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  1. They need it to go through neighborhoods like the ice cream trucks used to do. Adults will be running after it
  2. What varietals and price points, and what town are you staying in?
  3. AustinMT


    Scenes from next week look good: Cowboys v . SAMCRO
  4. Odd. Never had that issue going to 203.
  5. Good thing they changed it to something more realistic...
  6. Finally had some smaller briskets at HEB today
  7. Here’s the full interview. He was discussing the state of the radio industry in general, but also seemed to be pointing at The Ticket https://vokalnow.com/video/3141
  8. That is what I am finding — all of the briskets are very large
  9. Interesting. Most say (and I do) 203
  10. Nice meat but where’s the pepper?
  11. AustinMT


    Star Pizza is still strong after all these years
  12. This is a great book (Flour Water Salt Yeast), the basic recipe is pretty foolproof and the bread tastes great
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