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  1. I also noticed Patty didn't play. At least we gave ourselves a chance on defense even with Fox torching our ass
  2. Yep, we blew the trade with fuckface and his fuckfaceass bitchass uncle. I honestly would've rather just let him sit for a damn year and get nothing in return. He tanked his trade value to where everyone but Toronto would deal with us because they saw that he was their only shot at a title. I don't remember the details of what the Knicks offered, or their interest level but I do remember they told Philadelphia they wouldn't re-sign so they took themselves out of consideration pretty early. But we 'tried to do right by kawhi' for some dipshit reason and ended up with the raptors rejects and the 29th draft pick last year. And now after the fact, Derozan has attempted 75 threes and made 15 of them in 2 full seasons. Pop's insistence on not dealing with the Lakers and telling other teams to do the same worked fine for about 20 years but ended up screwing us.
  3. final 113-92. 19 turnovers by SA and 34 free throw attempts for the Bucks in a 40 minute game. This may be painful, but it'll be quick.
  4. Down 47-41 at the half. We look pretty rusty but that's no surprise right now, Bucks do too. Marco looks like shit, but at least provides some shooting. Rudy looks like complete dogshit, every play he's been a part of he has failed miserably. Keldon Johnson provides good energy and plays good defense when he's not guarding Giannis, and he's beating our ass and making it look easy-15 points in the first half with 10 minute quarters. It's just a worthless scrimmage but it'll good to have this shitty team back for a short time.
  5. While EA not having exclusive access is cool, there's a few things that make it appear that this may not be as great as it seems. For one, you will notice that they agreed to make non-simulation style games. To me, that means NFL Blitz arcade style games, which will automatically turn off a bunch of people that loved the NFL 2k franchise from the early 2000's. If you've played any of the NBA 2k's over the last few years there's 2 things that really stand out to me: 1) The franchise mode is really deep and has more options than most people want to mess with but is still awesome and 2) 2k focuses on online play and microtransactions (buying VC) to improve your player or whatever, so it's pay to win. I last got NBA 2k19 because it was free on PlayStation+ and had a good time with it playing only the franchise mode but NBA 2k20 did not receive great reviews(at least by people playing the game) and apparently they ramped up the microtransactions even more. I'm not sure how in depth an arcade style football game's franchise mode could be compared to the NBA2k games but I'm sure 2k already has that worked out. This article has a little bit more information to give you an idea of what to expect: https://www.polygon.com/2020/3/10/21172310/nfl-2k-sports-football-video-games-deal-ea-madden
  6. GPA's across high schools in Texas can be a mess. There's the original 4 point scale, 6 point scale, 8 point scale, and 100 point scales that I'm aware of. For grade reporting purposes on the college side, most grades that aren't 4 point are recalculated to fit that scale.
  7. I thought this as well. But if you read the tweet, it says "most YouTube TV subscribers". I thought I was included in this but turns out I'm not. Hopefully enough people are left out to where they don't increase it.
  8. Just posted this in the PS Vue thread, thought it would be worthy of a mention here https://thestreamable.com/news/these-are-the-fox-sports-regional-sports-networks-dropped-by-youtube-tv
  9. If dropping FSSW was a deal breaker for you, looks like you won't have to for now. I was probably going to stick with YoutubeTV and just do without the sports carried on those networks, but it would've sucked and I would've been keeping on eye on alternatives. https://thestreamable.com/news/these-are-the-fox-sports-regional-sports-networks-dropped-by-youtube-tv
  10. That's pretty much how I am with it. Restarted it after the netflix series came out and renewed my interest, I listened to the books and now I read everything on this playthrough. I read the character bios, beastiary entries, all the letters and notices, and all the shit that I didn't bother to read the first time I played. It's a game that's super deep with lore and backstories that are really interesting.
  11. I can't believe everyone dumped all of their shit out of their bags at tribal just so Rob could flush the idol. Adam was the only one that seemed aware of how ridiculous that was, or at least was the only one that had the balls to say anything. They barely even thought about it, just dumped their shit out, even the lady with the idol.
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