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  1. Signed up for mlbtv today but can't get it working in Austin. Anybody using mlbtv stream tonight? Used yondertv last year to bypass blackouts to perfection, but banging my head for almost 2 hours now.
  2. This is also goes back to the power outages and City of Austin cut power to NXP, Samsung, and others and taking weeks/months to get the factories back up and running.
  3. Brisket and pulled lamb were great. Sausage was not very good but oh, well. Good way to start off Easter.
  4. You can get in, just can’t heat it up for two weeks.
  5. Yes but it’s Rodney Scott.
  6. I'm pretty sure dcbc knew that. I was obviously going for a "username/avatar checks out" reaction.
  7. George doesn't want to push 2 round tables together.
  8. I was ready to reply...and wait for it to freeze and die but you beat me to it. We weren't as far along as you but we lost our attempt at privacy hedge. HOA doesn't allow a high fence so I had a lattice built with about 1/2" spacing between the slats. Can't really see shit through it, but it's a "lattice".
  9. One time I went to the movies with my wife's friend. I was wearing these pants that would kind of bunch up about 5 inches when I set down looking like I had an erection. Before the movie I got in an argument with this lady that turned out to be my best friend's new girlfriend. When my wife's friend sat down next to me should put her hand on me to console me about this frustrating situation. Then she looks down and sees my pants and thinks she somehow aroused me because of those damn pants!
  10. We both got ours yesterday morning and wife started getting fever and aches right before bed. She's still down for the count now and I've got pretty much nothing. Is my vaccine and/or body not working correctly?
  11. Moderna #2 this morning. Getting several beers in hoping to sleep through the side effects.
  12. Had Popeyes fish sandwich tonight. It was pretty solid but maybe a slight edge to Wendy’s. And yes, McD does have a double fish sandwich.
  13. We did Maui on Hyatt points a few years ago and just booked two adjoining rooms because suites were hard to come by.
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