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  1. Yeah. I made that dumbass decision. Turned out ok. Sorry it’s not always that cut and dry. But the internet so...
  2. The more you know... This Shmee guy is annoying af. And wth are you doing Ferrari?
  3. I just ran in under the faucet way back in the day. But I suppose there’s a tool for everything these days.
  4. Pardon my ignorance, I don’t make my own sandwiches...wtf tool is needed to clean lettuce?
  5. Yeah - if you did it as a 4 star football player they may not have laughed so hard. Better football education at OU. Easy.
  6. Laura Ingraham is a traiter cunt. She should be hung from the highest tree. Or shot. Or guillotined. You get the point...
  7. Lon may get OU to the tourney again. Guy is underrated for sure. OU easily handled an Oregon St team, playing in Portland, that beat Iowa state by 8.
  8. ^^^ Thanks to bongos for posting my disclaimer. If your old man has dementia or the early signs just do your best to redirect the conversation. Pretty sure BamaGirl did something in the medical field? Anyways, a neuropsych evaluation is what you’d need...
  9. Not a bad day at all. Just zero respect for anyone who won’t talk to their family over politics. He’s a grown ass man freezing his daughter out mainly because of his mancrush on the Donald. That’s pathetic and she should hold his feet to the fire.
  10. No offense, but fuck your dad. He needs to grow the fuck up, not you. Hold your ground. If he keeps this shit up put him in a one star nursing home. Bye, asshole.
  11. I wanna see Pete gain even more steam just to see how far off the rails BT can go. I kind of feel bad for admitting that...
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