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  1. Username checks out
  2. I'm with @freyguy. I already have my own bins for yard stuff (fuck those paper bags). They try to sell this as a way to save on the trash bin by downsizing but then I have to go buy extra bins and bags for inside to collect it before putting in new green bin so it's probably a wash. I suppose we can tell who lives in the 'burbs in this thread and are just getting these...
  3. Yeah, but we weren't playing Saturday with 3 players so we just didn't have to announce that we were essentially paused as well. Whatever...ou still sucks.
  4. So the ISU and TCU games were because of us and not the other team or both? If we already caused two postponed games then yeah, I guess we should get back to playing as soon as capable. I've been thinking 2 teams bailed on us so we should have done the same to ou.
  5. Yep, there were several scenes I could tell justified having OLED HDR TV such as standing in front of a really bright window.
  6. The loss probably doesn't hurt our seeding in the long run but sure as fuck hurts our chances to win this fucking conference. Something we haven't done in a really long time.
  7. The 9.2 receiver will just have more speaker jacks on the back. You can just hook up your 5.1 and you tell the receiver at setup what you have connected. Your current receiver might even be a 7.1. Often the zone2 steals from the 7-9 speakers at least on budget ones. I not an expert or too particular. I had an Onkyo for years and now a basic Sony with 5.1. My LG LCD has enough HDMI that I only use the receiver as an audio amp. If you use video switching I would definitely get a 4K receiver but I assume all new ones are at this point.
  8. Should be in your contract. Mine was a "we try not to break anything underground but if we do, good luck with that" type of deal. I had a T-joint in my main water line to the house in front yard that developed a crack (noticed the ground was soggy even though it hadn't rained in a while). Luckily was just $200 to have somebody dig it all up and fix the joints.
  9. No fans currently. Likely need to get out of Austin 'stage 5' COVID before fans are brought back although they are announcing it on a game by game basis.
  10. I think this is the original... http://www.shaggytexas.com/board/showthread.php/113683-Is-HEB-open-today
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