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  1. This is, or should be, the correct answer. Particularly today, when the various factions of Representatives regurgitate different versions of reality, it is needed. Before you can address a problem, it needs to be defined. That definition shouldn't be by lobbyists or factionalized media. If Congressman Dumbfuck from Florida wants to claim that the real problem on January 6th was Antifa, let's put that out in front of Congress to vet it. Will it make a difference to Congressman Dumbfuck? Probably not, as Matt is too busy selling his version of reality to be bother by its veracity. But
  2. This thread demonstrates how the “tolerant” left is intolerant of utter stupidity. Hypocrites! /Trumpster logic
  3. Helping people in need has long been a political ploy. It’s not a bad thing. Beats the fuck out of just finding someone to blame.
  4. I'm not sure social media attention-whoring is any more prevalent in the younger generation than they are in older generations. I know at my kid's high school, talking about social media and how it can follow you to job interviews was discussed quite a bit. Meanwhile, you have old fucks storming the Capitol who are honestly surprised that the FBI would look at the Twitter feed.
  5. Tuco


    Waco is in Texas. Sexual Assault in Texas (and other states) is defined by penetration of the anus, vagina, or mouth. (Sec 22.011) As with India, there are other crimes (Indecent Assault, for example) that apply if there is no penetration. Indecent Assault is a Class A Misdemeanor. The law dogs can correct me if I am missing something.
  6. What is commonly misunderstood about Giuliani : he was not working for Trump; he was selling access to Trump. In order to secure that access, he would do shit for Trump, but at the end of the day, Giuliani was being paid by people to either lobby or to acquire face time with Trump. For example, Dimitri Firtash paid Fraud Guarantee (Lev and Igor), who hired Rudy for his consulting expertise on cyber-security. That's a half of a million dollars that flowed from a Russian-friendly Ukrainian fugitive, through a couple small time lowlifes, to Rudy. Michael Cohen and Elliot Broidy were also expos
  7. I think Elliot Broidy is the poster child for Republican hypocrisy. In 2009 he pled guilty to "providing excessive gratuity" (aka, bribery) to the chief investor of the New York State Retirement Fund. The charge he pled guilty to was a felony. It then got reduced to a misdemeanor, after Broidy paid $18M to the state in restitution. (You know, if more felons would just fork over millions of dollars, they'd no longer be felons. I should suggest that to the public defenders office.) In 2016, he became the vice chairman of the Trump Victory Fund - the joint fundraising venture betw
  8. Why not. It will piss off the racists in ten years when we have his name removed.
  9. That's why I actually support Parler. They can't help but hate. Let them hate each other.
  10. Those examples are at least about the messages they conveyed. Right-wingers also boycotted Disney because Disney was one of the first large corporations to give benefits to domestic partners. They were so worried about about whether a gay person got dental insurance, they kept their kids from watching kids movies. (And there are still some right-wingers boycotting Disney based on their "agenda".
  11. To any Republican politicians pushing for unity, I say this: I'm not going to unify with white supremacists and QAnon dipshits. They are dangerous to my country, and to me personally. If you want to unify with me to address this danger to our country, I will gladly welcome your help. But I've been asking for it for four years, and have yet to receive any assistance. And it would be easy. You just need to tell the truth. You need to repudiate the white supremacists for their racist, unAmerican bullshit. You need to tell the truth to those who harbor delusions about fake elections, d
  12. That is exactly the point of this thread.
  13. Sure, but the counterpoint is the acquittal of the Oregon Militia. Maybe the Feds completely botched that case, but they fact that every juror came back with "acquit" is truly frightening. It only takes one to hang a jury. I think they will convict people who are shown assaulting cops and probably destroying properties. I don't think you're going to get broader charges to stick on anyone who entered the Capitol. There is some room for interpretation there, and I do not trust a jury of my fellow Americans to interpret facts the same way I do.
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