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  1. Yup. But it makes more sense when you realize that GodPa's football program is what those fucks live for. We Are....Because He Was bumper stickers are real. As are Forever 409 car magnets. That place is evil and those people are just as fucked up because in their eyes they are better people, than you, because GodPa was their coach.
  2. Centre County DA Ray Gricar was not available to look into this latest GodPaCult behavior.
  3. They are, and always have been, the most evil cult in America’s major collegiate athletics. I hate that place, 99.999999999% of their evil fucking GodPaCult fan base and those administration assholes who allowed this all to happen, just for the sake of the Nambly Lions of Crappy Valley. Evil Fucks pay that piece of shit Franklin about $6,000,000 per year.
  4. nobody has ever confused one of their dad's grilled burgers with a burger king burger. commercials suck.
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