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  1. I love when Ellen stumbles just a bit coming out the front door after Clark falls off the roof. She plays it off exactly the way you’d expect in real life.
  2. The stupidity in some of these posts is palpable.
  3. 25-37. But they played absolute dogshit teams for OOC (Rice, UTSA, SFA). If you just look at conference opponents' records it's 21-18 (ISU, KSU, TT, OSU, WVU).
  4. I just don't see how couch burners keep this close. Hopefully it's somewhat entertaining.
  5. Seriously? We have a bus down there for the FFA convention 50% chance at 6pm. Threat for snow begins sometime in the 4pm hour. Ah, the old FFA Convention. The most polite convention in the world. That's one of the larger yearly ones we get here.
  6. Probably my only post in this thread since I'm not in TX, but it's going to fucking snow here (Indianapolis) on Halloween night, tonight.
  7. That Ice Bats story sounds oddly familiar, Liquor. Reminds me of a game I saw, maybe around 2004?
  8. My favorite takeaways... Todd is absolutely a fucking sociopath creep. And played it so damn well. The shootout was well done. Even the second guy he killed and all the missed shots. I think it was authentically done and shows how an average dude couldn't hit shit in a high intensity moment. dude, you're on fire - lol. The hotel hallway walk - just fucking perfect and silent and long enough. The whole buffet/restaurant scene may be one of my favorite BB moments. The "yeah bitch" as Jesse filled up his plate was just perfect. And then the discussion ... "certainly went big with the pineapple." "only an asshole doesn't like pineapple. i'm guessing you don't." "i can take it or leave it." "pineapple is good for you, it's got bromide" "bromelaine... but close. actually, it's not close at all." and then later talking about college "and you could do it too. first step, get your GED. that's no problem." "what do i need a GED for? i got a diploma." "oh... of course... yeah, right. right, right, right." "yo! you were standing right on the stage when they handed it to me!" "i know... it just slipped my mind." "i totally graduated high school, dick. which is no thanks to you."
  9. Jesus Christ. One of the athletes I coach (track) has been through 3 knee surgeries in 2 years. It's devastating. I can't imagine 17.
  10. That Texas throwback uni is a top 3 of all-time. Period. I'm afraid to leave my desk at work right now because of a half-chub. And I'm not even a UT grad.
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