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  1. Politics. Gotta stick it to big oil... “Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said in a letter to senators Wednesday Democrats had eliminated from the legislation a, “$3 billion bailout for big oil.”
  2. That’s some old school oilfield shit.
  3. Simple question but how good are their oil purchasing/transport contracts? Is it on pipe or truck? I see a lot more trucking shut down with pipes still flowing. That could change as more production has to come off line. A buddy just had all of his oil purchasing contracts canceled so his crude isn’t moving. We have a X bbl purchase commitment with one of our pipelines so we’re still flowing, of course they could claim Force Majeure and cancel all of the commitments tomorrow.
  4. I think I’m tracking the question but if not sorry. I was recently informed we do not have to actually produce the volumes we have hedged to receive the hedged amounts. I’ve never gotten deep into hedges so this was news to me. If their hedges are set up the same way they could DUC the wells and still receive the net benefit of the hedges. Unfortunately that is about all I know on the topic
  5. I told my wife I wasn’t drinking today, you assholes keep making jokes like this and I’m going to have to renege on my word.
  6. Our shit ass luck is gas goes to $4.00 over the summer, the public hates Trump even more because of gas prices, Biden has a medical issue and is replaced by Bernie, Bernie wins in a landslide and thinks it’s a referendum on him and the first thing he does is ban fracing and drilling on Fed land just as the industry starts to recover. That would be our luck. Not to get too CR
  7. We are fairly similar but don’t use quite my full salary. Major downer is not only O&G in the dumpster but I have a hospitality side hustle investment that could very well go tits up too with all of the SiP orders.
  8. I regularly tell my wife that we can not live the lifestyle that my income would normally allow because there is no stability in it. If I was a doctor or something that didn’t live in fear of a crash every day sure we could buy that new house or take the big trips but we should probably live like I make ⅓-½ of what I really do. We still live a great life but nowhere near what someone would expect at our AGI.
  9. Refinery I work with is cutting capacity 25% next week
  10. Lots of people based on my experiences the past two weeks.
  11. I was a reluctant Teams user at first but have come to really like it. Pro tip you can mute people in a meeting if they can’t figure out that having a phone and computer both on can cause reverb.
  12. That’s what I was thinking on the SI. There are lots of old strippers holding BLM leases all over SENM. I think state of NM leases have a 60 day production cessation clause unless there are takeaway issues, maybe the refineries scaling back would fulfill that clause.
  13. I not sure if all BLM and state leases provide for SI payment clauses.
  14. Well shit this thread is going to turn into LinkedIn for me where I stay away to avoid all of the lay-off notices. Sorry to hear hopefully your are as prepped as @Eastwood
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