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  1. I really wish they would have included Bribery. It's right there in the Constitution as a reason for removal, and is the easiest to explain to people. We can say impeachable offenses don't need to be crimes, but if they aren't, then it is simply a judgement call on what is impeachable. It's not a right/wrong answer, and that give Republicans a ton of wiggle room.
  2. I think the main audience for those tweets are Republican Congressmen and Senators. It's more a threat than a boast.
  3. My guess is that Sinclair's attorneys started looking at their exposure for FARA charges. Russia Today, Sputnik, and CTGN (Chinese) were pressured into registering as foreign agents. With the enhanced focus on FARA, I bet that Sinclair looked at itself and realized that requiring locals to run segments featuring Boris was perhaps problematic. They may have no real issues, but figured it was best to just avoid the potential for them.
  4. Sure, but first the Feds need to make sure that no one near the investigation has ever said a negative word about Trump, Giuliani, the GOP, Russia, Ukraine, and/or mobsters. Otherwise, the investigation is politically motivated and therefore invalid.
  5. Our corrupt President and my Republican Congressman who defends him. That's what I'm protesting. If there are five people at the protest when the cameras show up, it will look like a bevvy of crackpots. If there are 50, it will look like a small but dedicated group. If there are 500 here, 2000 there, 100000 in a big city, etc, it will look like a movement. How it looks will affect Congressional votes, of wavering Dems if no one else. How it looks completely depends on people like you and me. Me, typing on a keyboard, does nothing.
  6. Heavy has a write-up on Anderson. Something worth mentioning: before the incident with the first cop (Seals), they had stolen a U-haul. (There is speculation that the stolen U-haul is the related to a murder Seals was investigating.) Murderous fucks with moving trucks concern me. In addition to their use for ramming crowds, they can be packed with explosives for Oklahoma City type attacks. Police warned of the van being "hot", but it sounds like that was just pipe bombs. At any rate, I have a feeling that as bad as it was, this easily could have been much worse.
  7. No, that's not why Obama did not provide lethal aid. If you had followed Hill's testimony, you'd know that.
  8. Myanmar Although, I think it is more representative of majority v. minority, or nativist v. immigrant, rather than Buddhist v. Muslim. People are people, and people suck.
  9. I think the first statement is dependent upon the second. They are convinced that Hillary Clinton murdered people and sold Uranium to Russia. They are convinced the Obama directed his IRS to investigate conservative organizations and directed his FBI to spy on Trump. They are convinced that Biden used government funds to prevent an Ukrainian investigation of his corrupt son. If you believed all of those things to be true, would you really worry about whether Trump leveraged government funds to instigate an investigation of Biden? The right wing media has been very effective in smearing Democrats and liberals. But, more importantly, they have been successful in lowering the bar so much, that Trump can kill people, and they'd believe it was nothing abnormal. The truly scary thing is I think Trump may believe it as well.
  10. Not only is a mass murderer, he's an environmentalist. Just goes to show that Trump's supporters would follow him anywhere.
  11. No, what they are saying is that these people bypassed the potential of escape or killing other random people and decided to drive to this deli, and then point their guns and shoot the people in the deli. I'm not sure what your hangup is on this.
  12. More info would be nice. But, from the article, it sounds like they killed the cop at the cemetery and the drove to the store, got out, and continued the killing spree on civilians before other cops engaged. It doesn't sound like they were being pursued. That doesn't sound like someone trying to get away. Killing potential hostages is not usually an opening move. I either missed this earlier, or the article was updated: From the NYT:
  13. Sounds like they killed the cop, and then they hopped in a van and drove to the market. So, not so much fleeing to the market, as it was regrouping and then targeting the market. The cop was in plain clothes, so I wonder if there may have been some pseudo undercover deal gone bad. USA Today
  14. My guess is that areas with a very strong union block will lean Trump nationally, but Dem locally due to union/party interaction at the local level.
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