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  1. Who gives a fucking shit what Rudolph did or didn't do to instigate? As soon as someone gets hit in the head with their own helmet, absolutely nothing that happened before that matters. We've seen players push, fight, and charge each other like Rudolph did...but until Thursday, no one was fucking stupid enough to respond by swinging helmets around.
  2. Oh yeaahhh! I totally forgot that Bev was the guy who ended Russ's postseason in 2013 by diving at the ball when Russ was calling a casual timeout at half-court.
  3. So that's different...how exactly?
  4. I counter with: He absolutely thinks that occasionally running around like a chicken with his head cut off and snarling makes him a great defender. The best even.
  5. Russ knocking someone else for fake defensive hustle...the lack of self-awareness astounds. Please never change, Russ.
  6. Ya know, you're probably right. Players would be better served by being proficient around the perimeter, and reluctantly dragging those lumbering goons 30 feet from the basket. Gee, who would be able to do that though?
  7. Yeah, only manly men like Reggie Miller could survive in the good ol' days.
  8. Why the fuck is "Baker shaved because 'didn't deserve' handlebar" the 2nd story on ESPN's frontpage? Who gives a shit?
  9. This. I don't find the Rockets/Harden particularly enjoyable to watch, I laughed at the absurdity of their "officiating memo" and points lost breakdown against Golden State when their offense largely depends on tricking the refs, and I question their in-house leadership and chemistry to win it all... ...but they've made the playoffs in 7 consecutive seasons, winning 50+ games in 5 of them, and their season has only been ended by the Warriors 4 of the past 5 years. Everyone but Golden State, LeBron, and San Antonio should be envious of that success. The analytics and braggadocio can be a bit much, but Morey's desire to win is unquestionable. He makes big, sometimes crazy moves, and isn't afraid to quickly pivot off of them if they don't work. I respect that.
  10. Yeah, the Rockets will be fine; they'll work out the kinks. Few are better at winning regular season basketball games than Harden and D'Antoni [snark level: 100%]. It's just always going to be uncomfortable. Russ has to have the ball because he's utterly useless without it, so it sort of makes sense to have Harden play a slightly more traditional 2 guard... ...but then you're taking the ball out of the hands of a player who is, unequivocally, a better dribbler, passer, shooter, finisher, and creator than Russ.
  11. It's really tough for me to muster up strong emotions--any emotion, really--for DeMar DeRozan.
  12. I was more wondering where all the hate and negativity will go.
  13. What is NBA twitter going to talk about if the Warriors and Rockets aren't especially relevant? I suppose there's always LeBron's hairline.
  14. Every time Edelman isn't injured on a reception, I'm amazed.
  15. Yeah, damn them for having better things to do with their time than watch terrible football.
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