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  1. Bullshit. I get emails like this daily from his top people: President Trump LOVES America, and he isn’t ashamed of it. While the Radical Left TERRORIZES our communities, OUR President took bold and decisive action to PROTECT our great Nation’s monuments and statues by swiftly signing an Executive Order that is in FULL FORCE AND EFFECT. Rest assured, Un-American THUGS who choose to illegally destroy our America’s history will be prosecuted to the FULLEST extent of the law. As a REAL Patriot and as one of our TOP supporters, we need YOU to step up and show the Left that you support your President 100%. Do you stand with President Trump right now, Friend? We're sending him a list of every Patriot who proudly signs their name to support the President's Executive Order, and we know he's expecting to see your name on there. Yes, I actually got this today. You have to be really low iq or in a nursing home to believe this shit. He knows his base well though.
  2. Biden winning the overall election easily and coming within 5 in Texas is my goal. That would get rid of dotard and hopefully bring some down ballot victories as well. It would also continue the trajectory of Texas turning purple. Bush +22 (won Travis county lol) Bush +23 McCain +12 Romney +16 Trump +9 Something like Trump +4 wouldn’t be a bad result at all and would give a lot of hope for the future.
  3. My parents honestly believe that the only thing stopping the liberal mob from taking all of their (middle class) money and burning America to the ground is Republicans. My mom is taking about burying gold in the back yard or using offshore bank accounts. She started watching Tucker during Covid lockdown and has gone from normal to batshit crazy in 3 months. I try to show them how tucker is trying to manipulate them by taking something with a tiny grain of truth and extrapolating that out to “the world is ending” but they won’t have it. We spent 2 hours going over the first 8 minutes of his show point by point, stopping to fact check everything. They will get it for a few minutes until the next segment comes on and the world is ending again. It’s just sad to me because I feel like I lost my parents. They saved their entire lives to have a good retirement and now this is how they are going to spend it. Living in fear. I would love to get one swing at that little fuck. He knows what he’s doing and that it’s brainwashing people.
  4. Beto on point as usual in a tweet this morning. Make cornyn and Abbott defend this guy. Bonus points for death cult. “Want to know why there is an uncontrolled covid outbreak in Texas, with record number of cases, hospitalizations and (soon) deaths? Because Dan Patrick leads a death cult that Abbott, Cornyn and company are too scared to stand up to.”
  5. The problem is that Patrick is up for re-election with Abbott at the top of the ballot. My strategy would be to go after Patrick really hard as a long term play. Show all the people new to Texas or that have just started paying attention what a disaster he’s been. You may not win but you aren’t going to beat Abbott so turn it into a lose the battle/win the war situation. Make that the race everybody is talking about and force republicans to defend his shenanigans.
  6. If trump is going to win, that’s the map that is most likely imo. Michigan needs to get a shitload of money, attention, and GOTV efforts. Biden is looking solid there right now but don’t get complacent.
  7. On Thursdays the library had one dollar beers and giant mugs of LIT for maybe $4.
  8. When you talk shit about everybody, including most of the people you have hired in the last 4 years, name calling doesn’t seem to have the same impact.
  9. So I’ve been keeping up with this thread for a while but have a point of confusion that I’m hoping upper westside can help me with. He says he has a Brazilian girl he’s hanging out with but I haven’t been able to see any of the pics on my end. Maybe a technology issue?
  10. Will used to run my ass over on the regular in football practice. Really good guy though. Sings the Jesus music now.
  11. 2005. Library for same. Aquarium for same. The drink with half the UT football team and some serious female talent. Best years of my life.
  12. If we had 95% turnout, Republicans would never control any branch of government again. They are the ones trying to suppress the vote for a reason.
  13. I’m still thinking about Royce vs MJ. I will say that MJ was the second politician I ever donated to and she did really well against Carter. I live in that district and she worked her ass off. It seems like the stage might be too big too fast and she has lost some momentum. She was a great fit for 31 because she understood the demographics so well. This is a different game but I don’t know much about Royce yet. Im also still contemplating Imam vs Mann. Imam is clearly smart and has been extremely visible. When I have heard her speak, it’s been less than inspiring though. I’m willing to forgive that as she’s new to this and has other strengths. Still need to research Mann and would like thoughts y’all have. I think one poster on here knows Imam.
  14. I think that’s a good call. It’s still June and he can get in shape safely on his own.
  15. If I was a senior high school football player, I would be on suicide watch right now. I lived my whole life up until that point for that year.
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