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  1. I stopped watching. What a disaster. Totally out of control, I got tired of them talking and yelling over each other. Nothing new here.
  2. Isn’t it a Jordan Peele series? He normally goes beyond the normal into the bizarre and strange. And it’s usually well done and creative.
  3. I love this show but it can be so strange. Part of the appeal.
  4. Some may find this remake into a series not to their liking, especially compared to the classic original John Cusack/Jack Black version, but I loved it. And I’m a big fan of the movie. Zoe Kravitz playing the Cusack character is gorgeous, and a good actress. It’s hard not to fall in love with her, she’s beautiful. Interesting, her mother was in the movie version. Story pretty much carries over the movie except expanding the story. The drama, record store, heart breaking breakups, top fives, drinking, smoking, wishing the characters would grow up, and a good soundtrack are all there. And Brooklyn is another character. I binged it and will watch it again.
  5. Could have hired the full SNL cast for a couple weeks prep. 😊
  6. I can’t imagine Bloomberg getting out after spending half a billion on ads. He’ll probably spend some of that money on the best debate coach in the US.
  7. Bloomberg should have known those questions were coming. Surprised he wasn’t better prepared.
  8. God, he’s just a pathetic piece of shit.
  9. I like Pete, Bloomberg, Klobuchar and Kamala.
  10. I don’t understand the love for Bernie. His policies would never pass in Congress outside of also being way too expensive. He’s not a true Democrat. His health is in bad shape. And he’ll probably lose in a landslide by the time Trump gets everyone scared to death that he’ll ruin the country because he’s a socialist. But, if Democrats feel like it’s “Bernie’s turn” can we just get this over with?
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