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  1. Cheese and Hatch chili enchiladas
  2. How do you all interpret tailgating paragraph of the big list of safety measures? Are they really saying just one tent per tailgate allowed? And no way each group can be 40ft apart. And what is the current local policy...no groups bigger than 10? Tailgating All guests partaking in tailgating activities must adhere to local and state COVID-19 safety requirements in place at the time of the tailgate, including but not limited to face coverings, social distancing and number of attendees. Tents may not exceed 10’x10’ and must be a minimum of 40 feet from the next tailgate setup. No tents or tailgate set ups are allowed prior to 7 a.m. on gameday. No overnight tailgating or camping is permitted.
  3. The "pretty please, let us keep all or some of your ticket money" email went out last night.
  4. I'm guessing the survey is coming back closer to 25% in vs 50% in. So might as well look good by limiting to the size of expected crowd anyway.
  5. Taco with leftover chicken satay, onion, cilantro and a sweet Thai chili sauce.
  6. I have mlbtv plus yonder working with Roku.
  7. Hey, that hits close to home. Travis county for the win, though.
  8. My Roku is working but don't know if the Yonder DNS is doing its job yet. They have something about Roku forcing use of google DNS and my Google Fiber router might not let me change it. I have another router to try if not. Can probably test during Rangers game at 7pm. I won't fret too much tonight since it's on MLB network and I'll be several beers in by that point to play IT guy.
  9. I'm in. Anybody use mlb.tv with yonder tv to get around blackouts? That's what I signed up for yesterday.
  10. Season tickets are about 60K I thought. If half sit the year out there is plenty room for students. That's the reason for the survey...to get an idea of who will make up that 50%.
  11. This is strictly a survey, right? Our "official" choice will come later?
  12. Well, fuck. I assumed this but I found something explaining that "notwithstanding the foregoing" is often used to list exceptions.
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