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  1. Team “used to fly almost exclusively Southwest but now they seem to suck” here. Unfortunately, we have a TON of credits/points. So I’m conflicted. Hate coming out of pocket for AA but damn Southwest has gone to shit lately and I cringe at the thought of flying them these days
  2. California sucks. that is all
  3. I didn’t use too much onion. I use three small onions
  4. I used to do this sometimes when I was making a lot of pizzas. I was using a regular oven though, so not sure about results with Ooni. I really only found it helpful/necessary for pizzas with a lot of toppings. Like 3+ toppings with extra cheese. All that extra weight of toppings was what was making the transfer difficult and keeping the dough from cooking the right amount. Also, you have to keep a really close eye on it as the dough starts to bubble very quickly. And you end up with huge dough bubbles all over the middle of the pizza. You can pop them and smooth it out a little after you pull it if you catch it in time, but if they start to harden even a little (which is the difference of seconds), you're kind of screwed and it ends up with less than desirable results. I found less time was definitely more when doing the precook thing just to try to avoid too much bubbling. I would think that would be even more of a factor with an Ooni.
  5. Landomatic

    Dallas | BBQ

    Doug Pickering’s new place must be getting close to opening. Snider Plaza https://thedouglastx.com
  6. Honestly, it's been like 4 years so I don't know if he's still there or what. From what I remember (which, again it's been 4 years so I'm a little foggy on the details), our hotel got him for us to go out one of our first nights there or maybe even to pick us up when we arrived at the airport. It was early in the trip. He didn't charge much more than a cab and he was way better...drove an escalade, gave us tips on where to go on which nights, etc. He gave us his card and we just kind of kept him on speed dial the rest of the trip. He was great and I don't remember him ever being unavailable or waiting very long for him. So it was like we had a private driver. I posted his card up thread.
  7. Here’s my go-to that slams every time. From page one of this thread. Leave the meat out if you want just red sauce.
  8. @C-Man you check out that Odelay place yet?
  9. Not trying to start a whole mask debate with you here, but what percentage of people would you say were actually "violating" the mask policy? I just got home from a 2 week trip that involved 5 different airports (Love included) and it was maybe 1% of the people, if that. Vast majority of people I saw were wearing masks unless eating or drinking, and these were mostly Texas and Florida airports, where I'd assume the compliance is some of the lowest. If you felt it necessary to write an email over that level of compliance in 2022, you might need to get a hobby. I saw a lot of shit that can use some serious improvement, but mask compliance was pretty low on that list.
  10. Horrible choice. Just awful these days.
  11. You buy some stock in that place or something?
  12. This too. I’ll add salt a minimum of 3 different times throughout the process. The final one, “finishing salt” being the most critical. Amazing how important finishing salt is with most dishes. Changes everything
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