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  1. You know, now that you mention it, I think you are right. I remember all the hillbillys holding their hands out the window with three fingers up for Earnhardt. So, were you the guy that I saw run over the colored fella?
  2. I was there for the 2000 Spring race. First time ever there were no cautions whatsoever. Fml.
  3. Talladega is the most redneck place I have ever been, full stop. Among things I have seen there include a 9 year old with his dad holding up a sign that said "tities please" (it's essentially redneck Mardis Gras with bead throwing and stuff), an old as dirt biker with a ZZ Top beard and a rebel flag Cat in the Hat hat on, another biker who back his Harley into his buddies tent at 6 am and revved it as high as it can go, and last but not least, three plastered dudes run over a black guy selling merch on the way in, promptly pull over, have the driver switch with one of the passengers, and the proceed on as if nothing had ever happened.
  4. Plitvice Lakes were one of the most surreal experiences I have had, not for the lakes themselves, which are gorgeous, but the lodging. It was straight Communist era hotels, down to the Soviet green walls. Could have been 1973 behind the Iron Curtain.
  5. I actually stayed in Budapest on that trip funny enough. Can't recommend it enough, fantastic food, still unspoilt by mass western tourism, crazy cheap.
  6. Everything from the Riviera up through Provence and over to Haute Savoie right to the Swiss or Italian border is pretty awesome.
  7. Yeah, I wouldn't say they are super unreliable or anything in my experience ( I think we have gone through maybe 20 or 30 vehicles with VVT?), but when they cut loose, watch out.
  8. They are two separate issues. The "middle class" is so widely abused in American vernacular, I'm not sure it's even retrievable anymore. You are basically splitting the working class into two entities, and labeling the upper portion the middle class. Now, there is a massive consumerism issue with the true middle class, but that is a wholly separate discussion that was touched on upthread then dropped. These are all very difficult issues to address. It seems to me that the vast majority of posters here are speaking in good faith, whether one agrees with them or not.
  9. So are you talking about the middle class or the working class? We can't even agree on terminology in this country, which is a prerequisite to even beginning to solve the problem. FWIW if I were lord I'd abolish the middle class anyway.
  10. Yeah, that is a great plan. Early September is really, really nice. You can go earlier, but it's more crowded, crowded being relative obviously, but it's nice to go when it's a little more peaceful.
  11. Charger. If the Boss 429 was on there would have gone that route.
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