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  1. I might be going against the grain of this thread, and it might not have been the best financial decision considering my rate, but I received the biggest paycheck in my life today, and the first thing I did was pay off my truck. Every non-mortgage debt I carry. That said, I’m going to take care of some minor bodywork, including a tailgate dent inflicted by a crepe myrtle lining my mom’s driveway, as well as a new bumper. Also would love a state-of-the-art head unit with car play and maybe some better-quality speakers. Seventy-two thousand miles and runs excellent. Is there an upgraded shock absorber available that might improve its ride and handling? Tundras run like trucks. Also I need a lockable gun mount, perhaps even one that fits in the console. To fit a Sig P320. Any suggestions?
  2. That stuff is cool as long as you’re going easy on yourself. When I got sober and bought into recovery, I realized a few things. Life shouldn’t be a beat down. And I wouldn’t treat a friend the way I treated myself. I’m instinctually forgiving and tolerant of others, but not myself. My self-dialogue is sometimes harsh, but at least now I realize it. I’m human and that’s the best I’ll ever be. The discipline fallacy is that I can control and enjoy things, but in reality if I’m attempting to do so, I’m not. It’s a difficult posture to achieve. So in terms of discipline, really the only hard and fast rules I have are 1) step 1 is an everyday step, every morning I wake up with untreated alcoholism and I remain that way until I make contact with a higher power, and 2) go to 3-4 meetings a week and participate in service work, reading, and talk to other alcoholics. I have to remember that the bar for excellence is really low. Don’t drink, go to meetings, help others, and life falls into place. And it helps if I can get honest and get into gratitude.
  3. Nowhere in recovery circles is discipline considered a virtue. In fact, it gets in the way of capitulation. Willingness, yes. But the whole paradox is that discipline has to come from God, not self. Honesty, yes. Open-mindedness too. We recover when the pain of continuing to suffer becomes unbearable.
  4. My dad’s life insurance beneficiary was “the estate of,” which is why we had to probate. But his stocks were paid to my stepmother who had UBS split the proceeds into 2 additional accounts that were then assigned to my sister and me. She will have to account for the gift, right, even though it was done er dads wishes? His will was very specific, and my stepmom and I were co-executors so it went really smoothly.
  5. Has anyone bought a new truck but negotiated a tire swap prior to taking delivery? The OEM goodyears must be manufacturer seconds because they are just plain awful. I would love to tell the dealership “ill take it. Negotiate the fat out, and then hit them with a “last thing - I promise. You're gonna have to take the original tires and put new Michelins on. We got a deal?” They should be able to sell the original shoes through the parts dept, right?
  6. WSJ “exclusive” Apologies if it’s paywalled. https://www.wsj.com/articles/israel-strikes-iran-amid-new-international-push-to-contain-tehran-11675004979?st=v83urhg5ovald7d&reflink=article_copyURL_share
  7. God bless you. There are no words.
  8. Congratulations!! I sure hope I get grandkids soon. No pressure though.
  9. Boat show Houston day, I'm giddy.
  10. I'm going to teach my Jewish nieces who attend Catholic school that one.
  11. I credit this thread, my sobriety, and that last shot of lemon ciroc that my wife had for helping me rediscover my youth. Now I need to find a 1988 Olsdmobile ninety-eight.
  12. Tl;Dr - fucked my wife in her car on a back road tonight, no fucks given because her godfather is the police chief if we had gotten caught. (what a way to rekindle our youth!)
  13. At Moscow University, in 1993, I sat across the table discussing “student affairs” with their equivalent of their student congress. What are your biggest pressing issues, we asked? Their reply: “we want heat, bread, necessities.” They asked for our answer. “Well, uh, sometimes HEB runs out of our favorite beer, and the food at Georges kind of sucks but given the price of Big O’s we can live with it. I'm studying environmental studies and everything else until daddy says it's time to graduate, and Austin isn't as cool as it once was.” Then I went to Vilnius and lived with a family for 6 weeks in one of those shitty soviet apartments, and they told me of family members who were killed in the USSR’s death throes. They remember all too well. Russia sucks.
  14. It's my suspicion that these women also have a high pain tolerance, possibly are even immune to it? That's a plus, right?
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