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  1. I am in Denton, willing to meet if in D/FW metroplex. Immamac you can just leave it here, thanks for the offer. I put it up on Ebay now (no bid as of now), price change $65 for the football. If I get a bid on Ebay I will update thread.
  2. Cleaning out the office, trying to minimize the "stuff" in the office.
  3. I bought this football from the coop shortly after the National Championship game. Thinking around $75 obo. I will ship only in the continental US, no best buy coupons or hdmi ports as a trade. I also have an acrylic case, but will need to charge a little bit in shipping if you want that, too.
  4. I’ve been on that trail running in the dark. I only ran about a 1/2 from the road before I turned around. I wasn’t concerned I just needed to get back. Every time I go visit my daughter I run past the trailhead. I won’t run on that trail in the dark again. I probably shouldn’t run on mountain trails in the dark anyway.
  5. A couple of weeks ago my daughter asked me to come up and hike up to the peak of Mt Nebo in Utah. I jumped at the opportunity since she may never ask me again. It was a really nice hike in the Wasatch mountain range. The peak is not really high, a little less than 12K ft. The last mile though is 20% grade and is an ass breaker. We ended up turning around with 1/2 mile to go. She started freaking out when a guy was coming back down blood from head to toes. He said he stumbled about 40ft down the side. I didn't want to push her so we turned around and hiked back to the car. The scenery was amazing and the temps were incredible. After we got back to the car, we ate some lunch and drove to a different area and hiked to the top of Sunset Peak, around 10.6K ft. Over 12 miles of hiking, it was great. Unfortunately I had to fly home the next day. I had a fantastic time, it had been a few years since we spent an entire day together.
  6. FoxFire Cabins - it’s been 10 years since I’ve been there but they had a porch, cheap, allowed dogs. Not sure of the tub though.
  7. She’s at BYU, mom (wife) is Mormon, I’m not. We saved enough for 4yrs at UT but 4yrs at BYU will cost around 40K or less. I’m super happy about that. Room, tuition and books $8.5K this year. They rebuilt some dorms about 10 years ago that she is in. It’s like a small apt; 3 Rooms, kitchen, living area and two baths for 6 girls. The weekend I dropped her off we did a 3.5 mile hike to a waterfall. That was fun. I told her if she kept up the outdoor activities I would buy her a Garmin Etrax so she wouldn’t get lost.
  8. My oldest daughter is in college and living out of state. Kind of depressing dropping her off at school. She cried more than her mom and I. She’s in Utah really enjoying the outdoors. Which is bizarre because I tried to get my kids to enjoy nature but nada. Now she is wanting me to go on a 15 mile hike with her this month. I am more than happy to fly up there and do it with her. She might only be asking me since she knows I can make it and maybe her roommates can’t, not sure, either way I’ll take it.
  9. Same predicament back in March. I emailed DMV and they replied with go see the eye doctor. I went online and filled out the renew application for shits and they accepted it. I got my new license in the mail without having to go in. Maybe b/c it was during the shutdown, but something you could try.
  10. I attempted to ride up Mt Evans, CO, highest paved road in North America. Starting in Idaho Springs it is 27 miles to the top. I got to mile 13 at Echo Lake and was meeting my FIL to refill my water bottles and my adductor muscles (or that is what muscles I think) locked up on me. They run from the rear about halfway to the knee on the back of the thigh, towards the inside. When I stepped off the bike I couldn’t move both legs. I was in terrible pain. I almost fell off the bike just trying to lift my leg over it. My day was done, I was gutted. My guess is those muscles are used a lot in climbing (I have no idea though) but I went up all 13 miles, from 7500 ft to 10.4K ft. I wasn’t breathing hard, thought I was going at a nice comfortable pace. I figured I needed to save as much energy as possible for the next 14 miles. I’m still sore, hurts to squat, walk up stairs, etc. I need to figure out how to strengthen those muscles, because I want to go back. The weather was perfect too a little breeze, 55F and sunny.
  11. triplehorn - those are amazing pics - I've never had to really deal with IT band issues, but lots of people swear by this guy - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5YYb9vyj6zQ
  12. Asking for a friend he/she got a speeding ticket in Live Oak County last Friday. Is getting a traffic lawyer worth it? Any recs in that area? Driving over the 20mph so defensive driving is out of the question. Plus also cited for driving in the left lane and not passing (bullshit money grab). Friend would rather not get the points on their license. Don't have a ton of money, so maybe paying the fine is the way to go. Problem is, the insurance rates are already sky high, this will push them over the edge. One lawyer quoted $1K plus court costs and no guarantee of anything.
  13. Urban Achiever - congrats!!! Awesome time
  14. I'm training not as much as I would like, since the kids are home now. I still get in 12+ hours per week. Last couple of days have been hard due to lack of sleep. I let the family talk me into a puppy, FML. I have a 10 yr old dog that just walks around and does nothing. Now for the next 5-6 years I have to worry what the hell is this dog going to destroy.
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