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  1. Hasn't Minneapolis been through enough, Glen Taylor???
  2. That was almost magnanimous. He even capitalized the "ALL."
  3. I think it's my responsibility to say this:
  4. I work with some Navy guys who say this way too often to be funny anymore. NTTAWWT
  5. Imagine being dump enough to believe that the GOP is rushing through voting laws nationwide using #FRAUD!!! as the impetus to make voting easier in urban areas.
  6. I stand corrected. Never underestimate the shittiness of GRHorn.
  7. Hate to break it to everyone but we knew the second KD left okc that a bunch of butthurt rednecks would immediately forget all of the good he did in that community and how many people he made a lot of money, and revert to the hateful, ungrateful pieces of shit they are. But yeah, this is a bad look for a dude that never misses an opportunity to blame the media for trying to make him look bad.
  8. Any recent verification that she's actually still in this country?
  9. Oh those places definitely already exist in the dark corners of the internet.
  10. What gang? It must be exhausting constantly playing out these worst case scenarios for yourself, your family, your state, and your country, and preparing as such. Even when you get to always make yourself the hero in your hypothetical hellholes.
  11. Oh shut the fuck up. I've owned guns. All of my friends own guns. You can own any and every gun you so desire... l honestly couldn't care less. All I ask is that you stop peddling the bullshit power fantasy that you're buying them in the event that you have to overthrow your government oppressors. It's bullshit, and you know it's bullshit, but it makes you feel important and you think the libs will jump all over you if you just acknowledge that you like guns.
  12. Did you live under power lines as a kid or something?
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