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  1. Tried the blueberry bagels from the bakery this morning. Pretty meh. Rare miss for the HEB Bakery department.
  2. Is this just an event to but the same shit you can buy anytime?
  3. Quickly becoming the real slogan for this season.
  4. Fuck. How the fuck are we so bad in extra innings?
  5. I'm so sick of the phrase "back of the baseball card"
  6. Been listening to this the last couple of days. Damn good. I'm enjoying much more than East October.
  7. Every move since winning the World Series including firing Click.
  8. I'm curious about this too. Seems like it could get messy.
  9. Just started The Power of the Dog based on these recommendations. Very good so far.
  10. And, if there were two people he would have murdered, it was his ex-wife and a waiter.
  11. Sounds great. Just so you know, I may have left my lucky stabbin' hat at the scene.
  12. As much as it pains me to say, that pompous ass Keith Law actually was one of the few, if not only, writer who panned the signing at the time. Said his bat speed had shown signs of slowing down, and that trend likely wouldn't reverse. So, yeah, he pretty much nailed it.
  13. This hits close to home because I murdered my ex-wife and a waiter this morning.
  14. No, but neither can Abreu or Singleton.
  15. I went through a period where I read this and a couple of books about Waco and the Branch Davidians over the course of a couple of months. I found Homegrown to be pretty interesting. I am old enough to remember McVeigh and the OKC bombing but was too young/indifferent at the time to really follow the story closely. I just happened to be in downtown OKC a few years ago with sometime to kill. I started wandering around the area near the hotel I was staying in and ended up at the OKC memorial. It's pretty moving.
  16. Started For Whom the Bell Tolls on a whim a couple of days ago. I am about half way through it and am enjoying it. So far I'd put it above The Sun Also Rises.
  17. I think it absolutely was a combination of all three. His drop off corresponds with the OC change and him missing about a week's worth of practices after he landed on a camera guy in the end zone and had back soreness. So he was getting fewer opportunities in a more run oriented offense and was able to do less with the opportunities he did get because he wasn't 100%. That quickly led to him being disgruntled. By the end of the season, it was just an all around bad situation for him and the Bills. Not surprised they wanted to move him.
  18. Hearing a lot of Buzz about Castillo's on Katy Fort Bend.
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