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  1. It’s true but personally I’ve always cared more about baseball than a lot of OU fans. Great series win over the cockroaches to open conference play. The fun starts now. The softball thing goes back way before OU won much of anything - the CWS has been there in OKC for ages and people hated seeing the west coast dominate every damn year.
  2. Was drunk but thought I posted that. Yes he’s your man. And you should be happy but this is Surly where UT hoops is like Bama football. And 49-0. Never forget.
  3. Yeah, maybe - live network TV is dying and sports drive the vast majority of highly rated programs. So yeah, the networks can tell them what to do but they'll be paying out the ass to do so.
  4. You’re on the verge of that? I know it’s your Mom, but that’s treating the situation with kid gloves. Prob a few years late on the convo but better late than never.
  5. That’s gonna leave you full and fat af. Pro tip: Switch to the hard stuff. Thank me later…
  6. He wins 2, he’s your coach. Wake up retards.
  7. ChiTownDoc


    Luckily in Chicago we start drinking at 7am on St. Pats. Cheers. And fuck you.
  8. Bold move by that AD. Him and their commish flapping out there in the wind. Maybe it works out but I sure as fuck wouldn’t be flapping my gums if I was in their shoes.
  9. That’s the thing. Trump despises meatball Ron unlike anything else. Hell, he’d consider sleepy Joe a good friend compared to Meatball. This will be glorious.
  10. I think the follow up needs to be 'Did you enjoy watching?' But yes, let's get right on this.
  11. You guys are burying the lead. OU is likely the greatest team ever with a losing record! Ever!
  12. Did he already have a justice for boobie t shirt made? Looks like they arrested Nostradamus.
  13. Ewok must be stocky af. That’s exact same height as Kyler and Young looks 4 inches taller. edit: almost same weight too. Has to be ewok legs are all of 2 feet…
  14. This was the easiest post to read over the last couple pages. Fuck.
  15. Because who gives a shit what us message board morons think?
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