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  1. I’ll have to check it out. I bought a can of Penetrol which has gotten great reviews. If I’m disappointed I’ll try to 303.
  2. All of onshore, looks like about 600,000 BPD in 2018.
  3. Hers is AWD so don’t even have that dynamic. I understand my DD is a Raptor with a Jeep on the side. I’m just an occasional passenger in the MB.
  4. We have a 16 that we have been happy with other than the shit Pirelli run flats that were bald at 22,000 miles. It’s comfortable and has plenty of room. Gets around town fine and is much easier to get in and out of for me than the previous Lexus car. We went CPO with 8,000 miles on it saved 20% on sticker and then added two years to the warranty for a grand total of 6 years bumper to bumper with unlimited mileage through MB. All of the 5 seater crossovers have morphed into the same car. The MB CPO was by far the best option though.
  5. I’ve continued to rebuild mine a piece at a time. Next project is to try and get the faded plastic black again. Here she is pre and post suspension work this spring
  6. I didn’t know they ever stopped. Seems like about weekly I hear of someone having another big layoff.
  7. How long do you think it’ll be until most everything on the road is that quiet?
  8. My left shoulder is screwy, I think it’s from a nasty Americana a few years ago but can’t prove it. A couple of years ago I did 6-8 weeks of PT but didn’t fix it for good. I’m trying to do some basic mobility work each day but still bind up. I’ve also had some knots around my scapula that were causing pain in the front of my shoulders. I have a ShouldeRok to try and get better but haven’t ever gotten into a routine with it. I’ve looked hard at Crossover Symetry but feel it would sit as well.
  9. We’ve had a rough year and I’m only making it in a few times a month. I’m hoping to step up to 2-3 a week after summer. My ears were sore after my last class but luckily didn’t puff up. Triceps were all bruised because my partner kept grabbing skin instead of gi for arm drags.
  10. Archer


    Here’s my haul from Bourbon country a couple weeks ago. For half the trip I was rationing my purchases with plans to fly home. upload
  11. Looks like a fun girl
  12. 7 hours and no one has made an ATM mom joke. This place is slipping.
  13. I keep buying small batches of gas stocks even though I know better
  14. Should have plenty of field opportunities in Midland/SE NM could try to go the service company route or get straight in with an operator. With all of the layoffs the past few years, office gigs may be tougher but would think Midland would be the best spot again.
  15. Where does he live? Willing to move? Office or field work?
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