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  1. Here is a nice report from the EIA. They predict renewables over taking oil in 2050 worldwide but oil+NG still being the top source. The also predict a 33% growth in hydrocarbon demand. https://www.eia.gov/outlooks/ieo/
  2. There is an index fund for anything you can think of. Boglehead forum has a great intro for index funds and recommend a total US, total international and total bond fund.
  3. You should have acted excited and told her you couldn’t wait to get home and soil them with her daughter.
  4. Changed out all my O2 sensors today. Hopefully that fixes the occasional rough idle and CEL.
  5. I’m playing Jackson and Crowder. FML they have 65 points on 2 players Thursday night
  6. Sounds like he is playing. I have him as well and just checked the ESPN Fantasy App.
  7. Stuck with a Thursday night decision: Bell against BAL or Freeman against SF. Bell worries me coming off the flu but Freeman has been a disappointment all season.
  8. You body shaming jerk. Get her a bottle of gin to go with it
  9. I’ll have to check it out. I bought a can of Penetrol which has gotten great reviews. If I’m disappointed I’ll try to 303.
  10. All of onshore, looks like about 600,000 BPD in 2018.
  11. Hers is AWD so don’t even have that dynamic. I understand my DD is a Raptor with a Jeep on the side. I’m just an occasional passenger in the MB.
  12. We have a 16 that we have been happy with other than the shit Pirelli run flats that were bald at 22,000 miles. It’s comfortable and has plenty of room. Gets around town fine and is much easier to get in and out of for me than the previous Lexus car. We went CPO with 8,000 miles on it saved 20% on sticker and then added two years to the warranty for a grand total of 6 years bumper to bumper with unlimited mileage through MB. All of the 5 seater crossovers have morphed into the same car. The MB CPO was by far the best option though.
  13. I’ve continued to rebuild mine a piece at a time. Next project is to try and get the faded plastic black again. Here she is pre and post suspension work this spring
  14. I didn’t know they ever stopped. Seems like about weekly I hear of someone having another big layoff.
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