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  1. Cliffs Notes? Enviado desde mi SM-G973U mediante Tapatalk
  2. Governor of Georgia admitted he only learned within the past 24 hours that asymptomatic carriers of Covid could transmit to other people. This is why we're screwed Enviado desde mi SM-G973U mediante Tapatalk
  3. Traveled to Colombia mid-February with a group of about 18 people for about a week, and we just had a Zoom call and found out that one of the guys I met contracted Covid. He's actually from Austin, apparently his symptoms never progressed to the pneumonia stage. He's basically quarantined in his own house from his wife and has to remain that way for at least three days after symptoms subside. He said he had a scratchy throat and cough, but I don't think he ever got a fever. Just crazy that I actually know someone with it. Enviado desde mi SM-G973U mediante Tapatalk
  4. There's a guy on our board who has some type of job where he tracks cases across the country, I'll keep posting these here if you guys think it's useful. The math today was not good. Period. Globally this thing is taking off. Over 74,000 new cases globally today. And that means it is starting to ramp in a lot of places I am not tracking. Why? Well, US cases were up date over day by about 2,800. But 74,000 was a leap of almost 12,000 globally. These again are total cases day over day increase and new cases day vs. yesterday increase or decrease. Italy - 3.98% and 0% - Again they are making real progress. Iran - Their data is crap. Read a report today that a Saudi news site has tracked what each Iranian province has said on deaths and that the country has over 15,000 deaths (vs the 2000 or so their central government has admitted) France - Awful day. 16.97 and +72.4% (record case day) Switzerland - Data continues to vary day to day. 4.29% and -38% Netherlands - 3.77% and -5.62% (see Italy. They are getting there on the flattening) Sweden 10.10% and 24%. Again, they have been slow to socially distance (sort of the Brazil of Europe - that's too harsh, but they have taken fewer steps than the others). Record new case day. Belgium 7.36% and -18%. See Holland and Italy. Portugal 16.15% and 132%. Brutal new case load. Dominican Republic 23% and 395%. Over 200 new cases today. I am terrified what this may mean for a host of nations like them. Spain 9.06% and 1.5%. Again, progress as the rate of increase in new cases is now basically flat. It is happening. Germany 7.36% and 10.6% Slight step back today, but they too seem to be making headway. UK 13.48% and 13.37%. Again, I think they look like France in a week. Japan 14.13% and 217%. Highest case load ever. By a big number too. Over 200 new cases. Gulp. Canada 15.35% and 1.33% Sort of tracking like the US only no NYC metro case load. Aussie 4.5% and -47%. Hope this is not anecdotal. Singapore 5.35% and 34%. Again, they are hoping to contain and are concerned they could get to community spread. I think they'll get it cornered again as they are so aggressive with tracking cases. USA 15.07% and 12.9%. Record new case load. New York was up 13.3% day over day on new cases. Washington saw a big drop off in new cases (-63%). Massachusetts saw new cases up only 9% day over day (only). New Jersey cut new cases 36% day over day. Florida up over 80% on new cases day over day and saw total cases rise 21% today - very, very scary numbers. MN 9.2% and -27%. Indiana up 21% on total and 36% on new cases. Kentucky up 31% total cases and 252% new cases (please be anecdotal). California 16% total and 12.3% new. I don't track anything close to all the US states. I know there are many potential hot spots out there. Enviado desde mi SM-G973U mediante Tapatalk
  5. So what are you guys doing about haircuts because I'm about this close to texting my friend who cuts my hair in barbershop place to ask if I can go over to her house two miles away and have her do it there, Corona be damned Enviado desde mi SM-G973U mediante Tapatalk
  6. Rumors are that NC will announce within the next few days if not sooner Enviado desde mi SM-G973U mediante Tapatalk
  7. I read somewhere else that China was planning to start basketball games again I think at the end of this month. I'm just wondering how that can even be possible as long as people are still getting infected. I read that they closed their temporary hospitals but I never trust any news or figures that come from there. Enviado desde mi SM-G973U mediante Tapatalk
  8. It's so surreal walking around downtown (I live in a small town just outside Charlotte). All bars and restaurants are closed, we have a bottle shop about two miles from our house and you can still buy beer to go but it's just an odd feeling walking around knowing you could contract Covid and not even know it. It's like some invisible enemy you can't see. Just no words Enviado desde mi SM-G973U mediante Tapatalk
  9. Guys please talk me out of going to my favorite bottle shop that's closing in an hour until God knows when. Official order in NC is that all bars and restaurants close at 5pm today Enviado desde mi SM-G973U mediante Tapatalk
  10. This was posted by a doctor in New Orleans on a different message board I've frequented over the years. Absolutely terrifying. You all stay safe. So, just to give some perspective. Yesterday, I was in a 3 hr meeting at the hospital deciding on our principles of treatment once the trigger of a 'disaster' declaration is declared. I expect it will be this week. Today, we have 18 Covid patients (btwm for you young folk out and about in bars, 2 of the folks on vents are healthy twentysomethings). 3 days ago, we had 2. It is truly at the exponential phase. We'll be Italy in 7-10 days. So anyway, to give an idea of what we discussed: there was serious discussion about refusing to intubate anyone 65 or over (in China, 65 was a major inflection point -- if you were 65 or over, your mortality if placed on a vent is 80%. If even 64, the mortality was 1/6th as high if placed on a vent. The AVERAGE time on a vent was 2 weeks for covid patients. We are a Level 1 Trauma Ctr in a city with lots of GSW's and accidents, but we only have 60 vents. Once those 60 vents are taken, covid folks will be SOL. We had a long discussion about withholding vents for possible traumas -- still up in the air. It is quite likely that we will not perform CPR on covid pt's who code, regardless of age. In general, we try to keep pt's on the vent if they are clinically stable for an indefinite period of time. We discussed having a 72 hr threshold -- if it doesn't look like mom is improving in 72 hrs, and another pt needs the vent, we would withdraw care. Mind you, these Draconian measures will likely be in play by the end of this week... Enviado desde mi SM-G973U mediante Tapatalk
  11. Hi all, this thread is much more informative than on my own board, so thanks for that. Couple thoughts: I live close to Charlotte where we have a ton of microbreweries. I was at one on Tuesday night, and they just announced they were closed until further notice. To my knowledge they're the first ones to close outright, so I wonder if something happened there specifically. I think in our county we have about 5 cases so far. Driving home from the mountains this afternoon and we saw some packed church parking lots. Coupled with stories of people packing bars this weekend and the pictures from airports where people were waiting on lines for hours is really unsettling I'm in charge of a Meetup group that meets on Wednesday nights in a bookstore. Our group is about 5-10 people, but the bookstore itself is pretty big. I'm not sure if I should cancel for the next few weeks or what. Do you think it's safe to go to friends' houses, etc if it's only a few people? Our local pub can hold about 50, at this point I'm thinking about just holing up inside my house with no contact whatsoever just because I'm not sure if we should be in contact with anybody at this point. Thanks, just trying to plan out a strategy for the next few weeks or months or whatever. Fortunately I can work from home so that's not an issue. Enviado desde mi SM-G973U mediante Tapatalk
  12. Gini scoring goals against Spanish sides? You love to see it Enviado desde mi SM-G973U mediante Tapatalk
  13. Atlético players spend a lot of time on the ground Enviado desde mi SM-G973U mediante Tapatalk
  14. The shakes have started already. Let's do this Enviado desde mi SM-G973U mediante Tapatalk
  15. Worried about Wednesday especially with Adrian in goal. Enviado desde mi SM-G973U mediante Tapatalk
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