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  1. She should give Clarence’s wife a blowjob.
  2. It’s been known - at least very much so by the SC itself. Once again, the R’s are great at playing politics (also not coincidentally, complete assholes) and the D’s are a bunch of nice fools. RBG should have retired and not fucked us for a whole generation.
  3. They gotta come up w those billions somehow. Insane what they paid for the playoffs. Well past getting worked up over what anyone writes out there. You used to find the trolls in the comments section of articles. Those were the good ole days. Now the trolls write the articles.
  4. I think OU is ranked #1342 USNW. Guessing OSU is #1873. Academic smack from a cowpoke. Seen it all now…
  5. No. I was for Obama and that’s back to my residency. 35k baller. Definitely no R since. So actually had only a Bush R vote but I very much believed in trickle down etc a couple decades ago…Was against ‘handouts’ etc until I lived in big cities and saw actual discrepancies in what access different classes of people have to various opportunities.
  6. I try not to be too big an asshole here but yeah, it’s bizarre how certain people really wanna carry water for the Uber wealthy - those way beyond where I’m at. I don’t know incredulity’s personal situation so won’t comment there. All that being said, I get super frustrated seeing people out there voting for what’s in the best interest for billionaires. Conservatives are the scourge of the earth and the polar opposite of their hero, Jesus.
  7. Yeah I think with the UT brand he can get some players and is likeable. Any tough outpost he would suck at - he’s already proven that.
  8. Yes, it's more tongue in cheek. But I really don't think he's as shitty as most here. But I overreact to OU coaching too, although I think Moser is the guy...just in the NIL era, UT's hoops ceiling is significantly higher than OU's most years.
  9. Need your newsletter. Kind of nailed things. I was the only other one here claiming Rodney deserved more time.
  10. What would surly be against the spread on UT games? Christ
  11. That would be awesome because it would be easy to convice the rubes to write in Donald Trump...Telling them he's still alive and his death is a massive conspiracy. I wonder how many million votes the R party would hemorrhage? Edit: Don't get me wrong, it would not be as awesome as him dying. Sadly, I'd likely follow soon after from the biggest party of my life. Worth it.
  12. 2 possessions isn’t shit in hoops. But I get your point w the woe is me tech BS. Gotta defend our guy Z here. Guy is entertaining and put himself out there. Lol We have seen a lot worse around here.
  13. Shocking upset, Mahomes wife isn't the most annoying cunt cheering the Chiefs on.
  14. I don't know. Tech has a hard on for Texas like nothing else. It's their Super Bowl if Tech could actually play in a super bowl and they let Mahomes QB and lead them to a threepeat all in one game. That's what it seems like this means to Tech. Which is great, just no need to deny it.
  15. Should have gotten a room at Yotel. They have airside too. Relatively cheap and can get some good z’s. But then I wouldn’t have ever known about ‘American Ice Football’.
  16. Yes, and the more he talks the less his chances imo. That’s why I love to see him continue to open his mouth. He is also great RE voter turnout for Biden, because there’s a LOT of people who don’t care to vote for Biden, but would crawl through razor wire to vote against Trump.
  17. Just repped all the sneaker posts I saw. Fuck, this SIM is completely off the rails. I think at this point Trump is just seeing how ridiculous he can be and still not lose his supporters. Keep talking dumbfuck.
  18. Perfect. I can’t believe Trump hasn’t proposed renaming the R party the Trump party. Let’s go all in. Wipe out his legal debt w party funds. Then build up more legal debt…rinse and repeat. Glorious.
  19. Definitely a ‘why not both?’ situation. You have to be pathetic and stupid. If you’re just pathetic you wouldn’t do these interviews. The people caught w their pants down are clearly not just pathetic. There’s plenty of those that will pull the lever for Dotard but hide their allegiance.
  20. Taylor Swift needs 1-2 Twitter posts to seal a swing state or two. Hope she does just that. Timing isn’t right currently but it could happen and would be glorious seeing the olds/incels lose their shit (and the election).
  21. Parallels are there. John Blake : Charlie Strong 🥔:🥔
  22. This thread is an abortion. I hope the supremes outlaw it. Christ.
  23. Don’t be the racists everyone perceives you to be. 2 more years. How quickly we forget an elite 8.
  24. Also, is Jordan’s son banging Larsa in this make believe scenario? I’d think that could tinker with team chemistry.
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