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  1. Yeah, what he ☝🏻said/ albeit in a much more succinct manner than my long-winded ass.
  2. Or extending Herman shortly after ‘18 Sugar Bowl, while he still had two years in initial contract/ Thereby giving up major negotiation leverage to a man who stood up in his first interview and told everyone that he was finally at a place where he could retire...
  3. Oh shit. Now you’ve done it. DOOMED.
  4. He’s in SA, perhaps with Vic? If so, I’m sure he’ll hook up Brat.
  5. ALL of this. However, if any of us here were offered $1.0M to suck like he did and still get PAID; who’s REALLY at fault? Us, the employee trying to do a job and clearly failing or our boss who clearly enabled us by not doing a damn thing about it?
  6. Yeah, they didn’t give up 21 unanswered Q4 points. That was refreshing to see.
  7. Now if Shaka and Crew could lift the ugly-ass alternate uni curse...🙄
  8. I just “Liked” this comment. I do a lot more lurking than I do “reacting”, so admittedly I’m not up to speed on your style MD, but I’m taking this as a serious/non sarcastic remark. I agree. Let’s forget this last season (except Herman, he better sure as hell learn from it)- Crappy coaching, injury bug, stories of disconcerted players, untimely cramps- What a bunch of bullshit. On to ‘20-‘21. Oh and obligatory F the Off Season.
  9. This. In my opinion, it’s a very bad look for Herman not to have made changes after TCU.
  10. Which part? The rule or Coburn’s continued effort?
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