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  1. I’d take Ash from the Evil Dead series.
  2. AustinMT

    Vandy @ aggy

    While we all hate Aggie, we should probably get our own house in order before spending time ragging on their performance...
  3. Likely because it was about an hour from the time I picked it up until we actually ate it — had an unexpected delay. Brisket was fine,though, again, not great.
  4. Close. Owned by the Cheesecake Factory. They were a really good small chain that CF bought. I like North, so it’s a shame. Sort of the feeling I have about Fleming’s, which I always liked (well, some, especially the one at the Domain in Austin) and is now owned by the group that owns Outback, or High West whiskey, which is now owned by the evil empire Constellation Brands.
  5. AustinMT

    Austin food help

    Second allows dogs on the patio
  6. Was in Cedar Park today so went by the new Stiles Switch. Very much “Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss,” which is to say the que is good, but not Top 5 Austin.MOist brisket was good. Sausage was fine, though a tad dry. Pulled pork was fine, but a bit under-seasoned. Beef rib was outstanding, however. I think the beef ribs are the best thing they do, and they have them every day. Corn casserole is one of the better sides in town
  7. It would with a Flux Capacitor
  8. AustinMT

    Austin food help

    Second Bar + Kitchen at the Domain (Archer Hotel) is open for breakfast. Food is very good.
  9. They make insulation blankets for use in cold climates.
  10. I’ve had my Traeger also the 8 years. It gets a lot of use. In that time: 1. The electric controller failed within the first 2 months. They sent a new one immediately, and it worked fine. I replaced it by my own choice with a newer/upgraded model a few years ago, but it was working fine. Newer model just had been temperature control. 2. I replaced the fan once. 3. I replaced the hotpot earlier this year. The old one had finally burned through in spots. I did discover that the ones they make for Traeger on the secondary market have thicker steel. A cheap upgrade. Apart from this, no issues. Looking at a newer model just for more features.
  11. I brine it overnight, and then place it on a wire rack in a cheap aluminum roasting pan, with chicken stock and aromatics in the bottom. Tent it with foil if it it starts looking crispy.
  12. Done several turkeys on my Traeger. I set it on smoke setting for a bit, then crank it to 350. Turns out great.
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