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  1. We have white ones down below. Party lights ftw.
  2. Definitely pretty cool. I remember following along when they sailed back in the day, you got like monthly updates in the sailing rags, and a bit here and there on ESPN. Different times!
  3. We have a few framed and hanging on the wall. One for Cape Henry here in Virginia Beach, and one for Mobjack Bay up in Gloucester. I have quite a few for the Straits of Florida. If anyone ever wants one for decorating purposes I would be happy to donate.
  4. I'm not claiming to be an expert. I am telling you I'm intimately familiar with how estates over 50 million are constructed and how easy it is to tax them, which is something different. Look, I actually have a similar outlook to you. I'm completely behind raising the floor instead of putting on a ceiling. I think supercharging the social safety net is the only way we will save capitalism, and I'm about the most ardent capitalist I know. But a moderate wealth tax is very straightforward to do, and we aren't talking about a British death duties thing here, we are still allowing growt
  5. No, it would not. That isn't how it works. I knew I should not have waded into this idiocy because maybe a fraction of the posters will have the slightest fucking clue what they are talking about but I'm obviously an idoit. It's literally my job to run the type of business you are describing. No one who is looking at a million a year has a business valuation approaching 50 million. It's going to be 5 or 6 million. They will potentially have a personal estate in the 50 million range, and yes, they should be taxed on it if they do, and no, it will have zero impact on CapEx for the fuc
  6. Dude none of this would be impacted.
  7. I'm not going to get super far into it because I don't feel comfortable with exposing but so much of myself, but I can assure you that a wealth tax is much easier than you are assuming vis a vis an income tax on an estate of that size and has far more upside to balancing public spending needs. Cash and equity are by far the greatest piece of the puzzle, not the vapor ware of corporate ownership.
  8. Anyone arguing against a tax on over 50 million wealth is economically illiterate.
  9. This has been in the works for a very long time. It's essentially impossible to get a paper chart even today, they used to be bought at any chandlery. The only time we carry them is if it's in the race requirements. In the size boats you are looking at, you will have a dedicated chartplotter, and there are several good backups fro mhandheld GPS to your phone loaded with Navionics (which is pretty much the main go to these days)
  10. Interesting. Glad I haven't spent much time back there then. I've always found these things to have zero road feel as opposed to too much.
  11. I've always found them pretty cushy to start with, though I never did much time in the back seats.
  12. Oh I agree actually, I like the Telluride look a lot. Especially in white or black with Nightfall package. The motor is way too anemic for me, but my wife could care less.
  13. I can guarantee it. My wife read the Palisade/Telluride raves and away we go... There's certainly been incremental interior and cosmetic changes, no argument, but the basic platform is the same as it's always been since the mid 2000 models. There is no appreciable difference to driving my folks old 2006 Suburban as it was driving a 2021 Escalade. Not saying this is a knock, they do what they say they will, I'm just surrised they haven't progressed the platform more. But then again people buy them in droves so why mess with it.
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