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  1. With all of the best draft-eligible players not playing. Now, you might like that because it's college football, but the product won't be nearly as good as it would be in the fall.
  2. So what you're saying is, a whole lot of the richest Americans inherited all or sizable portion of their wealth.
  3. How does the percentage of poor white people compare to the percentage of white people in America?
  4. Have you walked through a BLM riot? Do you have any examples of mental instability? Here's your chance.
  5. Non-doers also donate money. Not everyone with money earned it through work, especially in Texas.
  6. I usually just mill around in the concourse during the anthem. Nobody cares what you do up there.
  7. The problem is with this analysis is that white people in America have long been the beneficiaries of a social system where they can get ahead regardless of merit.
  8. No matter what happens, the Eyes will be divisive from now on. It will split the team, students, and fans. That's reason enough to retire it.
  9. So what? It's still racist. Also, https://news.berkeley.edu/2020/02/04/native-mascots-survey/
  10. A whole bunch of NFL bound talent would not play, so that would be a bummer.
  11. Tear down any part of the wall built by the previous administration.
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