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  1. I'm certainly not one to say this prediction is a bad one because frankly he's got some red flags and he could flame out badly. His injury history, his complete (and this is accurate to say) lack of defense is very concerning. I am a little more confident he doesn't have a Wiggins motor (i.e. none) but he's not exactly shown enough to me mentally yet either. I also think him being in Denver is a red flag in itself. But I think his talent is immense. I can watch him play in small spurts and see right away why he was ranked right up there with Ayton as the #1 high school recruit in America the year he came out. I am quite sure he would have been drafted higher if not for his health. And offensively, in a reasonable sample size now given both being his first healthy year and his back issue before, he's shot 51/42/83. I think anyone would take that for someone with his situation. I can't agree though with Kyle Korver as a reasonable comp. MPJ is shooting 72% within three feet of the basket, and can attack the basket very well, especially for his current experience level. He may end up worse than Korver for all I know, but Korver doesn't really have that dimension to his game at all. He's also shooting 46% from the midrange to three point line, which is very good. His massive weakness offensively is inefficiency from 3-16 feet, where he is only shooting 31%. His BPM is 1.5 and his VORP is 0.8, nothing earth shattering, but as a Nuggets GM I'm ok with that so far considering his current weaknesses. And yes, defensively, he's so far away. I don't have a great comp off the top of my head, maybe someone like a Joe Johnson type perhaps. We shall see.
  2. If Michael Porter Jr. can project out to what I think is possible, Denver has a really good thing going here for the future. Three really good pieces, and I think they really fit well together too long-term.
  3. Not surprised to see Playoff Paul George show up as he's often Playoff Harden on steroids, but it's definitely a terrible game for Kawhi. Superstars need to step up when it counts most, and he didn't this game.
  4. Well sure, but trade value is predicated much more on potential value going forward than the current status of a player today. If LeBron James was 21 again, his trade value obviously would be exponentially different than at 35 on the tail end of his career. Huge fan of Luka, but right now for the 2020 playoffs, I'd easily take Kawhi and LeBron over him and not even blink.
  5. I'd have LeBron and Kawhi by themselves, and Giannis and Harden below right now. The latter have simply not shown enough in the playoffs yet.
  6. I thought there was almost a zero percent chance Giannis would leave Milwaukee until this game.
  7. I can debate the technical merits of either foul both ways, but personally I don't think I would call either one late in the game if I was a ref.
  8. The real practical benefit of their decision isn't really towards the general public but more specifically certain power players (obvious example being NBA owners) that can be leaned on with leverage/pressure to do specific things that could have future impact in a positive way. What that actually translates to down the road is an unknown, but even opening up some arenas for voting isn't nothing either.
  9. I don't know, I think all advanced stats have some flaws, but sometimes you can glean a lot from the totality of the data and your own admittedly subjective eye tests. There is also the context of this particular season and other variables such as rosters, coaching, injuries, and such, but you try and do what you can with a reasonable sample size. I mean, with the four players mentioned this season: VORP: Jokic (#5), Butler (#9), Tatum (#11), Embiid (Not in Top 20) PER: Embiid (#7), Jokic (#10), Butler (#12), Tatum (Not in Top 20) Offensive Rating: Butler (#13), none of the other three are in Top 20 Defensive Rating: Embiid (#11), Tatum (#18), other two not Top 20 BPM: Jokic (#7), Butler (#9), Embiid (#11), Tatum (#16) W/S per 48: Butler (#9), Jokic (#15), Embiid (#19), Tatum out of Top 20 I don't think anyone can easily and definitely say that Player A is clearly better than Player B but that's just me. My personal opinion is that Butler is and has always been (after some years in the league) a Tier 2 star player, but is not quite the same defensive player, at least recently. Embiid has a very high ceiling, but his conditioning and health are just big red flags. I'd personally right now take Tatum over the other players even if they were all the same age based on skill set/ceiling. This is admittedly a subjective eye test thing in which I see flashes of things from him that I think can translate to a higher potential over time. I have this same eye test at times (so it can be flawed) with superstar players too. For example, I have no issue with arguing Kawhi is the best player in the world possibly right now, but I've never once in my life seen him play and thought that he could ever equal LeBron James in his prime. A few times, I have seen Durant play at a very high level and I think if only he had the court vision (this helps both on defense and with passing) to match his other skill sets...maybe he could be a Top 10 all-time no doubter type. (I still think he has a shot)
  10. I am with you on this one. I wouldn't think twice about those two, and Embiid would make me pause because of both health and mental fortitude/toughness reasons. I just don't think he is taking his diet/health/conditioning as seriously as a star player needs to to thrive in this league. His ceiling is still potentially really high, but yeah...
  11. BadAggie 3:50p, 6/27/20 Since the team apparently wants to get rid of traditions at A&M how about ending the football team's tradition of losing games that matter? Be the change. I enjoyed this post at least...
  12. I know this might not be the most pressing news right now with everything else happening, but I think this is a fairly significant holding on its own and also in terms of who wrote the opinion. Probably not a shock to some legal scholars, but it's certainly newsworthy in most normal news cycles I would think. https://www.supremecourt.gov/opinions/19pdf/17-1618_hfci.pdf
  13. I hear it's looking good but you never know with kids. A person I know pretty well that seemed really connected really swore by the running back Noah Cain and he's at Penn State. I'm still amazed at some of the talent we have gotten recently with absolutely no results to show for it. However, our prior recent talents were quite different by position/skill set, etc.
  14. Hope all are safe out there. Off the top of my head, I hope I don't miss anyone...I could argue the merits of each player within a tier pretty well and have an easy respecting anyone making good arguments for these players, but might have a hard time supporting a Tier 2 all-timer to be the GOAT, etc. Super Tier 1: (1-4) MJ, LeBron, Kareem, Magic Super Tier 2: (5-9) Bird, Duncan, Wilt, Russell, Hakeem Super Tier 3: (10ish) Shaq, Kobe, Oscar
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