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  1. The mafia deserves WAY more credit. They’d never bungle shit this badly...
  2. Yes but the s/d issue is something that will be fixed in a few months. Buying power issue is what scares the market. 10% pullback is healthy anyway. Nasdaq already 4-5% just this month. S/p dropping 10% off highs and tech another 10% then we can run again. Unless someone got in too late that’s far from a disaster with as much as we have gained...
  3. Can’t wait to watch this. Have seen some shit people wouldn’t believe - glad to see it coming to light.
  4. I'm still calling inflation a bogeyman. So are we gonna call our shot? I'm saying mid 5's is the absolute highest we go - and that's far from disastrous. But it would be the highest since 2008. And prior to that really the early 80's (couple months in '89 touched that mark. So, anyways, I'll look like a complete idiot in a few months but I'm guessing I won't be alone. What say you, surly? Maybe a poll if someone knows how that type of bullshit works... Edit: To reiterate I think that mid 5's is worst case scenario and mid 3's is much more realistic.
  5. Just had a friend we know do a ayahuasca trip in Costa Rica last month...was fighting depression. As soon as they got back to the hotel he jumped. Rehab is touch and go, that's why there should be a lot of supervision. We are centuries behind in how we treat mental health compared to physical ailments...
  6. Tebow? Lol. At this rate, he’s gonna dig up Hernandez’ corpse and start him - Weekend at Bernie’s style.
  7. Well he's Greg Davis so I'm gonna guess he has no idea how you've figured this out...
  8. He should enter Ingraham in the Prickness. Gimme a whip...
  9. Hou man? There's several Houston based nicknames that love to spew far right BS in DT. Fuck those guys. Brisket >>>> Hou Men
  10. Anyone who gets the chance should check out the peacock docuseries on John Wayne Gacy. It's incredible.
  11. When your wealth gets in the billions, you seem to turn into an eccentric piece of work - or those people were like that to being with and it's what lead them to their billions...with some luck along the way. Anyways, there's a fine line between being eccentric and creepy, it's often blurred. I don't think it was as obvious with Epstein as we all want to believe...there's people who didn't need shit from him (weren't into kiddos) who definitely ended up hanging out with his ass for whatever reason. Anyways, those circles in NYC/Miami/LA etc are interesting to say the least and acting like y
  12. I'd add in Pritzker but you'd barely be able to eject him across the yard.
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