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  1. So Jake knows a lot about some sports and he’s a dumbass when it comes to just about everything else. Cool, so we agree...what’s your point?
  2. Amazon has a shitload of it... https://www.amazon.com/s?k=00+flour&ref=nb_sb_noss
  3. Thanks...it might be my proudest culinary moment.
  4. Yeah, I can't bring myself to do Jimmy's yet. You can get most all of the great ingredients Jimmy's has at Central Market and/or Whole Foods and we get that delivered weekly. That said, Jimmy's dough is great. Be sure to remember to move it from the freezer to the refrigerator and to set it out on Sunday. Otherwise your plan B will be as fucked as your plan A. I'm sure your plan A will work out though...I have faith in you. Looking forward to seeing pics.
  5. I did it. I finally did it. I finally made the perfect pizza. Best pizza I've ever eaten and it's not even close. Magical... Dough, brushed lightly with EVOO. Slight sprinkling of coarse sea salt. Light spread of homemade sauce which was 1 can peeled san marzano tomatoes, handful of basil, small handful of garlic cloves (4-5ish), salted to taste. Then light sprinkling of shredded mozzarella , some pepperoni, some chunks of fresh mozzarella, a few leaves of fresh basil, and a light sprinkling of fresh grated parmesano reggiano... Finish with a little kosher salt... Amazing flavor. Plated with a little fresh ground red pepper flake and some freshly grated parm...
  6. Not the point. Jake knows a lot about some sports. He's also very young and immature and knows very little about much else and paired with Corby for prime time would have been a fucking disaster.
  7. Yep and for all those morons who were on here clamoring for Jake to replace Mike on HL to create the Snake and Jake show...this would have been the result. Two bros sitting around talking bro stuff with very little structure or actual knowledge or life experience. Entertaining for a couple hours on a weekend when there's nothing else on? Sure. Four hours a day during prime time Monday through Friday? Hell no.
  8. What is that based on? And who came up with those numbers?
  9. Its almost like they don’t even have a run sheet
  10. Surpassed them at what? Sucking? Norm as become absolutely unlistenable. Every fucking thing he says is delivered in some big dramatic preaching fashion. It's like somewhere along the lines he got some praise for that style of broadcasting for something really serious and he decided to do everything that way. Good lord, give it a fucking rest, Norm. I used to actually have a lot of respect for him as a legendary sports media guy. Now I'm just waiting for him to die/retire. Instant tune out. Too bad too because Donnie is really starting to hit his stride.
  11. That's more like what I had in mind. What are those, Johnny? How's Ginny, by the way? She fit in the Maserati yet?
  12. Have one...never use it. That's more for just having a glass or two of something really nice without actually opening it. What I'm talking about is more like when you're halfway through your second or third cheap bottle and you decide to call it quits. Then just to store the bottle until next time without it leaking.
  13. I'm sure she does...but we're talking wine here. Unless you have pics of her using the rabbit.
  14. While we're on the subject, does anyone have a good solution for re-corking (resealing) a bottle that's been opened that didn't quite get finished? Usually, I'll just stick the cork back in and it's fine, especially if I can store it upright. But sometimes when I do that and lay it back down in the wine refrigerator, it leaks all over. Surely there's a product that seals better than a removed, used, often torn up cork.
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