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  1. They’re waiting for their talking points and in the meantime acting like they’re above any political discourse. Except the one guy who popped in to let us know how unfair this is to trump - who he also hates, by the way.
  2. The Saudis financed 9/11. And in 20 short years we have the ‘most patriotic’ trash in this country supporting a President doling out state secrets, including nuclear tech, to those same Saudis. I’m sure the aliens have already stopped watching earth, season 2022. Or maybe it’s like GoT, they’re so invested they watch all the way through… while bitching the entire time about the horrible writing and giant holes in the plot.
  3. First, we need more dummies conducting one man raids on FBI offices. You got this Cletus! Just prepare for bullet proof glass next time. Easy!
  4. My man, you look like you're hiding in a nuclear bunker? The hell? No nuke Thursday!
  5. He gave Jared HPV through Ivanka. But I have no clue how the fuck Jared passed that onto the Saudis.
  6. My money is on grifting his fat ass off to keep paying the soviets to keep all that kompromat top secret. In the end he doesn't really have jack shit. Loser
  7. If the Saudis will pay a 2 handicap golfer 100M what do you think they'd pay fatfuck for some nuclear secrets? Hmmm
  8. Fuck, this is getting really god damn good. So much finding out.
  9. Tebow was an overrated blow hard. Just admit it. So glad he got his ass handed to him and went out crying. Ehlinger easily could have been Teblow on that team, especially if he decided to give long winded Jesus speeches. edit: and lol and any morons referencing Espin lists. Anyone with half a brain knows VY and even Cam were on another level. That jump pass tho!
  10. Yep. Morons. Embarrassing. But this would happen at many schools. It wouldn’t be as bad at UT and it would be 100x worse at aggy. Fuck people justifying that behavior, no matter where the hell they’re from.
  11. Not gonna lie. This made it all worth it. Bye Cale.
  12. Lol. The sending docs on golf vacations ended decades ago. Hell the last decade or so you have to give an educational session just to give a doc a pen. Even pharma dinners are mostly a thing of the past. Covid probably killed off what was left of that industry - thank God.
  13. Don’t overthink it. They’re confused because they’re god damn morons.
  14. Counterpoint: he buried his exwife at said golf course
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