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  1. Gilbert seems cool, but his son looks like an ass.
  2. We’re staying at the Westin. I’m with the family. Leaving Biggios now and going to check out Woodrows.
  3. First Astros game since the Dome. Where should I be drinking?
  4. If you really want to nerd out on the process, serious eats has you covered... https://www.seriouseats.com/how-to-reverse-sear-best-way-to-cook-steak
  5. The SRO is great and all but there are only so many urinals and beer stands to go around.
  6. A SWCG is half way there. If you have a steady consistent supply of chlorine, you never need to “shock” it. I’ve found I need a couple of cups of acid every two days though. Hopefully that slows down once the pebble is older.
  7. Yeah, $3,388 doesn't seem bad at all especially if it includes install and they get rid of the old one. Insurance...maybe, all you can do is look at policy and ask.
  8. Same seats for me as last weekend in Sec 8. I was actually hoping to be a few rows up, but can't complain about row 3 I guess.
  9. Maybe my sarcasm meter is broken but I doubt all the Florida and Miami fans want to watch this USF probably doesn’t have a big following for Monday afternoon games
  10. Yes buy ahead of time. Same pass for garage and all the other lots you mentioned. I didn’t use the garage last weekend
  11. Saw him tonight pregame. Don’t know where he sat.
  12. Am I on crazy pills or did they change it form 7pm to 8pm? I had it in my head all weekend that it was 7pm tonight.
  13. I never took a pic last night but here’s one from Friday afternoon.
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