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  1. This is the exact kind of nitpicky shit that I don’t understand. Do you apply these same criticisms to the original trilogy? Because there were PLENTY of times that you could pick the OT part with shit like this. For example - why did the Death Star only send out like 10 TIE Fighters to take on “30 Rebel ships?’ It was the FUCKING DEATH STAR… it had to have a complement of hundreds, if not thousands, of TIE Fighters. Why not send out and overwhelming force and wipe out all of those Rebels ships in like 10 seconds? Why did they only send like 5 Imperial Walkers to the surface on Hoth? Why not 20? Why were 5 TIE Fighters chasing the Falcon in ESB instead of an entire squadron? How about Luke’s plan to rescue Han in ROTJ? What if Jabba assigned R2 to the lower deck of the sail barge (or didn’t bring him at all) and he didn’t have access to the roof so he could get Luke his lightsaber? And on and on and on. There were countless examples of shit like this in the OT and every other fantasy/sci-fi movie but it’s seemingly only every Star Wars series that are picked apart by the Comic Book Guy collective as evidence of how awful it all is.
  2. Like this seriously bothers you? He’s a father worried about his daughter so he breaks silence to check in and let his friend know what his plans are to make sure the other potential galaxy savior is safe. And he was just saying “he” and “her”, etc. It’s not like he said, “I’ll go back to Tatooine and check in on Luke Skywalker, son of Anakin Skywalker, a/k/a Darth Vader.” Was it a plot device? Sure. Am I so predisposed to nitpick this shit to death that I need to channel my inner Comic Book Guy and let it (and stuff like this) negate my enjoyment of the show when I’ve let stuff like this go a million times before? Nope.
  3. Yes and then Luke gets the mask all the way off. Pretty cool, actually.
  4. A pretty reasonable explanation is that Vader believed he just buried Obi-wan under a few tons of rocks and that Obi-wan didn’t have anywhere near the strength to get out of it; so he, in effect, buried Obi-wan alive - while standing over him and talking shit about how he beat him. That’s actually a pretty brutal and sadistic way to kill someone so I think it’s completely in-line with what Vader would want to do to him.
  5. THE Ohio State University has the shittiest, least friendly fans I’ve ever encountered in my 20+ years of attending college football games, and it’s not really close. It’s like they took the relatively small % of every fan base comprised of delusional, self-important jersey-wearing shit-bags, concentrated it down to its purist form and applied it to the general population. That’s all I’ve got on this topic.
  6. Was also happy for Hayden Christiansen that he got to be a part of some really cool Star Wars stuff. The guy is not a terrible actor (see “Shattered Glass”), but he was just saddled with possibly the worst of George Lucas’ terrible prequel dialog, which is saying something. That stuff aside, he was always EXCELLENT with the physical stuff, including all of the lightsaber action… so it was pretty cool bringing his specific physicality to the Vader role in this series.
  7. Next up: Andor at the end of August. REALLY looking forward to that one.
  8. Really enjoyed it. The series wasn’t perfect by any means but shit… the last two episodes slammed and went hard. I liked how they ended Reva’s story. I had a feeling they were going to have Owen kill her… I liked this choice better. The only real bug-a-boo for me was the Leia/Obi-wan relationship got too deep to explain away how she reacts to him in ANH by “well she was only 10.” But overall, I found the series to be an enjoyable watch. I’d give it about a 6.5/10 overall…. Definitely way better than non-Mando Boba episodes, but also not nearly as good as Mando.
  9. Should be a quality flick. Plus: Boobs! (And more!) I recall several years ago there was an HBO movie called “Norma Jean and Marylin” about her…. Ashley Judd played her as “Norma Jean” and Mira Sorvino played her as Marylin. It was quite good, but no boobs.
  10. It’s June 18 and we’re still in first…. 3rd best run differential in the NL…. Hopes…rising?
  11. Holy shit yeah I just saw the pic. Dude is a few years away from literally looking exactly like his Dad did on the show.
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