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  1. The people who made that commercial actually got confused with the Mongols also.
  2. We actually ended up with 7-9 knots for a bit. Tomorrow is supposed to be a fucking oil slick.
  3. Yeah, it was fucking gnarly. She seems to be in really good spirits though thankfully
  4. All this coverall talk reminds me of my buddys South African dad. His jumpsuit game is on point. Has a fantastic red one with racing stripes. Meanwhile, its a grim day up here.
  5. No, Atilla would not have conquered all, but he was pretty violent. He had a better shot at dominance than Hannibal, but Hannibal had elephants so he wins on those grounds alone imo.
  6. *Como But yes, my spiritual home. Rivas abound. Edit: Our old Farr 36 OD is up in Tahoe btw.
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