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  1. What’s the opinion of franchising into fast food with no food service experience? I’ve always considered it to be a bad idea to buy into a CFA or something similar if you had never worked in the industry. I could see opening fast food in a underserved town but have never worked in the food industry.
  2. That’s the truth. I figure if I get caught up in a lay-off anytime soon I’ll have to roll into a new profession I just don’t see many jobs out there anytime soon. Would try to pick something up with existing degree but most likely would end up going back for a masters in mechanical or electrical and moving on.
  3. Was told it was all done yesterday.
  4. I survived our last round they got 20-25% of my peers in the company. Have a contact at CHK, they were told to work from home on Friday and that they would be doing phone layoffs, 15% target.
  5. The first trillion is always the hardest.
  6. I’m assuming if I get let go this go around that I’m gone for good. I’ll make some calls and see what I can hustle up and keep an ear open but will actively be looking at new industries.
  7. It is a steady part of my workout rotation, along with other 90s rap
  8. It’s on Amazon Music Unlimited if anyone subscribes. I added it this morning after seeing this post.
  9. That's what I'm doing. I told my wife we're saving all we can now because we don't know how long it will last and I don't know where else I could go and get the same benefits or better. Absolutely this. We are saving and investing to get some secondary income for when this ends I only need to replace 50% of my income not 100%.
  10. I like his determination and persistence, you don’t see that kind of work ethic in kids these days.
  11. I knew one of the girls killed in the “Cathouse Murders”, she was a bit nerdy and awkward as a young girl. Don’t remember the last time I saw her though.
  12. My LinkedIn has been a bloodbath, lots of tenured people saying they have been let go. My wife is considering voluntarily leaving the industry to diversify our income streams. Hasn’t decided but seems to be leaning that way. Would be nice if it wasn’t the worst job market since the ‘30s.
  13. I took small nibbles on several on those list today so I am sure they will crash during earnings next week.
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