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  1. Honestly, I've always felt a little queasy about the NCAA doling out punishments in criminal cases. It is--or at least should be--way beyond their scope, and they don't have the resources or the competence to investigate and sentence appropriately. Plus, it feels so incredibly surreal and trivial to be discussing loss of scholarships and postseason bans for rape, abuse, and assault. Conversely, I do understand the argument that football is the only thing that these twisted fucks care about, so the only thing that may actually change behavior is taking away wins.
  2. You couldn't pay me to watch a game of HORSE between Steph Curry and Larry Bird. Just an awful, awful spectator game.
  3. I'll admit that "Penn State Football dipshits still don't understand the gravity of their situation and make light of a truly evil predator and the pathetic cowards who let it happen across multiple decades" isn't nearly as clean of a title.
  4. Not to be Captain Semantics or anything, but I wouldn't exactly call child molestation a "weird sex thing." Rex Ryan and Quentin Tarantino (presumedly) do weird sex things.
  5. You're doing it wrong. Only the years that the SEC was good in bowl games count. Fucking duh.
  6. Exactly. As pointed out above, even fucking soccer has yellow/red cards to separate incidental vs. malicious. And they don't get the benefit or replay and slow motion.
  7. It saddens me how many people see that commercial and say, "Yep, I need that phone to post the best quality pictures and video of myself on the 'gram." without a hint of humility.
  8. aggie08

    AP Top 25

    So that's what LSU fans are looking for: discourse amongst intellectuals.
  9. The Pats winning 3 Super Bowls post-Deflategate certainly helped the casual fan realize that its importance was way overblown. We'll see how Houston does going forward.
  10. Pretty sure that's his point. You guys setting yourselves up for your own annual roller coaster. But all fans do it, so carry on.
  11. So where does ESPN squeeze in Joe Burrow tomorrow? Better single season than Cam had.
  12. After losing his first ever collegiate football game seems as good a time as any.
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