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  1. And we may never see Springer in an Astros uniform again.
  2. Rare Breed is my favorite, but I drink 101 more often.
  3. Placed a pick-up order from Truth today. Everything went smoothly.
  4. Have tickets for Opening Day. Was going to be my first time to attend Opening Day in 8 years.
  5. Dusty says it is JV's tricep:
  6. I'm going to Stapleton. Work downtown. Will probably take the rail there and back to avoid the parking/leaving shit show.
  7. damn it. that's an unfortunate typo.
  8. Got tickets to Opening Day during the pre-sale yesterday. Moved back to Houston about a month ago. Looking forward to seeing some of your surly assholes at MMP this season.
  9. Lance says he has plenty more velo in the tank:
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