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  1. Again, if the coaches think he can make the team better, then awesome. I'll be happy to be wrong if that happens.
  2. We all can cherry pick outliers for any argument. All I was saying is that I'm not sure they'll pursue due to body type. However, if they deem him to be an upgrade, that's great - they should pursue. Even if they do, I'm still skeptical he goes anywhere where he's not an instant starter.
  3. Look, I'm not saying don't pursue LBs. There have been plenty in the portal, but the coaches haven't thought they'd be worth a roster spot/would upgrade the position. This is the same conversation posters have had ad nauseam regarding the OT position. However, we'll see when it comes to this one.
  4. Again, I'm going off of what I think the coaching staff will do. At his size, I doubt they're going to spend a spot on a one-year rental that is potentially limited athletically/size wise and isn't guaranteed to beat out Overshown or Ford. For the same reason, I don' think Texas would be an attractive landing spot to Diamonte. He wants to trade up and start. If the coaches think otherwise, then great. Go for it.
  5. 247 and the JMU 2021 roster list him at 5-foot-10, so he may be even a little bit shorter than that. I doubt Texas pursues. JMU already 404'd him on their roster https://jmusports.com/404-1.aspx?url=%2froster.aspx%3frp_id%3d17790%26 . Their coaching staff must not take too kindly to entering the portal.
  6. Did anyone watch the NESN broadcast? Kevin Millar talks about the weirdest stuff all game long.
  7. They've only played one thus far and Vandy won 9-6...
  8. Hopefully, Maui Ahuna wants to play on a good team. He's having a fantastic season.
  9. We found the guy who consults on and writes mission and value statements for a living.
  10. What a horrible AB by Faltine. Wow.
  11. This season is going to be (and frankly already is) a beating.
  12. These people should be barred from ever talking about sports again. What idiots.
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