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  1. Ima little drunk so someone help me out.... Winslow mad @Goo Punch so Winslow is calling on the boycott...... or to have Goo removed from any basketball game??? Or both?????
  2. well since he has the power to remove people from sporting events.... Its either CDC or Shaka ....... so welcome to the board!!!!!😂
  3. In a perfect world.... if Cowboys could get 1 more player, sign Clowney to 1 yr 17 millionish.... or work a trade for Jamaal Adams and extend him who makes them better?
  4. not if you ever watched a game.... I saw CC get gashed on the ground twice in the last 2 yrs..... in 2018 a team with a 180 pound center and a couple of 210 pound guards absolutely owned the LOS to the tune of about 350 yrds against Carter...
  5. that ballpark was far far from a shithole outdoor stadium!!!
  6. debate squad smack..... wrong board!!!!
  7. sheeeeeeiiit..... dont count those chickens yet..... if Kluber carries an almost 6 era into July????????
  8. Rholl

    2020 NFL DRAFT

  9. theres a guy around here that sends out warnings for this kinda stuff!!! Maybe it depends on the politician??? idk
  10. Frog blew up their team...... tons of new faces!
  11. I feel like there is a lot the driver of the Honda could have done differently.
  12. JMO.... but I think the MLB investigation was just sorta half ass to protect baseball.... So MLB says Player driven and suspends a couple guys... nothing happening in 19.... then shortly after the investigation it comes out the owner knew about “Codebreaker”. Now how the hell couldnt MLB figure that part out..... and if MLB says Houston also cheated in 19.... now its not 2 seasons ago..... its fresh! Just a sham of an investigation!
  13. I cant believe there are so many guys that didnt go to Ranger games because it was too hot!!!!
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