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  1. Heyyyo Texas Ranger offseason thread here.... nothing about Dallas Cowboys football or Trent Fuckin Dilfer apply here.... take the sword fight to the football board.
  2. Well I dont know ... I dont follow Philly but Im sure their fans think he has his share of moments... great catches etc.... His numbers were much better than Drews.
  3. Did I miss something.... isnt Moore being charged with a misdemeanor???
  4. Dont you think Carmichael had a more worthy HOF career?
  5. 2nd kid had mono at 6-7 cant remember exactly. Knocked him down for months.... now he is 18 and I swear I think it totally changed his personality somehow.
  6. yall will be shocked to learn there is a coaching staff 2020 thread on the football board.
  7. story is he is ex LEO.... you know the same guys you just pissed all over.... but thats another discussion for a different thread I suppose!
  8. so I never saw that kid with blue helmet on ..... but Grandview did have a player seriously injured in a car accident several months ago that went thru a long hospital stay..... Im guessing it was him??????
  9. Heres my go to.... indirect heat..fat side up heat below (BGE etc.). fat side down.
  10. I wonder why they didnt want Norvell?
  11. Garrett=Phillips=Parcells=Campo=Gailey the one common.... Jerry Jones
  12. anyone else seen Kris Bryant connected to Rangers in trade??? I like.... position of need... rh bat...doesnt really help the logjam in the outfield unless the Cubs will take Mazara as one of the pieces.
  13. Rholl

    Fire Tom Herman

    Sure defense is a liabilty.... but if you think you are an offensive guru..... you have to use offense to mask the liabilities.... continued 3 and outs and stupid turnovers arent what it takes..... SMU hung 41 on TCU
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