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  1. Yeah, I think the name will live on. Still a shame to see a venerable name like Brooks come to this pass.
  2. This next season is going to be lit
  3. He's committed, you have to give him that.
  4. Happy 4th from the Rivah
  5. Oh no, there's a ton of subscription services.
  6. That sounds turrible but its happening everywhere. If you buy a John Deere tractor, you don't own any of the software that runs it. Been about 5 years at least now. Hopefully this trend stops. I guess the one thing about BMW is I never understood anyone who bought a BMW that wasn't a base 3 series or a full M car. Everything in between is just such a waste. So this pay for feature thing should really be moot. I definitely had no idea 90% of premium cars in this country were leased. Fucking Americans man.
  7. They exist somewhere in the middle of Chief Wahoo and the Redskin in terms of Native American offensiveness. Non indigenous tend to equate Redskins with the n word, and it's nothing like that. By and large over the years Native Americans take much greater exception to whitey co opting their imagery and culture such as Chiefs and Braves than the Redskins name.
  8. Because it's not as offensive to the majority of Native Americans, that's why. I don't really feel like or have the time for the long drawn out discussion on it, because its a very complex topic, and I pretty much feel all of them need to go at this point. But crap like Chief Wahoo is Amos and Andy blackface level shit and the Redskins name is more like the Uncle Ben on the rice box.
  9. That's complete garbage. If anything those names are worse. And I say this as a Redskins fan who agrees its time to change the name. Related to the Song of the South conversation earlier, I actually have a copy of it on VHS buried somewhere with Japanese subtitles. My Pap got it from god knows where eons ago.
  10. I've actually just bit the bullet and got an ultrasonic cleaner and will wax a chain. I've resisted for years but I'm running out if things to fiddle with so when I saw Silca came out with a bag wax you just toss in a cooking pot I said hell with it and got some. I've used Rock N Roll Gold for eons as a wet lube and imo it's still the best wet lube by a long stretch.
  11. For serious. I am probably putting off the DBX purchase for the fall at this point.
  12. It was actually an arc from Reagan through the end of HW. Newt and his merry band of shitheads brought it to a close unfortunately and we have been fucked since.
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