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  1. You asked if there were any blood mary fans. Lurch's catchphrase was "you rang?"
  2. Anyone been to the Houston BBQ festival? Lineup looks impressive. Blood Bros. BBQ Brett's bbq shop burns original bbq CorkScrew BBq daddy duncan's bbq eaker barbecue eddie o's texas barbecue El Burro & the Bull Feges BBQ gatlin's bbq Harlem Road Texas BBQ jq's tex mex bbq Killen's Barbecue Lenox Bar-B-Q louie mueller barbecue pappa charlies barbeque Pinkerton's Barbecue Ray's BBQ Shack reveille barbecue co. Roegels Barbecue Co. rusty buckle bbq co. Southern Q BBQ southside market & bbq Spring Creek Barbeque Tejas Chocolate & Bbq The Brisket House The Pit Room Tin roof bbq true texas bbq truth bbq
  3. Lulz. This should trigger some Yankees and Dodgers fans:
  4. My copy of the Savoy Cocktail book arrived today. It's definitely old school, but after a quick glance, I already found quite a few I want to try. Anyone have this book? If so, what are some of your favorites?
  5. Anything worth checking out in Amarillo? Will be travelling through in a couple of weeks and would love to check out something new.
  6. I remember someone posting East October up thread, but I don't recall seeing this one yet.
  7. Rosenthal reporting that Bochy "does not plan to pursue" any of the currently available managerial openings.
  8. Yeah, just read it's a one-year deal for $21M with awards bonuses.
  9. Just got tickets to see Stapleton in March. I've never seen him live, but from what I've seen on Youtube, he puts on a great show.
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