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  1. You got a problem with sport peppers?
  2. She's right. It's not just one team . . . it's just one player. The market has the same level of interest in the WNBA outside of Caitlin Clark as it always has . . . almost none.
  3. alincoln

    USMNT 2024

    Auston Trusty for sure instead of Robinson. Whatever young GK doesn't make the Olympic team out of Callender, Slonina and Schulte. Those guys need international experience and are all better than Johnson today. Lennard Maloney for Tillman is obvious. I'd rather have more depth at the 6 when Adams gets hurt after gggg plays him for 90 every game. I wouldn't bring another RB. I would sacrifice that spot to the cut. Plenty of other guys can play there.
  4. alincoln

    USMNT 2024

    Amazing that this fucking idiot put Tim Tillman and Shaq Moore on the roster. Sean Johnson and Miles Robinson also shouldn't be anywhere near this roster. The rest of the roster almost picks itself so he gets all 4 of the open spots laughably wrong. Truly one of the dumbest fucks on the planet.
  5. I've never seen flatter greens at a major or less punishment for missing their spots from the tee or fairway.
  6. alincoln

    USMNT 2024

    Salzburg also had the largest payroll in Austria. Jesse's system is a particularly poor fit for a national team and I expect Canada to take a step back from their historic achievements in the last CONCACAF qualifying campaign. We all hate Greggg but Jesse was also an awful choice. The most concerning element of this story is that Crocker appears to be a complete moron with Jesse and Greggg as his two top choices.
  7. That's the last major Valhalla will ever see. Craziest stat was that the field broke the record for total score relative to par at a PGA by over 250 strokes (-214 compared to +40 at Riviera in 1995). Insane.
  8. Cop needs to be publicly waterboarded in that ridiculous water feature on 18
  9. Why should anyone respect aggy? Of course they are the most disrespected
  10. DJ +3 through 6. Has he practiced once since that LIV wire hit his account?
  11. Their American supporters almost universally are.
  12. alincoln

    USMNT 2024

    He also sucks.
  13. Love Mobley's tone and particularly this album which was recently reissued as a Blue Note Classic. Don't miss his work as a sideman. Horace Silver's 6 Pieces of Silver is great.
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