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  1. Their 2-4 mash the fuck out of the ball.
  2. Work builds character, or something.
  3. And it still might be nothing even if you do bust your ass.
  4. And if the person who sits on the couch comes from wealth, odds are he'll still be higher on the socio-economic ladder no matter how hard you work.
  5. Fairy tales and myths are powerful. They are also hard to let go.
  6. That's because we're finding out more and more how insignificant it really is.
  7. But conservatism is much more odious, so . . .
  8. That is not true. The most important ingredient is who your parents are.
  9. One of these days progressives will rediscover civil disobedience.
  10. Fifteen year boat loans say, "Hold my beer."
  11. Too bad "should work hard" isn't 95% of not being poor. It's mostly luck.
  12. The haves will do whatever it takes to convince the have nots that it's their fault and only their fault that they are poor.
  13. Brisket is right. We are completely fucked. The left has no answer for this shit.
  14. I thought Lalo was still alive during Breaking Bad, or at least Jimmy thinks he's still alive during Breaking Bad.
  15. You know consumers can choose who to buy goods and services from, right?
  16. You're comparing black people winning elections to white fear of racial replacement? Nope, no trolling here.
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