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  1. Rest, then put in cooler if you need to hold.
  2. Yeah, but now I am curious and going to have to try it.
  3. Four Points HEB: Went late afternoon Saturday, and it looked like what I imagine a grocery store in Stalingrad looked like in 1973. Went early yesterday, and they had a decent amount of produce and meat, but no cheese, no eggs, and the frozen food sections were still pretty bare. Wife stopped in today and it was not fully stocked, but pretty well-stocked (including eggs and cheese). They are getting back.
  4. Bruce is a great guy. Incredibly nice and a good host. Yes, we always give at good decant, and this opened up nicely
  5. Starting Valentine’s Day early
  6. I wish you had a sense of humor. That’s a real stinger. Take you long to come up with that?
  7. Perhaps you should plan to go on a Saturday or Sunday if you want brisket. Then you wouldn’t have to wish. Or, if you are in that area of Austin and want brisket on a Friday, wish yourself to Valentina’s.
  8. The Dunn and La Jota are 2011. Worst vintage in years because of wet, cold weather. As someone mentioned, a lot of remaining 2011 is getting dumped. There are actually some decent wines from that year, but even some of those tend to fall off quickly after opening. 2011 is the Forrest Gump vintage — it’s like a box of chocolates There is a small independent liquor store near me that I buy liquor from on occasion because I like the guy and I like the convenience, even though theprices are higher. He has a decent amount of 2011 cabs, and I know he is getting it because the higher end outlets don’t want it, but I just keep my mouth shut.
  9. Agree on the thermal carafe. Have used one with the last few coffeemakers we've had.
  10. This is the answer (at least for me). We’ve had a Techivorm Moccamaster and a Breville Precision Pro. This makes great coffee, is quiet, and is easy to use. Get a good burr grinder. I’ve tried different ones, and recommend the Baratza Encore.
  11. Love Valentina's, but does it really qualify as a "truck" any longer?
  12. We skipped a party invite (too many people) and are hanging at home. Went to Dai Due and picked up some dry-aged wagyu patties and brioche buns, and some brined chicken wings (which are on the smoker now). Also making some homemade queso.
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