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  1. I’ll be there for the full week - no update from the organizers yet on delta implications, but would definitely like a vax requirement. I’m not too worried about Jazz Fest just yet, but the city may need to delay the beginning of the second line season, which begins Labor Day. Just really want to see Galactic at Tip’s almost 18 months after they were supposed to play last.
  2. Thank god for Louisiana that David Vitter likes hookers.
  3. Tipitina’s, d.b.a. and Maple Leaf announced they’d be required vaccination proof and I’m seeing quite a few other places follow suit.
  4. Have a friend who works for the A’s and games are a blast, but this is tough to beat.
  5. That was the high in my ‘hood today. With the microclimates, Oracle is relatively balmy. Will be there tomorrow.
  6. My MAGA sister isn’t getting vaccinated, which stunned me as everyone else in my family, Republican or not, eagerly got the shot. I was even more stunned that she had dinner with my 94-year old grandmother last week. I don’t even know how to confront her about this. She and her moron fiancee are trying to plan a honeymoon. Italy is out because of vaccination proof, so they are pivoting to Hawaii (that shouldn’t last long). Her bachelorette party is supposed to be out here in Napa, but 10/11 girls aren’t vaccinated. Hate to break it to them, but that’s not going to happen either (though they are worried about another CA lockdown, because apparently that’s a thing among the OAN crowd). Why the hell is the so hard?
  7. It’s been a big problem in the Bay.
  8. Sidecar, Peche, Casamento’s (best in town but prob closed for August), Station 6, Clesi’s. All the spots by the lake (R&O, etc) and Mid-City (Mandina’s, Liuzza’s) etc are pretty family friendly.
  9. If anyone is visiting soon, I’m really curious about Mr. Mao’s, which just opened in the old Dick & Jenny’s place (where I had an awful meal several days before it closed after Mardi Gras 2020). It’s gotten tons of press so far and all the cool kids in the NOLA food scene seem to be raving about it. Heading back for a week during Jazz Fest and this, Miss River and Seafood Sally are at the top of my list.
  10. Definitely. Going to Greece and France soon so would really like some clarity here.
  11. I think Nina Compton has really come into her own in the past two years as the next great New Orleanian chef. I think CL and BAB are more exciting than when they opened and hit one of them each trip.
  12. That’s insane, but having made the reverse move from ATX to SF I’m familiar with the mindset. I don’t see the exodus to Austin stopping soon. The market for engineers is hot right now and that talent pool is pushing for remote work. The Bay Area ‘burbs exploded this past year, as did Seattle and Portland, two other favored destinations. So if I’m paying $1M to live in fucking Concord, suburban Austin would seem like a pretty logical choice for me. I will be interested to see how the inevitable COL pay adjustments will affect the market.
  13. Did you read one of the recent articles stating almost half of the homes in the San Francisco metropolitan area have ac? That includes Berkeley and Oakland, which generally are 10 degrees hotter and regularly hit the 80s-90s without the moderating protection of the ocean. AC is virtually nonexistent in SF and many other coastal towns in NorCal, so I imagine things must be pretty rough right now for people up north.
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