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  1. Half pepperoni / half sausage and pepperoni.
  2. Landomatic

    Tiger King

    And a really bad fake at that.
  3. Was it just that segment or was Julie really really checked out all show?
  4. Yep that’s the exact recipe I always use for jerky. Eyeball everything but the general idea is spot on. I’ve thrown in some red pepper flakes for heat if I want it a little spicy, but I usually only do that to about ⅓ of the batch. I prefer most of it more traditional.
  5. That’s not the part he was having trouble following. The bolded part is the confusion. Which...hesrightyaknow.gif
  6. I get it. That charm just wore off for me after the first time I did it...and once I learned that damn near every great Italian chef in the world just uses canned.
  7. Haha sounds like me with my new smoker. Ordered it...got it...now what the hell am I going to cook on it? Unfortunately, I didn't have anything laying around in the pantry that is really smokable so I'll need to wait for a while until I can get some meat.
  8. Sorry, @Cheeseweasel poorly worded on my part. I meant what is it doing in bolognese. And also...why not just use canned like everyone else.
  9. Fascinating. Okay, so once it cooks down and in contrast to 4 pounds of meat cooked over 4-5 hours, those fresh tomatoes probably roughly equal my few tablespoons of tomato paste added toward the end. Glad to hear you aren't decanting your cooking wine. That would make me wonder. All makes sense. Will need to try it sometime. Sounds like the end result will be rich as fuck? And not very saucy? Do you use this same recipe when you eat it as a traditional stand-alone with tagliatelle? Or is this just for shit like ravioli stuffing or lasagna or whatever? Seems like it would be "dry as fuck" just tossed with some pasta?
  10. I know what it's for. Thanks though.
  11. Looks pretty damn good for a first attempt if you ask me.
  12. Okay, I was 100% with you up until the tomatoes in ice bath pic (deleted the rest of the pics). Gonna need some more details on the last 3 pics from there... Tomatoes in ice bath - What is this for? I've never seen more than a little tomato paste in bolognese? Three whole tomatoes seems much more like a red sauce? Am I doing it wrong? Also, side note...I learned a long time ago that peeling your own tomatoes is worthless. Don't get me wrong, I totally get wanting everything to be from scratch, but a good can of San Marzano whole peeled tomatoes is just as good every single time. And there isn't a chef on earth who will tell you otherwise. Wine - Was that just slid in there to show what you were drinking with it or is that what you put in it? I've always used white wine for bolognese...did you use red? And did you really decant it to cook with it? Rind of Parmigiano Reggiano - I saw you mention that in another post but I kind of forgot about it. Please explain. Is that your substitute for whole milk? Again, never seen bolognese without whole milk. But also never seen it with a rind of PR. I always add a ton of shredded at the end. This technique intrigues me very much. Finished product - Definitely looks different than bolognese. Did you switch to something different? Maybe just the lighting or something, but end result just pretty much looks like ground beef. Not even sure how that's possible with all that tomato? I'm sure there are a million different ways to make it, so just curious on all the different techniques. Definitely ready to start branching out from my comfort zone on several different pastas as they're all starting to be so automatic for me that the fun is wearing off some.
  13. Sauce looks perfect. Never seen cacio e pepe made with tagliatelle before, but hey...
  14. Address of 30s neighbor girl with pool parties?
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