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  1. No one is watching anyway. MSNBC's and Fox's ratings are lower than their regular programming.
  2. And that will only help Donald Trump get re-elected. You should vote for the Democratic nominee no matter who it is.
  3. The only way Bernie Sanders will be the Democratic nominee for president is if he can secure a majority of delegates on the first ballot at the convention.
  4. "Rarely is the question asked, is our children learning?" - George W. Bush
  5. The bitchwhining of the Dodgers is a wonderful complement to this entire saga. I had no idea they were such little girls.
  6. Or an Astros thing Yeah but that's just sports. Go nuts as far as I'm concerned. Cheat all you want.
  7. The hard part is getting non-boomers to realize they are the ones who would be affected by cuts or an increase in the retirement age. Fucking baby boomers.
  8. Unfortunately, it carries enormous political risk that they are not willing to take.
  9. So the ends really do justify the means? I thought that was a Republican thing. I guess not.
  10. That's not the best example to use because it will never happen. That would cripple the economy. The more likely cut would be from $30,000 a year to $25,000 a year.
  11. This is how they get revenge for being butthurt about OK Boomer.
  12. The irony is that the same can be said about Hillary Clinton's time in the Senate.
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