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  1. Spin, spin, spin. Trump did know it was going to be serious, though. He downplayed it for political expediency.
  2. "That governor is a snake." - Donald J. Trump, March 6, 2020
  3. This has been a complete disaster at the top from the beginning and no one should ever let the Donald J. Trump administration forget it. They have failed at every step.
  4. As long as you have states like Texas and Florida . . .
  5. This is why there isn't going to be a college football season.
  6. One of these days people are going to realize that this country is capital v. labor. Full stop. The NY Times represents the interests of capital. It always has. Its jealously guarded reputation for fairness and balance in political matters serves the interest of this country's ownership class. If you are pulling down a paycheck, you are not part of that class. You are their subjects.
  7. No, not wealthy Californians. Middle class Californians who own homes and pay property and state income taxes.
  8. Her constituents live in California. She wouldn't be representing them very well if she wasn't proposing it. It's good politics.
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