability. If the reports out of Arizona are true that basically they turned down an offer to match Washington to keep Fisch, then that's troubling from a "commitment to football" standpoint. By those standards, I think OSU, KSU, BYU and Utah stand above the rest of the BIg 12 as we speak, with maybe Iowa State and Texas Tech right below them. TCU I think is committed to football, but with a smaller fan base than those larger state schools; same goes for Baylor. Kansas has potential but they need to show that they can keep things going for more than a few years at a time or will be back to 10K fans in the stands. And yeah Colorado seems like it's a tough place to win WITH Deion, so we'll have to see how their first few seasons play out in the Big 12 an then (more importantly) what happens when inevitably leaves.
  5. What a week for Alabama: Bass Pro micro penis shrinkage guy Conner stuck in the urn Saban retires
  6. So we have a home-and-home with Bama in 2028-29. Many people are saying this is why Saban is retiring.
  7. You guys know I’ve been the Bowman apologist from day 1. I believe I predicted a 10-win season this year…. It was looking dicey there for a bit but we pulled it off. So I’ll say it now - we’ll win the Big 12 and go to the CFP next year. Boom.
  8. OMG List eater! Blast from the Internet days of yore….
  9. To put that in perspective, OSU has only had 11 ten-win seasons in its HISTORY. Gundy was head coach for the most recent eight…. And he was starting QB for two of the other three (‘87 and ‘88)…. The only other one was 1984 that had a killer defense (Leslie O’Neil was the starting DE) built by Jimmy Johnson (he had left for Miami after the ‘83 season) and Thurman Thomas…. Also the starting QB on that team was Rusty Hilger, who ended up being a career backup in the NFL. The maddening thing about those 80s teams - all three went 10-2 with their two losses all three years to, you guessed it, OU and Nebraska. In between 1984 and 1988 OSU went 0-10 against OU and Nebraska and 44-4 against everyone else.
  10. He was not fully healthy in any game after Bedlam. Healthy enough to play, obviously, but his ankle limited his explosiveness after that. You could see a noticeable drop-off in speed/explosiveness after that. Still really good, but not like he was through Bedlam.
  11. OK man that’s cool. I just tend to judge players based on a larger sample size than one game. Against 7 common opponents, Ollie had a significant edge in production. And again - Tahj is two years older than Ollie. You’re comparing a four-year senior starter to a true sophomore who has been the full-time stater for less than a season. You think Ollie might be somewhat tougher to bring down consistently two years from now with continued physical development and significantly more in-game experience?
  12. Yeah tbh I’m not a huge fan of all the histrionics during games.
  13. Brooks is really good for sure. But I feel like you are basing this just off Gordon’s performance against Texas, which had more to do with your D-line dominating our OL than anything Ollie did or didn’t do. Brooks and Gordon faced seven common opponents in conference play - WVU, Houston, K-State, Kansas, BYU, UCF and Texas. Their stats in those seven games: Gordon - 163 carries, 975 yards (6.0 ypc), 14 TDs Brooks - 169 carries, 859 yards (5.1 ypc), 6 TDs And because they weren’t common opponents, those exclude two of Ollie’s statistically best games (OU and Cincy). It’s also worth mentioning that Brooks was a senior this year while Ollie was/is a true sophomore. When Ollie is Brooks’ age, he’ll be on an NFL team not playing college ball. Brooks is really good to be sure, but there’s a reason Ollie won the Doak Walker Award.
  14. It wasn’t his best game to be sure, but I mean - he ran for 100+ yards against a stacked box and an entire defensive game plan designed to stop him. You could see that in our approach as well - Bowman threw it 49 times (most attempts on the season).
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