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  1. I don't know how it could be the same given that Rodney King lived. Not too cold there this weekend either. Big month for Memphis so far.
  2. The PGA Tour is also available on cable but on channels golf fans are actually aware of. Mito Pereira is the big offseason acquisition? Sounds like the Saudis are quickly losing interest and pivoting to soccer as a more effective sports washing opportunity.
  3. No. There are way more crazy jersey chasers
  4. The volume of original TV programming right now is absurd (559 original scripted shows in 2021 compared to 182 in 2002). That volume yields both outstanding shows and historically awful shows (such as Velma). People are almost as interested in awful entertainment as they are with excellent. The vast mediocre middle is generally ignored. I doubt Kaling and Co. intentionally set out to develop a pile of elephant shit but failing so dramatically may be a better career move than producing something forgettable like the hundreds of shows that are never mentioned in the cultural discourse.
  5. alincoln

    USMNT 2023

    I wouldn't think so.
  6. alincoln

    USMNT 2023

    Jozy's EPL strike rate of 1 goal every 35 games is one of my favorite stats
  7. The mini golf game is fun
  8. His DNA on the murder weapon case left at the crime scene Video of his car basically driving from his apartment to the crime scene and back home His cell phone pinging towers along the route to and from the crime scene I wonder if he will plead guilty to avoid the DP
  9. alincoln

    USMNT 2023

    Sounds like Danielle Reyna flew off the handle after Gregg's conference remarks regarding Gio were leaked. She then called Earnie Stewart and told him about the kicking incident which triggered an investigation obligation.
  10. alincoln

    USMNT 2023

    Dipshit is gone. USSF's only ethical violations involving Gregg relate to the process it undertook to hire him.
  11. There are many families in my neighborhood who rely on their parents to finance their lifestyle to various degrees. The ridiculous competition for housing increased this reliance as all cash offers became necessary to win competitive bidding situations, the sources of which are often provided by by parents. They annoy me about as much as mannies (house husbands for the uninitiated) and used to bother me more when I was really busting my ass and never seeing my kids while they were on the golf course 4 days a week. In my experience, these types tend to congregate, are nice enough, frequently involve MILFs in yoga pants and don't include the Karens that I actually have issues with.
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