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  1. I don't either. But that's not what I said.
  2. You think Chris Wray isn't going to relentlessly strike back at Trump and the GOP after all he has been through? lol.
  3. I don't think they go that route, no. At least not all the way, I can see targeted jobs programs though. I think they use fiscal policy to drive employment. I'm the biggest UBI proponent there is this side of Andrew Yang btw, so I sincerely hope that is on the table but I am not optimistic.
  4. My prediction is this is a full employment targeting admin. I may be wrong but it sure looks that way so far.
  5. Well, this is a small step in the right direction for this thread
  6. Probably the biggest kick in the teeth from Covid, aside from all the dying of course, is the lack of quality entries in this thread as the gatherings have all been down sized.
  7. Oh, there are certainly progressives here, without a doubt. But the center of gravity is very much in the middle. I really wonder if some of these people like Ag have ever actually met a progressive.
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