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  1. I'm not sure if he was or not, but we better have a Turnover Monkey.
  2. I've just been In Flood I Trust'n here and not even worried about it. I hope I'm not an idiot (well I'm probably still an idiot regardless).
  3. Wow, just some big ole blue balls after the excitement of seeing this thread near the top of the page. Be better.
  4. Leave #EwersWatch for one minute and satya sneaks in with the hurt holy hell.
  5. It doesn't need to be one or the other only. Looking at a guy like Mac Jones, I think you can say that Sark realy helped him get drafted that high. Then looking at a guy like Waddle, I think you can say you're dealing with a guy who coming out of high school already looked like he could be a first round pick one day. Neither of those a bad thing for Sark at Texas. Can argue he helped develop a first round QB, and can also argue that it's less to do with the school, if you're a badass you're a badass in any color, and you'll land in the league early regardless (true or not).
  6. I think a more honest observation is that you're talking about a coaching staff led by a HC whose wife is black. So is he bending to some type of subconscious racism he doesn't even know about, because he would have already named the white QB starter had it been him with the post-Bowl hype? Or is it being insinuated that there is pressure from a higher source to start the white QB?
  7. Hand raised! Satan. Ohio Steak. Stanford. Nothing makes me pull out and wring puss like those bastards, I admit. That's on me. With that said: ...sell this shit in IV bags. I'm all the fuck in!
  8. Yah, the Harris situation annoys me. Giving Bama the last visit. We're not up to $peed yet.
  9. I love the Truckers, been a huge fan since '04, but let's get real: I'm just here for Ewers news.
  10. Drive-By Truckers is the best thing to come out of Athens, Ga. Bubba Sparxxx is a hillbilly energy drink.
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