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  1. Can I pay $8/month for sports sports? Is that an option? Because on Sunday I found myself getting teary eyed that some dude named Michael Thompson won his first PGA Tour event since 2013 or some shit. Things are bleak.
  2. I wrote a letter that 100% got us our house. I never intended to, but a realtor/flipper put in some bullshit offer that said "I'll pay $3k more than the highest bidder up to X dollars." We were the highest offer out of 20+ bidders. Our realtor told us to just counteroffer with X dollars (about $8k over our initial bid) and get it over with, but that was higher than we were comfortable paying, and on principle I didn't want to play the flipper's game. The house had been owned by the same guy (who died in it) since 1957 with exactly zero renovations in 60 years...we had to tear it down to its studs the first weekend we owned it. So the letter was to the guy's adult kids and basically said "We're a young couple who actually intend to live in your parent's house, not flip it, but we need that $8k to fix this heap of shit" as nicely as possible. Nothing too sappy or exaggerated. That said, I can guarantee that had the flipper's offer been $5k+ over highest bidder, the kids would have used my letter to wipe their asses with.
  3. More importantly, did he steal a pack of bubble gum when he was 11, so I can know that his murder was justified.
  4. This is one of the reasons why I didn't love the way that the series ended. Russell was always portrayed as the more serious, violent, anything-for-the-mission character, but Rhys' bubbling-below-the-surface anger was palpable. He was the truly dangerous one. That was one pissed off, disillusioned dude--played brilliantly by Rhys--that spent 5 seasons brooding. I expected that slow-burning candle to explode at some point.
  5. Everything is an on ramp if you're brave drunk enough.
  6. Yeah, that's one of the dumbest sentences that I've ever read. "Less people got the virus, less people required hospitalization, but about the same number would have died either way." Oh, ok.
  7. I love this video more than I love my own child. But it is a little depressing knowing that, no matter how long I live, the internet will never create anything better.
  8. Like, is there anything better than the sound of squeaky shoes in an empty gym? I don't know, maybe it would get old after 2.5 hours, but that any hearing the players talk seems better than pumped in crowd noise.
  9. I wonder how much of the surge is directly COVID-related. Like pools and RV sales, everyone is trying to improve their quality of life while socially "isolated". A lot of people whose houses are starting to feel mighty small, myself included.
  10. If there's one good thing about this pandemic, it's that it exposed how absolutely terrible most of the country is at math. I've lost count of how many texts, messages, posts, etc. that I've read from people trying to minimize this by using their own hand-calculated percentages but forgetting to move over the damn decimal.
  11. Close your Pornhub window, man.
  12. Ah shit, guys. They're on to me. Sorry, but I gotta pull the ripcord. Not sure what I'd do without my Ag Tag. It only took them a decade to crack the code on my super secret, incredibly original username.
  13. Man, what a great time to drop a cool half bill on a ridiculous stadium whose only design principle seemed to be MOAR SEATSSS!!!
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