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  1. It’s on Amazon Music Unlimited if anyone subscribes. I added it this morning after seeing this post.
  2. That's what I'm doing. I told my wife we're saving all we can now because we don't know how long it will last and I don't know where else I could go and get the same benefits or better. Absolutely this. We are saving and investing to get some secondary income for when this ends I only need to replace 50% of my income not 100%.
  3. I like his determination and persistence, you don’t see that kind of work ethic in kids these days.
  4. I knew one of the girls killed in the “Cathouse Murders”, she was a bit nerdy and awkward as a young girl. Don’t remember the last time I saw her though.
  5. My LinkedIn has been a bloodbath, lots of tenured people saying they have been let go. My wife is considering voluntarily leaving the industry to diversify our income streams. Hasn’t decided but seems to be leaning that way. Would be nice if it wasn’t the worst job market since the ‘30s.
  6. I took small nibbles on several on those list today so I am sure they will crash during earnings next week.
  7. Yes. Underground salt caverns https://www.energy.gov/fe/services/petroleum-reserves/strategic-petroleum-reserve
  8. Get an Assault Bike and crush your soul, once a week I’m doing 15 second sprints and I want to die.
  9. Very dependent on the rock, I’ve seen some that will pop right back on trend and others that are permanently damaged. Ive heard some discussion that if people don’t want to DUC wells of completing them flowing back the load to get to res conditions and then SI.
  10. I’m actually a worker bee cog in the wheel, at one point I had dreams of a small fleet of stripper wells but not sure how feasible that is anymore. I do have several good buddies that are small operators and OBO companies so I get to see their trials and tribulations. My Pioneer anger goes back a few months before their latest proration pleas.
  11. Man, fuck Pioneer. Those assholes (CEO) have done several things lately that have pissed me off. I get that they are trying to talk shit to get a stock bump but are trying to cut everyone else’s throat to do it.
  12. Article on RRC recycling in Marcellus. I remembered seeing it in a feed a while back and dug it up. They claim to have been using recycling for a decade but are still having to supplement with fresh. Specifically point out the differences in TX and PA SWDs https://www.hartenergy.com/exclusives/early-adoption-water-recycling-186064
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