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  1. First season’s always seem the best, then they throw crazy money into every season afterwards to try and top the first.
  2. That great soundtrack won an Academy Award for Bill Conti. He nailed it!
  3. What a complete joke. Who writes that stuff he's reading off a teleprompter?
  4. He hasn’t been well for a long, long time.
  5. Just shows that Trump thought that because he was President he could do anything and say anything and it would happen. He acted like he was king. He had no clue and he still thinks he’s king.
  6. Another series this kind of reminds me of is Counterpart with J. K. Simmons.
  7. Raising the future Marjorie Taylor Green, Matt Gaetz and Lauren Boebert's.
  8. Probably been discussed already, but no wonder teachers are leaving. Are we going to start having 20-30 parents telling the teacher how and what to teach each of their children now? So the parents are going to be the boss over teachers? This is all a coordinated effort by the GOP to get states to pull money from public schools and give to parents so they can send their children to private Christian schools. They’ve been working on this for 30+ years. The GOP blame the Dems for taking over our country, I’m afraid it’s the other way around. And the Reps are winning.
  9. Fandango Lone Star No Country for Old Men Viva Max! (for fun) Lonesome Dove Last Picture Show Giant and The Alamo (John Wayne)
  10. I am loving this series. I can’t believe only one more episode for the season because there is so much to wrap up.
  11. It is if you listen to Fox News, Alex Jones, MTG, Boobert, Cruz, Hawley and Trump, Sr and Junior. And most of my neighbors who say Dems are all Communist. If that’s your tribe and your news information, then yes, it’s ALL JOE’S FAULT!
  12. Right!!!!!! They’ll get away with anything because of all the dragging it out that is going on.
  13. That movie looks fun. I was 18 and that brings back lots of great memories.
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