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  1. I think the 1963, especially the '63, through 1965 Rivieras should be on any list of best looking American designs. The '63 is a gorgeous and almost perfectly proportioned car. If I had extra garage space I would certainly attempt to get a bitchin' '63 Riviera.
  2. This Riviera is a 1968. It was bought by my grandfather and when I was in high school he gave it to me. It has the 430. If I remember correctly the 455 did not hit the Riviera until 1970. I know I am biased but I think the Riviera is a better-looking car than the Olds. I never liked the dumpy rear on the Toronado.
  3. Here they are outside. It too is an older photo. But they look better in the fresh air.
  4. Too hot (for us in Pennsylvania) to do anything out in the yard so I am in the garage polishing up the oldies today. That's an older photo.
  5. He's creepy as hell. His pining for Crazy Italian Girl is way off. Those extra dinner guests couldn't wait to get off the boat after that 12-course meal. I guess Doggy-Daddy even creeped them out too much.
  6. The young guys have to start performing well. The teams have to give them cars that are reliable. I look forward to next week's race. Should be a frantic week. They should allow the teams virtually all the track time they want this week.
  7. Next week will be pretty interesting.
  8. LeClerc could stumble into a terrific finish
  9. I have nothing against Hamilton or Bottas but I am tired of seeing the Mercedes 1& 2 all the time. I know, it's up to the other teams to do better, but I am tired of it.
  10. Oh man, Albon! Shoot. Ferrari as an also-ran is a strange sight.
  11. It's nice to see some new faces top towards the front. This season has the makings of a EPIC Ferrari failure. They are stupid. I really hope the Honda & Renault engines deliver. Not because I am a fan, but because I am a fan of racing. I like George Russell and I hope he does well. I wonder if Williams can do anything this season. That's such a beautiful circuit. I do want to get there some day. Maybe next trip to Germany I should take a drive over.
  12. I finally watched this week’s episode. I can’t believe nobody mentioned the asshole New Yawk guy who wanted oysters....right away....or the dumbass primary guy who wanted to have his “child” with him as much as possible. Leave the dog at home with a friend or put it in the kennel. I’m with Hannah on this cast of wealthy misfits, I mean charter guests. Pete is still a dick. I’m neither for, nor against, Bugs. But it also has to suck being stuck at port. The Dusche-level for New Yawk charter guests is pretty high.
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