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  1. I can pretty much smash an entire Casey's pepperoni pizza in one sitting. I do think the Taco pizza is overrated though.
  2. Probably in the vast minority here but my favorite work of his is “All My Friends Are Going to be Steangers.” RIP.
  3. Any of you know the smoke show in section 128 in the first three rows? Will try to provide an “airport hot or not” pic for eval. And can’t believe this lead is only 5. Smh.
  4. Late to the discussion on this but are any of y’all here?
  5. As a kid - Plano East making a huge comeback against Tyler John Tyler. 4 touchdowns and 3 successful onside kicks with 3 mins left and then with 1 min left, kicked it deep on the kickoff and returned for a touchdown to beat PESH. Dagger to my 9 year old heart. As a young adult - The Bush Push. Fuck USC. As an adult - everyone's favorite GIF of the Baylor punter being de-cleated in the Cotton Bowl vs Sparty. At that moment I knew Baylor was going to choke and I just wanted to see a win for my pops a '66 BU alum and letterman. That was his last year with us.
  6. "I prefer it my way." that and the scene where he blows away one of his soldiers for flirting with one of the girls and Cage gets visibly shook but then quickly shifts it to "well now it's a used gun!" are both fantastic.
  7. 34. Lots of good foods on that list but not all exclusive to Texas.
  8. Watching the video about Dr Duke reminded me about a buddy of mine who interviewed the trauma doc that attended to Kennedy - Robert McClelland https://www.iheart.com/podcast/139-query-and-schultz-27089669/episode/q-s-highlight-dr-robert-53022473/?cmp=ios_share&sc=ios_social_share&pr=false#
  9. We've enjoyed a couple Giordano's pizzas in the last few months. One frozen that we cooked at home and one fresh we did takeout from a location here in Indy. Both were good. Deep dish isn't my favorite, but every once in a while it hits the spot. I've been eyeing Gino's East in the frozen section at Kroger... but based off of this thread I'll save some money and stick to other favorites.
  10. I do love me some Crystal and Tapatio and have close to 50 different brands in my collection, but when I'm in the mood for good bit of heat, this is my absolute favorite sauce for the right amount of heat and some amazing flavor. Unlike most sauces made with the Trinidad Scorpion or Carolina Reaper it's not too think - a bit more of the consistency of Crystal.
  11. Same with us. Although we still havent had more than a dozen cases. But let's lock our kids up again and do non-existent virtual "learning".
  12. utee- I’ve had the same experience. Students reaching out saying how appreciative they are and happy to be back in school. Got a few emails and even a few handwritten notes. Two students I taught for their freshman and sophomore year came by today. I don’t teach them right now but will next semester. Worried that the spring will be cancelled too and that he and she won’t get to have my class (in person) next semester and I don’t teach seniors.
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