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  1. Such an abysmal stretch in an amazing season. I think of those series along with the father's day game against the Jays that proceeded them when I need to remind myself that even great teams have stretches of shitty baseball.
  2. Having Alonso instead of Abreu right now would be incredible.
  3. Especially with an off day tomorrow and none of the high leverage guys pitching over the last two days.
  4. Need Yordan or Tucker to come through here. Can't leave it up to Abreu
  5. Hopefully Altuve's player evaluation skills are better than Baggy's:
  6. Haven't listened to the interview, but this would be great if true:
  7. Seasick Sailor


    I know I mentioned this when the BBQ thread took a slight detour into discussion of barbacoa, but Gerrado's mollejas are amazing. When I lived fairly close by and needed a break from Truth, I would pick up some cachete, carnitas, and mollejas from Gerrado's. I do wish that orange salsa had a bit more kick.
  8. Another great one:
  9. So many great songs. These two are too often overlooked:
  10. Our representatives are actively working to ensure more people will die:
  11. While I don't wish what the Sandy Hook families went through on anyone, If this goes that way, I hope Elon gets popped like Alex Jones did. Blue checks would get a lot more expensive.
  12. I know this may sound crazy, but CF really isn't the problem right now. Chas had a 122 OPS+ before his injury, and Jake has been much better in his absence. Abreu needs to unfuck himself and Yanier needs to hit his way into the lineup. Maldy gets a lot of shit, and rightfully so, but his OPS+ is 39 and Yanier's is a whopping 51.
  13. I went through the same thing when we moved into our new house and read a lot of the same stuff in this thread. We ended up going with the The Frame above the mantle. We haven't had any issues whatsoever. A bunch of weak-necked pansies in these threads.
  14. These have gotten harder since I became a father. I haven't told my wife about Allen, and I'm not sure she knows. We don't watch much TV these days and her social media exposure pretty much consists of Instagram shit about raising kids. She is already discussing moving to another country before our son starts school. I honestly don't know what to do. I'm a lawyer, so even moving to a different state is complicated. Another country is virtually impossible. Am I just supposed to send my wife and son out into the world and hope their number doesn't get called? Maybe I'm just exhausted, but It's time to take all the fucking guns. I'd rather have a dozen Wacos or Ruby Ridges as the feds round up the weapons than one more Allen, Uvalde, Parkland, Sandy Hook, Aurora, etc. For the "I-need-my-gun-to-stand-against-tyranny" crowd, I say here's your chance motherfuckers good luck. I honestly don't give two shits if that means a lawful gunowner can't enjoy his or her hobby. Take up golf.
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