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  1. Woke up on the boat this morning. I’ve heard people say that the difference between a boat and a yacht is when you step onto it, if it moves, it’s a boat, if it doesn’t, it’s a yacht. If that’s the case...woke up in the yacht this morning. Damn she’s a solid ass bitch. One of the best night’s sleep of my life. Hot wife laying next to me. Life is good. Actually, life is fucking great!
  2. This ^ I find it hard to believe that anyone could. Especially to the level at which they all do. Is there a group of people on earth who support/celebrate so much for so little actually accomplished?
  3. I like spicy as much as anyone, but Tabasco coffee seems a little aggressive
  4. Pics? Because you didn’t say “no pics”
  5. Landomatic

    Dallas | BBQ

    Hahaha I almost busted your balls for that. Probably should have
  6. This might just be my new motto on shaggvy
  7. Anywhoooooooo...all i know is i dont want them to have me be the deciding factor
  8. I know right? buncha HPISD housefifes and shit
  9. Landomatic

    Dallas | BBQ

    Definitely kid friendly
  10. Yeah I agree. I was just feeling extra lazy last night and wanted to watch the draft. I think I will at some point. Like I said, they had the potential to be in the conversation for best in town.
  11. Got these last night for the draft. Probably pretty good under normal circumstances, but ended up being very meh overall. Had them delivered by GrubHub or Favor or some shit. Driver took forever and as I was following him on the app, he must have seriously taken 5 wrong turns between there and my house. So, by the time they showed up, which was 45 minutes after he picked them up and should have been 15 tops, they were cold and I was pissed. Driver looked really fucked up when he got here...or there was something seriously wrong with him. Either way, he had no business being behind the whe
  12. I thought the two things all New Yorkers agreed on were that New Jersey and DeBlasio both suck?
  13. Landomatic

    Dallas | BBQ

    Can confirm this is a really great event. At least the one I went to year before last was.
  14. Her sign game is strong to quite strong, though. HPISD Trustee talk on the ticket thread not going away
  15. So when is the optimal time to come visit? Sometime between when Bemelmans opens and July 1? So from May 11 to July 1?
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