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  1. I really enjoyed the one on Greek history. Turns out the prof is some guiding star for neocons. Goes to show that what is interesting in the classroom can be bullshit in the real world.
  2. Write in the bear. That's a talent Californians need in Sacramento.
  3. Because everyone wants their own cops. In the case of the Postal Service, it's the Postal Inspection Service which has been involved in law enforcement for decades. As far as it being "covert," it is described in 2019 Annual Report, which is public, so I don't really think Matt and his band of merry morons have really uncovered anything. From the annual report: Is it likely they've overstepped their charter? Sure. Is there opportunity to consolidate with other law enforcement agencies to reduce overlap and confusion? Almost certainly. Are the Lizard People using it to pick out vi
  4. I had not noticed this: FARA violation? yep, easy one there money laundering / wire fraud? makes sense, either through Fraud Inc or through Toensing making false statements / obstruction of justice? makes sense, the dude can't say hello without lying campaign finance violations? Um, that's not just Rudy anymore. It's possible it's carry over from Fraud Inc, but that was pretty small amounts and I thought prior to Rudy being hired by them. It's also possible it is an interpretation of him soliciting "a thing of value" for Trump's campaign in the form of an inves
  5. And the FBI never generated anything actionable when they announced they were reopening the investigation on Hillary's emails. It was the investigation, not the evidence, that mattered.
  6. https://www.thedailybeast.com/joel-greenberg-letter-written-for-roger-stone-says-matt-gaetz-paid-for-sex-with-minor “I did see these acts occur first hand...” In case this story didn’t have enough ick factor.
  7. On the first part, you are right. I misread it and it does materially change what you were saying. But I still think you are running with typical Republican talking points about the liberal wealthy controlling academia and culture. Your basic premise allows one to easily jump to "scientists are fabricating climate change research because Soros" bullshit. But, there isn't really any factual claims there, so it's pointless to debate.
  8. I could believe that the FBI would refuse Hunter's hard drive. (That's what she said...) If it's not relevant to a criminal investigation and Rudy is portraying it as Hunter's property, I don't believe they would have the right to actually do anything with it.
  9. Reform the police is also pretty nonspecific. Tell me the version that actually indicates we are pulling money out of police departments and into programs to deal with root causes. Whether are not you agree with that policy shift, it is fundamentally different policy than the "reform the police." We've reformed the police many times. But their scope and budgets continue to grow.
  10. First of all, the "highest reaches of academia" are not in the top 0.1% of the wealthiest people in the country. You pivoted from making "coastal elites" about economic inequalities to making it about higher education. GOP messaging is effective. Secondly, do you really think "Latinx" was conceived at the "highest reaches of academia"? Are you thinking that some university president just made that shit up? I could certainly see it getting birthed at some academic conference on language and feminism. I don't really know where it originated. First place I saw it was in a propose
  11. For the most part, I call them Republicans. This idea that the fucking Rockerfellers are driving BLM or Latinx is beyond idiotic.
  12. People like to bust on "defund the police" as some messaging train wreck. Put here's the thing: activists said "reallocate funds towards community services" for years, but nobody gave a shit. Eventually, they cast it in dramatic terms, and people paid attention to it. It's now a discussion, and that discussion has turned into action in some locations. Activists aren't trying to win elections, they are trying to generate action. That may be a major pain in the ass for many of the Dem politicians who are generally on their side, but it drives change. Nothing will fucking change if you are
  13. "coastal elites" Yep, GOP messaging works pretty well.
  14. What's uncomfortable about it? Clinton was saying that economic reform is not the only progressive issue. The ellipsis part is where she stated she would consider breaking up the big banks if warranted, but the point was that there are other progressive issues where she had a stronger resume than Bernie for progressives. You know, all those irrelevant "woke" issues that Berniebros are continuing to shit on.
  15. What he is missing is "...if the 'woke" voters will still turnout for the moderate candidates." But if they don't, the Dem doesn't win. Same thing with labor. If we can just ignore labor and they still vote for us, the job becomes easier. If we ignore the pro-choice voters, and they still vote for the us, we win. It applies to every fucking group. Moderate Dems are welcome to test the theory. Go run in Florida on minimum wage and felon voting, but tell BLM to fuck off and see if you win. Building a coalition is hard, and has always been. It was hard when Carville was sti
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