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  1. LOL, please talk all the football shit you want. It's fun and funny. And the education smack really hurts since I used that shit education to make what you would in a hundred lifetimes. You're butthurt...and it's fun to see. If you think I live and die for football like your diehard ass, I probably wouldn't have survived around here. I've invested with Bob and enjoy the company. Most of the posters are smart and realistic about all lots of life, not just football. If you think you're gonna get me all riled up about this BS, all I can do is laugh. I'll offer you some free medical advice...take a laxitive, champ.
  2. Lol. This would be great if it didn’t come from a Texas fan. There’s 3-4 programs that have shit talking rights over OU. Texas? LMAO
  3. Yeah that was similar to the ass rapings Bob gave Mack. It means a lot to you. But won’t kill recruiting or the team. And on the national scale the only talk is how great LSU is. Not how badly they raped a half strength OU D that was average before the losses. But please gloat. And this is the recruiting board. A whole different animal. I get it.
  4. I read that as you posting 'I POS' polls and it made me smile.
  5. Oh I meant state of the program as a whole. IE winning. Very happy to revisit that. If recruiting determined the winner of the RRR, Texas would have sustained zero ass rapings this century. I think there were 4 but I could be wrong...
  6. Lol. Yes, things look so bleak 😂 User name checks out...
  7. Yep. That LSU loss doesn’t look nearly as bad after they depantsed Clemson. If LR leaves there’s a chance OU wanders the forest like you guys. If he stays, even a good Texas coach shouldn’t scare them. Reality is it’s better for OU to have a good Texas vs a good Baylor. In the grand scheme good helmet teams matter for a conference recruiting and only these two programs will ever have top 10 classes in the 12.
  8. Makes sense. Still incredibly sad but thanks for posting. Was racking my brain on what underlying condition may have lead to him actually dying from PNA. And to all the people on the flu shots - spot on. Get the fucking thing. Was really tough looking through what his fiance posted. RIP Edward
  9. I think it's awesome how the biggest baby about 'corrupt officials' just glosses over the shadiest motherfucker that's ever resided in the WH. But one borderline holding call in some meaningless CFB game and you'll see this baby cry and cry and cry. You're a real piece of shit. And a dumb piece of shit too, let's not forget that. Because you're probably gloating about the POS part...but don't forget how fucking stupid you are.
  10. My go to. Can have a dozen of em and fine next day. Small splash of water to help w the dehydration when boozing all day.
  11. Except when the sun comes up, he's not getting any more coherent.
  12. We need Coach Orgeron to translate. Makes zero sense. Well, this kind of makes sense...WTF? I really thought this was gonna be the debate where they went for his head but nooooo...
  13. Bernie's always sharp. He never looks sharp but he always speaks clearly. You may not agree with his views (I don't) but he's not gonna go sound like a total buffoon like Joe/Donny. If he looked like this assclown Steyer in a suit that was less than a couple decades old a lot more people would vote for him. That's sad but here we are.
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