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  1. SouthAustin’s Mom needs a roommate. So I hear...
  2. New York strip is criminally underrated. Sure a perfect ribeye is great but too often it’s too much fat. NY strip comes out perfect more often then not. I only get a ribeye at certain spots. Of course the ribeye cap/spinalis beats the shit out of all of em but usually has to be off menu because there’s not enough of the stuff. It’s the best by a country mile. Nobody is gonna mess up and give you the rib cap when you order a ribeye. https://jesspryles.com/recipe/spinalis-dorsi-ribeye-cap/
  3. He’s usually ranked as one of the best AD’s. I’ll agree they’re not a group of Einsteins, so they probably all prefer checkers
  4. All good - she's Slovak. And agree on the people...
  5. The only crazy thing to me is that some people (like OP?) seem surprised by all of this. This is exactly who they want. Evangelicals are the modern day Romans. All of it makes complete sense.
  6. Always wondered where this gif should be used. I think you nailed it.
  7. How great a band name would ‘high-risk beetussers’ be?
  8. Yeah. We are dumb. You don’t evolve without fear. Here we are, as a country, winning a Darwin Award.
  9. Here’s the thing, unlike some conspiracy theorists here, I do believe much of the developed world has things in hand - right now. This shit can change very fast. So you root up your your family and end up in an even more aggressive quarantine in some foreign land. Sounds like hell.
  10. Sister in Law lives in Geneva. Switzerland is pretty badass. Starts to feel small but quick flight to some other amazing places. Oh and it’s expensive af.
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