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  1. For me, primarily a Pitt fan, I've been pissed since Hugh Green did not win the Heisman, rather George Rogers won. Green had 460 tackles, 53 sacks, 24 forced fumbles and 22 passes defended in his four years at Pitt. In 1980 Green had 123 tackles, 77 were solo, 17 sacks, 7 forced fumbles/4 recovered, six passes broken up and 17 QB hurries in 12 games. Chase Young, who has been fantastic at times, has 44 tackles, 31 are solo, 16.5 sacks, 6 forced fumbles & 3 passes broken up in 10 games. Throw in Larry Fitzgerald not winning, Crappy Jason White won, and the award, to me, is crap.
  2. ^^ This guy is obviously an idiot. Wentz is awesome and so worth the $$.
  3. Turning it off here. I think Joe Tess is even harder to listen to than is Booger.
  4. $66,000,000 guaranteed for Wentz. Up to $144,000,000
  5. Georgetown fan patiently waiting for his food at the counter
  6. Joe Tess and Booger are impossible to listen to. This game should be a bit fun, but they make it not much fun.
  7. stumbled upon this one. It's Mr. Porsche's, grandson of Ferdinand, model train set.
  8. Battle of the Network Stars was great TV in the 70s, especially the swimming and dunk tank competition.
  9. This was quick. I think he will do well at FSU. I have a friend whose son played at FSU. When Taggert was hired this kid had one season of eligibility remaining. But after his one meeting with Taggert he said he was done, out of there after he graduated and didn't want to be part of the upcoming shit show.
  10. A couple nice results up this way today. Ohio State destroyed State Pen's Nambly Lions, 106-74. I support that result over the Evil Nitters. And St. John's continued its rehabilitation with a close victory over the previously unbeaten Morganhole Community College Mountaineers, 70-68. That game was at MSG.
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