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  1. Three-quarters of your salary? That type of hyperbole is counterproductive, even if it is in jest. Taxes suck, blah, blah, blah.
  2. I will totally watch the civil war on tee vee.
  3. Maybe. Maybe not. But what's stopping Chuck Schumer from blowing off the rules and forcing a vote?
  4. Harris already got sideways with Manchin for doing precisely this in WV.
  5. We have got to divorce self-esteem from work. We just have to. Until one's worth as a human being is separated from what they do for a living, we are going to be stuck in this mess.
  6. It's not entirely their fault. It's what they are taught from K through 12.
  7. Sadly, Americans tend to believe the myth that we live in a classless society and that social mobility is a common occurrence.
  8. Middle class workers of all types need to realize they have much more in common with the poor than they do with the rich. They should organize accordingly.
  9. Do you honestly believe felons re-enter society as if nothing ever happened?
  10. That brings us to the sad reality that our criminal justice system is more about punishment and vengeance than it is about rehabilitation. We get off on making people suffer for their transgressions. It's one of the more unfortunate remnants of our puritan roots.
  11. Wypipo prefer to blow up federal buildings and storm the Capitol.
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