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  1. Been wanting to try these, but haven't made the trip out to Humble to do it.
  2. Is this even unpopular? Torchy's is fucking garbage.
  3. Remember when we swept that DH against the A's? Seems like a fucking year ago.
  4. Bregs not in the lineup tonight.
  5. A two run deficit feels insurmountable.
  6. Ordered the PDG burger for the second time yesterday using the app. Added extra pico and had them go easy on the cilantro sauce. It was a vast improvement over the first one. It's a damn good burger with those modifications.
  7. Your weekly "The Yankees Broke Gerrit Cole" update:
  8. Who's even available in the bullpen for the second game? Urquidy is going to throw a complete game in 65 pitches.
  9. Altuve officially goes in the IL
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