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  1. Frog blew up their team...... tons of new faces!
  2. I feel like there is a lot the driver of the Honda could have done differently.
  3. JMO.... but I think the MLB investigation was just sorta half ass to protect baseball.... So MLB says Player driven and suspends a couple guys... nothing happening in 19.... then shortly after the investigation it comes out the owner knew about “Codebreaker”. Now how the hell couldnt MLB figure that part out..... and if MLB says Houston also cheated in 19.... now its not 2 seasons ago..... its fresh! Just a sham of an investigation!
  4. I cant believe there are so many guys that didnt go to Ranger games because it was too hot!!!!
  5. God yall sumbitches are like women.... for fucksake .....bitch bitch bitch..... go start another thread to shit on each other!!!!!
  6. This is me.... 4 tickets @ say $40 ... then parking, couple a beers, coupla cokes, hot dogs for 4......$250 to go to a midweek game is the dealbreaker .... not the 16 minutes MLB is adamant about shaving off of a game.
  7. Heyyyo Texas Ranger offseason thread here.... nothing about Dallas Cowboys football or Trent Fuckin Dilfer apply here.... take the sword fight to the football board.
  8. Well I dont know ... I dont follow Philly but Im sure their fans think he has his share of moments... great catches etc.... His numbers were much better than Drews.
  9. Did I miss something.... isnt Moore being charged with a misdemeanor???
  10. Dont you think Carmichael had a more worthy HOF career?
  11. 2nd kid had mono at 6-7 cant remember exactly. Knocked him down for months.... now he is 18 and I swear I think it totally changed his personality somehow.
  12. yall will be shocked to learn there is a coaching staff 2020 thread on the football board.
  13. story is he is ex LEO.... you know the same guys you just pissed all over.... but thats another discussion for a different thread I suppose!
  14. so I never saw that kid with blue helmet on ..... but Grandview did have a player seriously injured in a car accident several months ago that went thru a long hospital stay..... Im guessing it was him??????
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