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  1. Spent 9-10 days in Israel already. Came to Jordan to see Petra and see other sites.
  2. I’m in Amman, Jordan and can’t fucking wait to get on a plane tomorrow morning and get the fuck out of here. All the while I’ll be praying I don’t get shot down.
  3. Neonmoon - you should be able to get your body used to the long runs, build them up slowly. A marathon beats everyone up. My last 4/5 have stunk (according to me) things go wrong. Of the 12/13 I’ve done I can say 2 went really well and 1 awesome. Sometimes it takes quite a few before things click. 2010 - I would consider buying a used road bike. Not sure you will find anything decent to rent in Waco. Good luck with your training. If you have questions ask away a couple of us have done some triathlons. One guy on here is super fast.
  4. I have six acrylic magazine cases I no longer use, $25 for all 6 plus shipping (I'm thinking postage will be about $25). If you live in the D/FW area I can meet in the Plano, Frisco, Lewisville, or Flower Mound area I can meet you. They come with a foldable stand or they can be wall mounted. They will hold a standard magazine. I can't seem to figure out how to post a pic so if you want pics pm me.
  5. I saw that, crazy, she smashed it. Congrats to Jet Black amazing time on the Big Island!!!!!
  6. Just unbelievable. Now for Texas and Jet Black to get it done. I think age groups start at noon CST. ousux, Go Horns!!!!!
  7. Good luck Jet.Black - hopefully the winds are calm on the way back. Lots to watch this weekend: UT vs blowu , Ironman world championships, breaking 2 (I’d love to wake up and watch this but I just can’t this weekend), Chicago marathon.
  8. Running in the heat is tough, not sure if anyone ever gets used to it. I have found it easier over the years though, but I did swear off fall races. I used to have to take on water every mile or so, now my body doesn't start asking for water until around 6 miles. Maybe I'm doing a better job of drinking more water during the day, not sure, probably a combination of both. I ran 10 this morning and stopped at mile 4 to drink and then nothing until I got home. I do drink a big glass of water before I head out the door every morning. I live in the D/FW metroplex, the humidity is real and sucks. I'm looking forward to just breathing a less humid air. Bring on the cool weather and some rain.
  9. My BIL and SIL went to Panama for some kayak fishing, he caught a rooster fish on the last day and she caught the female world record cabrera snapper. I have no idea how that it is made official but they are entering the size in, whatever that means. You can skip to the middle or so and skip all of the reeling.
  10. I’ve done two fall races and have swore off them. I agree I’m done with the heat now. I too keep looking ahead for a glimpse of something. I’m outside of aggiesucks land for a couple of days on my daughter’s school trip. The entire day is outside hiking, canoeing and other shit. Why couldn’t the teachers pick a utter time of the year?
  11. Gasman ran Pikes Peak, too. Interested to hear what he thought of it.
  12. i ran the Pikes Peak Ascent on Saturday. Well I wouldn’t call it running more a very slow jog until mile 9 then it was a walk / stumble to the finish. Last mile took me around 28 min. The altitude got to me. It was great but I wasn’t prepared for how technical that trail is. I thought I would come in around 3:15-3:30 finished in 3:51:XX. The last few miles is so deflating looking at the switchbacks and how much more was left.
  13. Yeah it's crazy the quality of fish that he catches, I just wish he would give me some of the meat. He loves it though. I think one time he went 4-6 miles in a friggin kayak, too far for me. He seems to be safe about it, emergency phone, beacon, etc.
  14. My BIL has been going out on his kayak a bunch this year. I normally wouldn't post this, but a hammerhead shark came up and bit the largest kingfish I've ever seen in half. Starts at about the 3 min mark. He's going to Panama to do some kayak fishing at the end of August. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mkVzA7F4bzA
  15. Congrats to JetBlack!!!! He killed it at Lubbock 70.3 yesterday.
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