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  1. You folks are overly paranoid about meaningless shit. Dox is a very common word in Twitter vernacular; he's on Twitter. Nigerian does not equate to living in a fucking hut. He's is obviously interacting with Americans on social media on a regular basis.
  2. Or that he is one of the many Nigerians living in the US. I don’t know why anyone would take the time to run a sock account of someone living in Nigeria.
  3. Jesus Christ, a politician in a small town said DC could learn something from small towns? That's newsworthy? That is something to be critical of?
  4. Was that your point of saying that they were appointed? Because I thought you just didn’t know what you were talking about. I thought you were justifying your position on a profound ignorance of the system. My mistake.
  5. The delegates are voted on, and who they support is part of the selection process. There are small variations state to state, but the DNC has mostly driven the selection model. If you are trying to be a delegate, you declare who you support. You then are eligible to be elected to represent that candidate, based on Congressional districts. For example, if Warren gets 25% of the Nebraska vote, my wife will be one of the people vying for the one female Warren slot for NE-2. The Warren campaign has the ability to veto any, and all, delegate hopefuls they want. Theoretically, they could veto anyone that hasn't been part of the campaign, and it would be a selection among campaign staffers of NE-2. If she gets past the veto process, she would then have to receive the votes of Democrats who show up to the County Convention, and then from that group, she'd need to be selected at the State Convention, by the delegates to the State Convention. (Note: delegates to the State Convention are not the same as delegates to the National Convention.) It is a complicated, confusing process, but it is certainly one where both the Candidate has a say in who represents them, as do the Democrats in the area.
  6. Elderly Democrats who are staunchly pro-life or anti-immigrant union guys. They're too old to change jerseys, but won't vote for those "far left" democrats who are pro-choice or believe in free trade. You learn all sorts of shit canvassing.
  7. I think about the only element that he hasn't confirmed is motivation: to hurt a political rival. His backers pretend it is plausible he was just genuinely concerned about Ukrainian corruption, starting and ending with Hunter Biden.
  8. It would make more sense that Barr was there to prevent more arrests, or possibly a failed attempt to stop the Parnas/Furman arrests, than to initiate the arrests. They were on their way out of the country. I rather doubt they were planning on complying with the Congressional subpoenas.
  9. The behavior of the DOJ in the Stone case could go along ways in understanding why Rudy hasn't been arrested yet.
  10. Well, there is the Quinnipac poll from two days ago. Question 8: Would you vote for Biden or Trump - Bernie voters: 85 Biden /3 Trump; Buttigieg voters: 96/2 Question 9: Would you vote for Sanders or Trump - Bernie voters 100/0; Buttigieg voters 97/0 Question 10: Would you vote for Warren or Trump - Bernie voters 94/2; Buttigieg voters 98/0 Question 11: Would you vote for Buttigieg or Trump - 82/9; Buttigieg voters 100/0 Question 12: Klob or Trump; Bernies 87/6, Peties: 99/0 Q13: Bloomberg or Trump: Bernies 85/4; Peties 96/1 It's pretty much Bernie's and Bloomberg's voters who would vote for Trump in non-trivial margins, should their guy not get it. I hope they are trying to just work the polls to make their guy look more electable than the others. For what it's worth, this poll would also imply that his problems with minorities isn't really as bad as it seems. Certainly, others have higher favorable ratings, but Buttigieg's doesn't have high negatives, just high unknowns. Bernie (Q15) is 71% favorable/20% unfavorable/6% "haven't heard enough". Buttigieg (Q17) is 38/16/42.
  11. Just as a reminder, Tony Podesta got in trouble because Manafort subbed out some of the Ukrainian lobbying to him, and others. Manafort had obscured the source of funding, but it was unreasonable that the subs didn’t realize it was foreign. You can’t believe Manafort is innocent, but Podesta is guilty.
  12. There is a choice between separating brown kids from their families, or not. There is a choice between validating the executive power grab the Senate has yielded, or not validating it. Fuck Bloomberg, but let's not pretend he is indistinguishable from Trump. It has real, actual consequences for a vulnerable population.
  13. I think it represents the vast majority of the Dems. The problem is that it may not represent 98% of the Dems, and that could cause a problem.
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