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  1. Starting to feel the same. Partying my balls off isn’t as much fun as it used to be. Don’t really gamble. And the only really truly over the top opulent amazing thing they’ve added in forever is the Wynn/Encore which is now like 15 years old and starting to feel dated. It’s lost it’s appeal for sure. But I figure it’s just because I’m getting older. Used to go 3-4 times a year for fun. I’ll be surprised if I go at all this year.
  2. Relationship sink vs independent sink, huh? avatar and user name checks out
  3. Just ordered a Cove dishwasher to replace my Bosch...new(ish) line from Wolf-Subzero. Nothing really wrong with the Bosch, just wanted the handles to match the other appliances. I’ll report back once I get it installed and run it for a while.
  4. I’ve had divided all my life and I just moved into a new house that has full. I like the full better for how I/we use it. Wife never (despite how many times I explained it) conformed to the idea that food can’t go down both sides. So having only one drain that’s a disposal is great. Pretty much just pile dirties up on the left while cooking to leave the right disposal side free and I’m good to go. Only reason I could see wanting the split would be for warm soapy water mentioned earlier, but I never do that as I also own a dishwasher, which is pretty cool. So, full vote from me.
  5. For when you want your steak to taste more like vegetables?
  6. How long is this whole boating players in and out thing gonna take? Seems like a major time killer to me.
  7. If he overcooked it, he would have told us it slammed so hard that people devoured it before he could even get the money shot
  8. Landomatic

    Dallas | Steak

    Finally got around to going to Drake’s this weekend. Here’s my review... Pretty sure none of you assholes would like it at all. Don’t go there.
  9. Miscommunication I guess. Now tell me more about these masturbation restaurants that exist. Asking for a friend.
  10. My comment wasn't directed at you. It was directed at the poster who thinks a small sampling of like-minded posters from message board in one market would be enough to single-handedly keep a restaurant afloat. Common mistake for a lot of restauranteurs to think that way. I'm sure you're rightfully upset right now, but no clue why you're taking any of this out on me. I haven't said shit to you other than tell you how bad it sucked that you had to close and wished you good luck on whatever your future endeavors were.
  11. If you can find a place closer to town I'm sure this site alone can keep you going. no No NO!!!! It’s this type of mentality that gets people into these types of situations to begin with... Your friends like your food, you should open a restaurant. You drink a lot, you should open a bar. This site is a tiny sampling of the real world. And a groupthink one at that. Basing any business solely on it would be a huge mistake.
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