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  1. Roger that. And on this topic, how fucking stupid is it that NFL makes them do this? Like what exactly is the point? A “non-bleeped” version of the show exists, but you’re going to “bleep” subsequent airings *on HBO* because…. Reasons? So fucking stupid.
  2. So this is random, but were the curse words “bleeped” for anyone else? I know in the past they “bleeped” them for second runs on HBO and also the streaming versions on HBO Max, but they “first run” of each episode on HBO always had them. I thought I had “recorded” the first run episode on HBO (via YouTube TV) the other night but the curse words were “bleeped” when I watched. Wondering if somehow I didn’t catch the first airing or the NFL pulled some shit this year and wouldn’t let curse words air…? (Which wouldn’t surprise me)
  3. Another great touch in this week's episode was how Derek is just as much of a dork as a vampire as he was a human.
  4. Haha yeah.... my wife and I talked about that last night. The burned up "half Baron" had me fucking rolling every time he was on screen. We also love "The Sire" because he's just so fucking absurd, lol. But yeah "new Baron" definitely has some potential. I think it's his "checklist" of wishes for Nandor isn't it?
  5. Yeah as a very new parent with two kids now, the other thing I'm learning is how totally different sleeping habits can be. My boy (now almost 18 months) was an absolute fucking terrorist for the first 3-4 months. My wife and I had to sleep in shifts because he was up every 2-3 hours like clockwork all night that whole time and often had to be rocked back to sleep even after a bottle. It was awful. We were both zombies until he started going stretches of at least 4-5 hours. But now he's a great sleeper. We put him down 7:30-8:00 and he'll normally wake up 7:30-8:00 but is happy to stay and mess around in bed until 8:30 most mornings. My daughter (2 months now) is the complete opposite of what my boy was. We literally had to wake her up to feed her the first 2-3 nights we were home. Now she has settled into basically only getting up once a night...we give her a last bottle around 10:00 and then she usually doesn't wake up until in between 4:00-5:30, and then immediately goes back to sleep after the bottle. She even will sometimes sleep until 6:00-7:00... and then again typically right back to sleep for another 3-4 hours. My boy never did that until he was like at least 4-5 months old. So who knows how she'll do when we she gets a little older and gets more into the scheduled sleep/nap schedule, but for now it's awesome considering her age.
  6. It continues to amuse me that the OU hive mind basically ran Venables out of town in favor of Visor McDickgobbler's brother, but now all of a sudden he is like a combination of Knute Rockne, Nick Saban and Bill Belichick before he has ever coached a single game as a head coach.
  7. I have State Farm and while they threw a fit about my roof (had to be replaced) they gave zero fucks about the aluminum wiring. Didn't even bring it up.
  8. Has anyone in this thread mentioned our historic 1945 national championship yet?
  9. Yeah... like I said... we were able to out-score Andrew Luck and Stanford in the Fiesta, which was a much, much worse matchup for us. The OSU defense that year gave up a bunch of yards but thrived on creating turnovers because of the pressure our offense put on the opposing offense to keep up. I really think it possibly could have gotten ugly if we got up a few scores and then they are relying on Jordan Jefferson to throw every down to try and catch up.
  10. LOL re-reading that I’m not even sure if I think we would have won or not.
  11. Sigh. I will never not believe that we wouldn't have beaten LSU easily. It was the perfect matchup for that OSU team - a very good defense and a plodding offense that was challenged in its ability to throw the forward pass. The Stanford team we beat in the Fiesta Bowl was a WAY worse matchup because they had Andrew Luck and a host of NFL players on offense that was a huge problem for that defense. Jordan Jefferson would have been about the 6th or 7th best QB that OSU team faced that year. We faced 4 future NFL starters (Foles, Tannehill, RGIII, Luck), another long-term NFL backup (Landry Jones) and two other damn solid college QBs (Collin Klein, Seth Doege). And yeah -- it was also likely the best and only change that OSU had to win a national title in football in my lifetime. Oh well.
  12. I kind of disagree on the first point. We talked about it upthread when the show was originally airing, but I feel like this documentary changed the popular perception that the Get Back sessions were some kind of burdensome slog that broke the band up. Yeah there was some tension at Twickenham, but once they were back at Apple Corp they were having a great time. That John quote about "granny shit" was just him taking a shot at Paul when they weren't getting along. It doesn't mean it's gospel. And it's far from fucking true. As for the opinion that John and George were "far beyond" Paul's writing..... Ummm..... Ok sure. Opinions vary.
  13. Very strong for sure... you'd be hard-pressed to find such a run outside of the all-time greats. Tony Scott comes close, but he would throw out a clunker every couple of movies. Even so, check out his run from 1986-2004: Top Gun Beverly Hills Cop II Revenge Days of Thunder The Last Boy Scout True Romance Crimson Tide The Fan Enemy of the State Spy Game Man on Fire That's almost two decades of some goddamn entertaining movies.
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