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  1. I wouldn’t worry too much about the diversity angle with a private school. Most public schools aren’t very diverse either, especially the ones where the parents could afford private schools. Last school that I worked at before my current school was only 5% non-Hispanic. There are diverse public schools out there but they are the exception not the rule.
  2. Just want to be clear about the context of my comment about white kids and public schools. I’m not saying that the majority of white people avoid public schools. I’m saying that the demographics of this board are very different than the parents of public schools kids on a broad level. This group is largely white, educated, and middle/upper class. Having conversations about the successes and failures of public schools is vastly different with this group than with the majority of public school parents. Not saying the people here are wrong about things, they are just coming at it from different p
  3. When I say that public schools largely serve non-white students, that’s a pretty easy google question. In Texas 27% of public school students are white.
  4. I’m well aware as it’s my life’s work. There’s amazing research out there. My off hand comment was more about how the average person forms their opinion on educational systems. It’s widely shaped by world view and personal experiences with the educational system. Nothing wrong with that as it’s human nature. But when you take those individual experiences and extrapolate it out to a view of a system that varies widely in different areas, it doesn’t do much good. The conversations here are also from people that fit in one or more of these categories: white, college educated, middle or high
  5. These threads always crack me up. People take their educational experience from 40 years ago then mash it up with their political/racial views and spit out a theory on the entire educational system of the United States. Ill be working on my bracket if you need me 😀
  6. Abbott’s order continues to give TEA the authority to issue operational requirements. TEA chose to give districts the option to not follow the mask rules because they felt like it, not because they don’t have the authority.
  7. With 30k college students and population growth, maybe they can figure something out. So many smaller cities fail to develop unique entertainment options though...
  8. I’m intrigued by the Lexington idea still. Fits the size parameter, has a university, and there is a bit of the cool factor. Lexington obviously doesn’t have an Austin vibe but I can see bourbon country, horse racing, and other unique features setting it apart from other southern towns where there isn’t much to do. Might need some marketing but it could work. It’s also been growing every decade. Go back and look at Austin growth decade by decade over the last 100 years and you will see that it’s not a new phenomenon. Since 1790 Lexington has seen double digit growth in every decade except one
  9. BIL moved to New Orleans for a job. Lasted a year and moved back to Houston. It’s such a great city and a cultural treasure. But living there just seemed like a beating.
  10. Still under 200k in the city proper so I would say Knoxville counts.
  11. Just takes a few artists and gays and the hood people will be priced out in 10 years.
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