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  1. Y'all need to look up the word "comparison." No one (at least not me) is saying that Henry and Duvernay are the same player. They're builds are wildly different and I think Henry is going to be a more well-rounded recruit out of high school. Sure, he doesn't have the freakish traits that made Duverney a top recruit (i.e. "potential"), but I believe he'd contribute more quickly than Devin (a la RHM or Josh Moore), especially at a school like Baylor or OSU. Duvernay totaled 29 receptions in his first two seasons in Austin, and I think Henry could easily do that. Will he have a better college career or longer NFL career the Duv; who the fuck knows. However, there is a comparison to be made between the two.
  2. You're also basing this on a ranking that has multiple iterations remaining to change. Do I agree that the comparison is a little off base - yes. However, JJ will be ranked much higher than he currently is when it's all said and done.
  3. Except he's not a one-trick pony. I'm in full agreeance with you here. He runs more than go-routes. Even when he does just run down the field, it's not always a straight line, and he sets up defenders very well. JJ is a great route runner, quick as hell, and obviously, very fast. The only thing not to like at this point is his weight - and he's probably not actually 5-foot-10. Either way, he'll be a damn good land for whatever school he ends up at. I'm really hoping Texas is the beneficiary here.
  4. He'll be a pitcher, not an underwear snitcher.
  5. Oh shit, playoffs here we come!
  6. Y'all know what the elbow scar means.
  7. "... by being superior in every way possible..." Now that, my friends, is unfettered, unabashed, and untamed aggy.
  8. Here are the highest risers in the new 247 compositie updates from the Midlands region. There were a few others, but I only added those with current or past Texas ties. Donovan Jackson -- Ohio State Jackson, an elite offensive line prospect who could play tackle or guard in college, ascended from 35th on the 247Sports Composite to 22nd, making him a new five-star recruit. Jackson committed Jan. 8 to Ohio State. Jackson is the No. 1 guard in the country and the No. 3 overall prospect in the state of Texas on the 247Sports Composite. Destyn Pazon Moving up from No. 130 to No. 117 was four-star receiver standout Destyn Pazon from perennial New Orleans power Edna Karr. He's a top 20 wideout nationally and a top five player in Louisiana for the 2021 cycle. Pazon named a late March top five of Alabama, Florida, Florida State, LSU, and Oklahoma. Florida State has gotten 100 percent of the 15 forecasts made on the 247Sports Crystal Ball. Sawyer Robertson -- Mississippi State The Mississippi State-bound four-star quarterback from Lubbock (Texas) Coronado moved up two dozen spots from 161st to 137th. He's now the No. 9 pro-style quarterback in the country and the No. 22 overall prospect in the state of Texas for his class. Robertson committed at the end of March to the Bulldogs. Ketron Jackson Moving from No. 177 to No. 150 was the four-star wideout from Royse City (Texas) High School, a jump that pushed Jackson to 26th among 2021 receivers and 26th overall in the Lone Star State's class. Jackson owns more than 20 offers from across the country with schools such as Arkansas, Baylor, and TCU among several contenders. James Brockermeyer The four-star center from Fort Worth (Texas) All Saints' Episcopal jumped into the top 200 from No. 204 to No. 195. The 6-foot-3, 273-pounder is the nation's top center in the class and ranks 33rd overall in the state of Texas. The 247Sports Crystal Ball stands at 67 percent for Texas and 33 percent for Alabama. Kaidon Salter -- Tennessee The Cedar Hill (Texas) High School four-star quarterback ascended 30 spots from No. 284 to No. 253 on the 247Sports Composite. Salter is a top 10 dual-threat QB and the No. 40 overall prospect in the Lone Star State on the Composite. The 6-foot-1, 185-pound quarterback committed this past Sunday to Tennessee. Andrew Mukuba The Central Texas four-star safety from Austin LBJ soared almost 100 spots from 368th nationally to the No. 274 with the 247Sports Composite update. Mukuba is now No. 14 among 2021 safety prospects and No. 42 overall in the Lone Star State. Mukuba has reported about three dozen offers. Schools such as Texas, Clemson, and Oklahoma have been considered top contenders. Texas sits at 43 percent on the 247Sports Crystal Ball, followed by Clemson at 29 percent. Brandon Campbell -- USC The Houston-area four-star running back from Katy High School moved up more than two dozen spots from No. 334 to No. 309 in the country on the Composite. Campbell is a top 20 running back in this class and No. 45 overall in the state of Texas. Campbell, who has reported almost 40 offers, committed in late March to USC. Morice Blackwell -- Texas The Arlington (Texas) Martin three-star linebacker ascended more than 300 spots from outside the top 700 to No. 366 on the 247Sports Composite. He is the No. 26 outside linebacker in the class and No. 53 overall in the state of Texas. Blackwell committed this past Sunday to Texas, which he chose over more than a dozen offers.
  9. Damn, this is too true. My parents attended high school in a small, country suburb of Rochester. Tons of people there are straight-up crazy. Thank God they both decided to go to UT for grad school and I got to grow up in Austin.
  10. I know your comment was in jest. 23 recruits compared to 25 for both Georgia (1) and Alabama (2), and Clemson had two nationally unranked three-star guys (one of which was Tyler Venables) who brought the class average down.
  11. Of their commits, Zuhn in the most secure. Dude's family is red-ass aggy though and through.
  12. Thank the Lord. We always need more laughs from aggy.
  13. I like this lineup a lot.
  14. It'll be interesting to see what Rivals and ESPN do with Kaidon Salter of Cedar Hill. Rivals has him as the 60th best prospect in Texas. On ESPN, he is an unranked three-star; while 247 has him 12th in Texas, and 89th nationally. 247 ranks off of "NFL potential," so they must think a lot of this guy when there are so many other good QB prospects in Texas for 2021. It's weird to me that he's ranked so high when his best offers are Arkansas, Auburn, Baylor, Georgia Tech, Mich. State, USCe, UCLA, and Utah. I don't get the disconnect. It's not like he's at a small school, either. https://247sports.com/Player/Kaidon-Salter-46055521/
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