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  1. Anyone have experience with plum trees? 4 years ago I planted 2 peach trees and 2 plum trees... Peach trees have done great and throw fruit that I can harvest if I can beat the squirrels to them. (on another note, what's the best pellet gun to take out a squirrel but not cause damage to the neighbors house 50 yards past the peach trees?) The plum trees haven't done squat (same watering, even more sun than peach trees)...barely grown, no blossoms. Did I get 2 of the same sex trees? How do you determine the sex of a tree? (no homo)
  2. Not reading 13 pages... Whatever happened to the Cornhusker that would post "This Week" wrap-up every Sunday morning? BIGRED???? was his handle. I always enjoyed his write ups.. not that you would expect anything different from someone from Nebraska, but he was very reasonable in his takes.. Sorry if this was already asked and answered...
  3. NorthLoop: No, there were times people at the doors of resort buildings would ask if we were interested in a 'free breakfast upgrade' if we listened to some presentation... we knew it was either a timeshare or try to get us to upgrade to the Diamond Club... a nice polite "no thank you" to them and not stopping while on the way out, ended it pretty quick One thing I noticed at all the restaurants, maybe its a Dominican thing, they didn't really grasp the idea of 'appetizer.' We would order appetizers, they'd arrive, and one minute later our main course was served... last meal there, we ordered appetizers and then asked for more time to 'review' the menu...still got appetizers right before the meal... first world problem
  4. Just got back last week from staying at the Royalton Bavaro Punta Cana Resort. Our first time in the Caribbean and at an all-inclusive. Great property. We stayed in a swimout room which was great for my kids. Was expecting average food at best and was pleasantly surprised. The Brazilian, Japanese and Steakhouse were great, the Italian was very meh... Breakfast buffets were good. Casino was small, was trying to figure out a way to get to the Hard Rock without the wife knowing but never could. The Hard Rock has the biggest casino on the island. Royalton has 3 resorts right next to each other. They say if you join some Diamond Club then you can go to all 3 and use each facilities for free. We weren't a club member but never got hastled when we went to the SplashPark at the other resort. We survived. I'd stay there again but now I would like to try some of their other properties that Royalton has... St. Lucia, Jamaica or Antigua. Just wish southwest airlines flew to more Caribbean islands than they do now.
  5. Has anyone tried the Amazon Full Moon subscription? Looks like a bunch of older 70-80s softcore skinemax or grindhouse movies...
  6. Got a nice shower in Luling right now... need more tho.
  7. Anyone in or around Delaware? Heard on Sirius/XM radio today that Delaware was opening its first licensed book today, most likely at a horse track. Pretty quick turnaround from the decision... 3 weeks?
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