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  1. I sent it to a buddy on 1/21/21 so it’s been out a few weeks at least.
  2. I ended up ordering the 340 today. I waffled a million different directions and looked really hard at a vertical pellet smoker but couldn’t find anything that was reasonable price and size. The Pit Boss 4 at Lowe’s looked great but reviews are 50/50, you either get a winner or junk. Sounds like they would make it right but there was lots of back and forth with parts. RecTeq dropped a spring bundle today that was cheap enough I didn’t mind paying extra for their pellets.
  3. The MBA drinking game and submitting resumes to keep your job hit a little close to home and made me chuckle. Drinking game was the highlight of the show for me.
  4. I’ve been around Hardell Moore a couple times, he’s in his early 40s and still moves like a cat, watching him was impressive.
  5. Any one have any experience with Grilla grills? I was measuring out the RecTec today and my initial location will only work with the RT-340 which they are only offering with a pellet bundle now. A buddy has a Grilla likes it. The Grilla Grilla (dumb) would fit nicely in my spot and if I’m reading their site correctly I could add racks to get up to 630 sq in.
  6. Still employed so that’s a win. Now I’m waiting for the great thaw to make sure I don’t have any serious damage from this freeze. One of these days I will get my grill.
  7. I’ve said this before but I have a layoff coming in the next couple weeks. If they catch me this time I may bail. Not sure what the next play is but I’m not going to sit around for a couple years waiting for someone to start hiring.
  8. I’m in a holding pattern waiting on some layoffs at work to happen to make sure I still have a job. I’m now leaning to the 590 for the extra space and 4 year warranty but need to remeasure the space to make sure it’ll work. I’m dropping it in a hole between the backdoor and the fireplace insert. There’s plenty of space but if it sticks out too much it’ll block the door. I was roaming Sams and Costco yesterday drooling over the briskets and wishing I had it. I bought some country style pork ribs to hold me over for today.
  9. Already seeing federal ROW problems and delays.
  10. I’ve decided to replace my electric smoker with a Rec Teq. Will mainly be cooking for me and the wife, occasionally groups of 4-8. I also have a built in propane grill for my normal grilling. Everything I’m seeing the 340 should be sufficient especially with the add on rack. However I’m a little nervous that I’ll regret not going up to the 590. The smaller size and lower cost and advantage to the 340. I could buy $300 worth of pellets and meat if I went with the 340. Does anyone have experience with ~350 in pellet grills? Any regrets?
  11. Probably better to go head and get permanent so the lawsuits can start and we can get it settled one way or the other. I love the hypocrisy of the state of NM planning to ask for an exception so they can keep drilling fed lands and keep their budget intact.
  12. I think everyone is still trying to get their heads wrapped around it but it’s not the pause in drilling permits that worries me it’s the shut down of ROW. We’re getting drilling permits 12-18 months in advance so no worries for the next 2 months but a lot of our ROWs are more just in time, both well flow lines and 3rd party takeaway. That’s where I can see a train wreck in the next 6 months, well is drilled and completed but no pipe to take it anywhere.
  13. And so it begins https://www.google.com/amp/s/thehill.com/policy/energy-environment/535224-bidens-interior-dept-temporary-blocks-drilling-on-public-lands%3famp
  14. Costco for Adirondack if you are a member. They may be cheap enough that the savings pay for the first year membership.
  15. How close is the taunting crackhead? I’d get a big can of stream OC and paint his face next time he got too close.
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