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  1. Mosca’s. Creole-Italian is the foundation of the New Orleanian concept of the neighborhood restaurant. These are small businesses that I really worry about, not necessarily because they may struggle, but because they may decide it’s a good time for the family to throw in the towel. Liuzza’s, for, example. On Bienville, mind you - I like by the Track, but Bienville is just a pure distillation of Irish-Italian ‘Yat New Orleans (“The Pope in Avignon!”, as John Goodman remarked in Treme). We were in town for Mardi Gras and had the bulk of Monday to kill before our flight, so we dropped by Liuzza’s shortly before they opened. We were sitting outside when the owner opened the door and asked, in his great Mid-City accent, “Ya hungry? Ya thirsty? Well, c’mon in!” Within minutes we we inundated with red beans, shrimp remoulade, garlic bread, and of course the big frosted mugs of Abita Amber. Professor Longhair, Dr. John and Allen Toussaint were on repeat, because this is the kind of place where they must be on repeat. I fear it will be some time before we return, and I fear that New Orleans will be very different. This August will be the 15th anniversary of the federal flood, btw.
  2. Yep, this is the other side of it that I didn’t appreciate. I’ve heard a lot of owners discuss how they felt completely out of place effectively making public health decisions and were putting their employees, families, and customers at risk. Take out wasn’t worth it.
  3. Ellis Marsalis, d.b.a. - NO is getting hit hard.
  4. When all of this is said and done we will have seen a lot of bizarre things, but I think one of the weirdest things we’ll remember is that Commander’s Palace was on uber eats and did a takeaway jazz brunch. https://wgno.com/news/commanders-palace-offering-takeout-for-the-first-time/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
  5. Newsom just issued a shelter in place order for the state. After four days of this in SF, I’d say that it’s gotten significantly more people out on the streets and parks for walks than usual (and at all times of day), though with bars and restaurants closed there’s overall net less close interaction. I was at a park by my place with my dog and it was more packed than it was for fleet week - I overheard a ton of people say it was their first time to check it out. That’s fine, I suppose, as social distancing was implicit - the boomers have cocktail block parties outside their condos were not.
  6. Doubt it, Chesa’s policy is to ignore it in normal times, doubt anything happens now. Strangely, the cable cars were still packed with tourists for most of the day. The order is a misdemeanor and won’t really be enforced so not a huge deal (the entire city has been WFH for a week and everyone got on board social distancing quickly), but I do really worry about small businesses. No cash flow in the Bay is going to hurt quickly.
  7. Yeah, it doesn’t make any sense to shut down “non-essential” movement but then basically say it’s OK to be outside.
  8. “All non-essential gatherings of any size are now banned, along with non-essential travel “on foot, bicycle, scooter, automobile or public transit.” People may travel for shopping for necessary supplies, accessing health care, and providing aid to family and friends who need assistance, and for non-residents, returning to their home outside the Bay Area. Airports, taxis, and public transit — including BART — will remain operational, but only for essential travel and people are expected to keep six feet apart when possible. People in the six counties will still be able to go shopping for items such as food and household supplies, and seek medical care. They will be able to go outside for walks or exercise as long as they keep six feet away from anyone they don’t already live with.“ Would be bizarre if the cable cars kept running. SF Chronicle
  9. Shelter in place order among six Bay Area counties expected to be announced at 1 PT. Would go through April 7. Looks like we can still walk outside provided we are six feet from other people. Thank god, about to lose my mind after one WFH week in our shoebox apartment in SF.
  10. They actually don’t. Underwriters distribute their allocations and then trading begins through exchanges. There are direct listing IPOs I guess but those aren’t really about capital raising.
  11. That board equates Mitch Landrieu with Hitler because he took down the Confederate monuments. Can you imagine how they would take a Democratic governor and black mayor telling them what to do?
  12. New Orleans had previously cancelled the Block Party and Irish Channel parades, as well as Super Sunday. That picture is NOPD breaking up the party at Tracy’s. Amazingly, NOLA has been extremely proactive about this.
  13. Yeah LPG for sure, the progress down to Ms Mae’s and Tip’s.
  14. I completely forgot that Dunbar’s reopened. How was it? It’s great see places like that finally come back. Gabrielle and Barrow’s too.
  15. Peche is one of the best restaurants in New Orleans and is consistently excellent like few other restaurants I’ve ever been to. As for things to do, get out of the FQ. Garden District mansions, Audubon Park, City Park, Bayou St. John - it’s a great city to walk and enjoy.
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