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  1. Far from crazy. Buying puts in anything looks good right now. Of course it’s bizarro world so probably runs another 10% on our ass. Fuck
  2. Yep. It’s true. IL dept of public health trying to verify several local labs around here. Hope they can get it right and test widespread soon.
  3. Just a chest x ray from someone positive. You usually have the CXR well before COVID results if they’re in the ER. And see my post above.
  4. Good radiologist at Baylor Scott and White. Patient was mid 40’s. In great shape. Ex all-conference division I QB. Had to be hospitalized but recovered well. Can see it can legit fuck your lungs pretty good even if you’re young and healthy. Please don’t share with JuniorMiller.
  5. Really not many in the hospitals. If people get more sick some other antivirals are definitely being used. Antibiotics are used early because the infiltrates in early CXR could be a bacterial infection too. I’ll try to post a radiology report on a bit.
  6. A recent clinical test proves with 99.999% confidence that COVID-19 can be destroyed simply by swallowing semen 3x per day. Please share these clinical findings with your wife. It might save her life. Also: she can’t swallow if she’s dead. Please keep that in mind. Good Lord.
  7. I feel guilty af for being entertained by this but here we are. I definitely think you’re overreacting there. If people in healthcare were as scared as you we would all be fucked. And I sure as hell am no hero for being in hospitals and nursing homes etc - hell, think of the people that work in grocery stores with all the panic shopping bozos. Your wife fucked up but it’s not worth a damn divorce, much less you putting a hole in her head / yours. If you’ve ever driven hammered, you’ve probably been more irresponsible than your wife during this episode. If you’re really this worried and this isn’t a bit shoot me a PM and maybe I can help. But damn, you definitely need to chill.
  8. Yeah, we really think there was a lot of COVID testing that wasn't that accurate in certain overseas locations. But this is all conjecture. I don't think there's much proof that those that have actual antibodies are getting it again. Now if you have a weakened immune system, you may not form antibodies even after actually having COVID, so then you would still be susceptible. But for 99% of us, we should be fine if we get antibodies. And remember if you are not that symptomatic much of the science seems to point to you shedding less virus. Which explains how I had it and none of my facilities ended up with it in the time period I seem to have been infected. So that gives some peace of mind. This virus, like any, can mutate but we are fairly certain it has not mutated all that much although there seem to be a few distinct strains out there (8 from what I heard a few days ago). With those type of things I'm counting on what I hear from real experts, I'm far from a virologist. But I do have access to some people really in the know and I do half my days via telehealth now so I'm watching more TV then ever - it's usually on in the background but I'll rewind if something interesting pops up. The last couple of days much of the rage was on how long these viruses can stay on surfaces...it just didn't make much sense to me that we wouldn't see a LOT more spread if that was the case. Well here's where I was referred by someone more knowledgeable than myself: https://www.forbes.com/sites/coronavirusfrontlines/2020/04/07/a-virologist-explains-why-hyped-studies-tell-us-very-little-about-the-likelihood-of-covid-19-coronavirus-transmission/#30e170bc1abe Funny that I'm more of the business doc and this article was in Forbes of all places. Anyways, it's hard to wade through all the bullshit but we try. Stay safe out there my Surly brethren...
  9. Been a few days since an update but still confidence Chicago is in good shape and has flattened the curve. What's that mean around these parts? Looks like we expect the hospitals to be stress tested quite a bit from April 10 to the first week of May. But right now it looks like we have enough vents etc. I'll try to get more details later including posting what's up with COVID palliative units we are planning. Bit scary if you or a family member has to end up in one of those.
  10. I’m a specialist. Even then I had at least 50 texts. 50. And they know I’m not a primary. I’m not trying to bash you. The problem is there’s too many doctors who are under pressure as it stands. The president should at least wait until Fauci says it - and it was pretty clear Fauci did not want to mention that recommendation, and did not.
  11. ‘WILDLY INAPPROPRIATE’ will be the name of his presidential library. It will be on the campus of Dave and Buster’s in Buttfuck, MS.
  12. Lol. Yeah. It’s called doctor shopping. Look it up. And when the drug isn’t an opioid it’s even easier on everybody.
  13. Yep. And the docs that are shitty and slow have a way to quickly bill an extra 50 patients a day. Many billed cash because it’s not an opioid so they’re in the clear. I wish the world worked like GRhorn claims. Sadly, that’s not the case.
  14. Actually POTUS makes it much more difficult on the docs. And he absolutely caused a shortage for people that need it indicated usage. I work with 3 top 25 healthcare systems and they have not used much. Sadly a metric shitload of community docs working independently just started doling it out bc it’s easier than getting sued or having a 30 min convo with a Trumptard who isn’t going to listen. It was like opioid convos. Once a nutter has their mind made up good luck. The president spouting off definitely makes it worse. Zero question.
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