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  1. Just booked a fishing charter for a day next week. All the plans coming into place and we're all pretty excited. And as a PSA for anyone else going, right now on the interior, northern loop there's a section between Tower-Roosevelt and the Canyon Village that's completely closed for construction. That makes getting to the Lamar Valley a little trickier coming from the east gate.
  2. Well that seems a tad ambitious with a 3yo and an ornery 10yo. Might be re-thinking that excursion.
  3. So we're heading to Sheridan, WY for a baptism next week (impromptu) and decided we can't take the kids all the way out there and not hit up Yellowstone. The way our schedule sits with the baptism and having to get back to IN for summer school that my wife is teaching, we have 2 nights and 3 days to spend in the park. We booked an Airbnb in Cody. I am going in on this blind and after reading this thread and other sites, I am feeling overwhelmed with just how much there is. I'll take recs on anything from restaurants to eat at, stuff to do, sites to see, roads to travel, etc. Our sons are 10 and 3, so we can't do stuff that's too extreme.
  4. made dough and homemade sauce tonight for pizza with our neighbors on Friday. Used this recipe: http://www.thecookingguy.com/cookbook/2020/5/22/pepperoni-sheet-pan-pizza?rq=sheet pan
  5. It's not a switch question, but rather an NES question and I didn't want to start another thread. Anyone know how to play NES/SNES games online against someone else? I've played all the classic games on emulators but haven't figured out how to do so against people/friends. Been a few years since I've played, so maybe there are ways now.
  6. I teach in Indiana and our school is ending the day by asking us to give the students an online survey asking if they have regular internet access at home. Welp, see everyone in April.
  7. Indianapolis has entered the chat. First confirmed case here. https://www.wishtv.com/news/local-news/indiana-state-dept-of-health-to-give-coronavirus-update/
  8. Not the Gaza strip. West Bank is fairly spread out and not dense in population. But your point is still valid - they're screwed.
  9. I will remove my Catholic discussion from this thread. Not the place for it. Anyone who wants to further discuss can message me or start a new thread.
  10. Bullshit. Asithappens post was about Catholics being reprehensible people for not caring about child abuse (we do care and fuck pedos). The Catholic Church has been around for nearly 2000 years. Your great grandchildren will be witness to it - it ain't going anywhere.
  11. Ah yes, the surly tradition of shitting on an entire group of people because of a few evil bastards. For the record I hope every pedophile priest gets prosecuted, jailed, and assaulted. Not very Christian of me but whatever.
  12. No Catholic I know - as one - would be in a panic over this. I'm not saying there's not Catholics who would panic, but as someone who works in that field, most people are pretty level headed.
  13. Racist fucks. I'm embarrassed that second-rate institution for the academically challenged is part of our state.
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