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  1. There are tours at The Star in Frisco.
  2. it could help on the road to 1,000, I guess.
  3. No, I'm pretty sure other teams are telling them both.
  4. I think you're reading too much into what he said regarding that one chance. It wasn't really and indictment of Tom, as much as it was just a statement of fact. But the important part is how 16/17 yos read into it, so I see you there.
  5. Agree that it's likely not to happen, but disagree in how much of an impact selling a kid on another global pandemic cancelling another PAC12 football season will have when there would probably be only 78 articles citing WHO warnings of another tick-up while already living through one cancelled season and oh yah: 17 y/os.
  6. No one's saying recruiting will stop. Simply having your football program being placed on the backburner while every other conference/team is playing football isn't going to be ideal for recruiting (unless you were gunna suck). And don't think outside coaches won't be selling those kids on this all happening again, affecting them when they're actually on campus.
  7. Oregon is hip AF and has approximately 1700 different uniform combinations. Paying these kids on top of all of that should be illegal.... ...
  8. Oh man this wasn't what I thought Outta
  9. That's for sure part of it, and this is exactly what Tom and the staff are having to sell these kids, that they the player themselves are by far the biggest part of the equation (partly true), along with "this is the year you start to see the progress MY staff has made here." The problem is, it just hits a little easier for these kids when they see the names and schools right in front of them, and there's five schools tellin' them what you don't want them to hear vs. just you.
  10. You put the receipts in front of recruits that show A&M with 18 kids drafted in the first three rounds the past 10 drafts, while Texas has had six, and it seems significant enough to them. That's only two less than Oklahoma in the same period.
  11. Ask that question to Joe Recruit. He dgaf. But a good question for us.
  12. Nah man everything is fine there not sure why we're not recruiting better h2h against some of these schools come on assistant coach get your head out
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