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  1. I can’t say it was all that recent, but I saw them for my first and only time in ‘05, at the Staple Ctr in LA. I also had floor seats. I’m pretty sure this was the first “Hell Freezes Over” Tour (So, “Hell sees a cold front”?) Of course, Mr Frey was still alive and I am so glad I got to see him. They sounded amazing. I’m serious. Just like you’d imagined they would sound in 1975. My wife (Nope) also wants to go this coming year- But I think they’re playing in Jerry World up here in DFW- So that might be a deal breaker. I think that place sucks for concerts(and everything else). if you can see them at a better venue; go.
  2. This has been my “football fan life” for the past 10+ yrs. It has sucked and I’m afraid it’s going to last another year at the very least.
  3. Any word on if he told her, “Give it to me straight to the heart” ???
  4. Unless she’s bending down to take yo cash from up on stage, amirite?
  5. Meyer just said what Texas leadership is not seemingly grasping. When talking about the Michigan Faithful and their expectations, “Is 10 wins a year enough? Look around at this place (Big House), These people will tell you, ‘No, it is not’...” THIS is the mentality I was leading the Texas Longhorns. From the AD to every Graduate Assistant. And for damn sure the Head Coach.

    Fire Tom Herman

    My condolences on your loss. My Mom is the same age and seemingly aging very quickly, like weekly. Hope your Family is staying strong.
  7. Bro, I don’t even know you and I hate you. WTH, Son? 😠😡🤬 I kid, I kid...but seriously though...Como?
  8. So, in other words, Fertitta knowingly screwed over Texas. It all makes sense now... well Landry’s sucks anyway.
  9. My touching myself is not going to stop. Also, I’m not above sacrificing kittens for a successful Texas Longhorns Football team.
  10. With all due respect, Dabo doesn’t come across as a higher than mighty douchebag, who NEEDS to be the smartest in the room. Rather, he seems more of a servant type of leader/ ie- “What can I do for my players and coaches to get us to the next level?” I could never see Herman taking the backseat/servant role. It’s not in his nature. As a Leader, one should never seek to be the smartest in the room.
  11. Fire fucking Herman Hire motherfuckin’ Urban Win Big 12 Championship
  12. This. My ou buddies are of the same ilk. It’s so sickening.
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