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  1. So, after studying the sun patterns over the past week it looks like I will need predominantly shade loving plants in the beds. There are only 2 or 3 spots where maybe 4+ hrs of sun will hit. Based on the spreadsheet above, any idea how I should diagram this out? Any other options I should consider?
  2. Fair enough. I'm probably going w it bc it is the most cost effective at something like $25-30/cu yd. And I typoed, it's dyno dirt out of denton. I have some pretty grand ideas for the landscape but need to figure out some details like pH before I plant. First set of pics are post freeze but before the start of renovation project. I already removed the dead shrubs. The spreadsheet are some plants we're thinking abt. Prosper zone 7b (1990 map) north facing so we have majority shade but some sun in a few spots.
  3. Edit: although it looks like dentons stuff is called dynamic dirt but it sounds like it's the same stuff
  4. I'm re-reading this thread bc I'm redoing our front landscape from the freeze. I am or maybe was abt to grab some dillo dirt from denton to amend the current soil. Not quite sure whether i should or shouldn't based on this article
  5. You ain't from 'round here, are ya?
  6. Don't what? We're someone who did a ruthless reset. Bought a new house last summer and wasn't a fan of the front landscaping. I pulled 75% of the shrubs last weekend and am currently looking at what to replace it with. I like some sky pencils, jack frost for privacy screening, fire nandinas, etc. I need to find a nice shrub with some color that will do well in shade since we are a North facing home. 1990 zone 7b Prosper
  7. Maybe an odd question, but I will be receiving a profit of about $35-40k from a (syndicated) real estate investment. What applies during a 1031 exchange? I'm kind of thinking the commercial/syndication real estate game isn't for me and am trying to figure out what to do w the proceeds. Can I just roll it into my personal mortgage? Do I need to create some other home improvement note on my home to make it work? We would love to invest in a nice covered structure for the pool and maybe a small pool remodel.
  8. @cman would add on gabled porch be under additional structures or part of the regular domain? Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but we can claim these losses on our 2021 tax return since it was declared a state of emergency, correct? Also, if you extended into 15% of the value of the home, then you can request a property tax exemption or something like that?
  9. One pt as nurse is discussing the "going to sleep" process..."we will put this catheter in you so that you can empty your bladder". Pt "wait, you're gonna put something in my butt?" Spur slowly backs out of the room to quietly say "wtf"
  10. Anyone have a recommendation for a good suction side cleaner?
  11. Oakridge makes some legit rubs for sure. Their carne crosta on steaks is freaking amazing
  12. Get a better doorbell? I roll w a Eufy. No cloud based storage fee or anything like that bc its stored on the device.
  13. Spur08


    Made migas tonight as I just happened to have most of the items -- tomato, onion, garlic, poblano, eggs, leftover Mexican food joint chips. Topped it with some 595 green salsa (or whatever that brand is) and Valentina's. Really, really good.
  14. The ooni app has a great recipe that has never failed me. Kitchenaid is a funny thing. Making pizza dough was the death of my first machine 3 months ago, so we got the larger one as a replacement. First time I made dough, it started smoking. Blows my mind if that machine can't take a little kneading for 5-10 min
  15. In Prosper and I agree that the pool was the most stressful part of all this shit. Luckily, I kept electrical the whole time but my gas cycled. Despite the constant electricity, I developed solid chunks of 4" ice around the edge that I had to keep breaking up. There were a few times that I came out and the skimmer was pulling minimal water through the line due to a chunk of ice blocking it. Moved the ice and it started pulling again. Pump seems fine just a little loud.
  16. Can you explain the milk jug in skimmer thing?
  17. Mind PMing me the company? I'm planning a remodel and would like to avoid
  18. Ah, so he banged KS and her ex decided to torch him? I guess
  19. I'm missing something. You're the 3rd person today to allude to some shit between Herman and KS.
  20. Yup. First, no issues Second, I got my covid shot around 9 AM. I went from not feeling great around 9 PM to uncontrollable shivers at 10 (despite wearing wool socks, sweats, and a hoodie under about 4 blankets). Those lasted until about 11:30 and then I had a full blown headache w/ cold sweats. At about 2 or 3 my temp got up to 102ish. Finally came down to normal at 6 pm the following day
  21. Fully Moderna vaxxed. Got sick as shit on the 2nd one. Still worth it
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